Cover Letter for Fitness Instructor Job

Sample job application, and cover letter for Gym Instructor Position in a fitness center, club, Gym, Body Building, Company Gym, Gym in Club etc. How to Write a Letter for Being a Gym Fitness Instructor in A Place. Reply to Fitness Instructor Required Advertisemnt To the Hiring Manager at Shapes International: I am writing in response … Continue reading “Cover Letter for Fitness Instructor Job”

Employment Reference Letter for Bank Loan

Sample recommendation, and reference letter to bank for confirmation of employment of your company staff for getting bank loan by the employee. Letter of Reference for Bank Loan To, The Manager, ADIB Bank, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai. Subject: Reference Letter for Bank Loan Sir, This is to confirm that Mr. Santosh Kumar (Passport No.123 323232) … Continue reading “Employment Reference Letter for Bank Loan”

Typhoid Fever Leave for Office

Sample leave application due to typhoid fever from office, company, factory, production unit, etc., to take bed rest as per a doctor’s recommendation. Email/Whatsapp Leave Message to Office Due to Typhoid Fever Dear Sir, I have typhoid fever, which is why I can’t come to the office for few days. So I’d like to have … Continue reading “Typhoid Fever Leave for Office”

Letter of Suggestion to School

Sample application letter to school for giving your suggestions, and recommendations to the management of school, or principal of school, or teacher of school regarding improvements. Letter of Suggestion to Principal To Mr. Smith Principal Sunnyside High School Ohio, USA Sir, I am Mr. Liam Charles, and I am a student of 10th grade at your … Continue reading “Letter of Suggestion to School”

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Professor

Sample application letter of recommendation for scholarship for your students. Some universities require recommendation letter from professor, lecturer, teacher to award scholarship on the basis of students performance in previous institution. Recommendation Letter for Scholarship To Mr. Atkins Dean, Oxford University UK Sir, I am Mr. George Best, and I am a lecturer at McBurgh … Continue reading “Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Professor”

Thanks Letter to Professor for Support and Teachings

Sample thanks letter to professor for help, recommendation, guidance, or for any other reason to university professor, assistant professor, or professor in college etc. Thanks Letter to University Professor University Of London, Senate House, Malet St, London, UK, Respected Professor Mong, I hope you are doing well. I have written this letter with much difficulty … Continue reading “Thanks Letter to Professor for Support and Teachings”

Thank You Letter for Recommendation

Sample letter to say thanks for for recommending you for job, promotion, admission, salary increase etc. Thank You Letter for Recommendation for Job To Kevin Durant 8991, Miami USA Dear Uncle, I am delighted to tell you that I have been selected at E&Y as an Auditor, and all credit goes to you. It was … Continue reading “Thank You Letter for Recommendation”

Thank You for Repairing Work Done Successfully

Sample letter to say thanks after repairing work of any type within your company, departments, or outside mechanics, carpenters, and electricians. Thanks Letter for Repairing Work The Manager Operations, Metro Company, Glasgow. Dear Sir, Thank You for Repairing Work Done Successfully I thank you for the services provided by your company in repairing our school … Continue reading “Thank You for Repairing Work Done Successfully”

Complaint Letter for Harassment, Misbehave, Abuse etc

Sample complaint letter for the misbehavior of supervisor, boss, manager, bank manager, teacher, colleagues. Sample workplace harassment complaint letter to the director or writing a complaint about the employee. Sample letter to employer for unfair treatment. My Manager is Harassing Me in the Office Dear Madam, My boss bothers me a lot. But now, he … Continue reading “Complaint Letter for Harassment, Misbehave, Abuse etc”

Thanks Letter for Promotion to Boss

Sample application letter to say thanks to your boss after your promotion, or being promoted to higher position of manager, director, head, supervisor etc. Thanks Letter for Promotion to Boss Dear Sir, I have been a loyal employee at your company for the last 12 years. I have been a hardworking, and faithful employee as … Continue reading “Thanks Letter for Promotion to Boss”

Request for High School Registration with Ministry of Education

Could you just send me the application for the newly open high school for government registration. Application Letter for School Registration To, Minister of education Dear Sir, It is hereby being written to request that I want to register my school with Ministry of Education. As required by laws, our school fulfils all requirements needed … Continue reading “Request for High School Registration with Ministry of Education”

Leave Application for Back Pain To Office/School

Sample of leave letter due to pain in backbone after injuries, accident, muscle problem, or any other disease. You can customize the back pain leave applications as per your needs or let us know in the comments to write a new one. Back Pain Leave Email to Manger/Office etc Dear Sir, I will not come … Continue reading “Leave Application for Back Pain To Office/School”

Application for Advance Salary Due to Eid

Sample application letter for advance salary on the occasion of Eid. Application for Advance Salary Due to Eid on Eid ul Fitr or Aid ul Adha from office, company, school, college, or anywhere you are doing the job or working as an employee. Application for Advance Salary for Eid Festival Name of Person,Designation, CompanyAddress, City Subject: … Continue reading “Application for Advance Salary Due to Eid”

Resignation Letter for Higher/Further Studies

Sample resignation Letter for higher studies. Letter from a employee requesting accept the resignation, and issue an experience certificate, and recommendation letter for admission in higher studies. Some companies appreciate the employee for higher education, and give many benefits to the employee interested in studies. Some employers offer scholarships for the employees some give paid leave, some … Continue reading “Resignation Letter for Higher/Further Studies”

Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior

Sample letter of recommendation for promotion of your juniors, managers, assistant manager, and officers working under your command, and control, or supervision. Request Letter for Promotion of Subordinate Dear Manager Human Resource, This letter is to recommend a promotion to Mr. Johan Smith. He had been working in the production department as assistant manager of inventory. … Continue reading “Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior”

Sample Resign Letter for Engineer

A letter from the employee to the company manager, requesting him to accept his resignation on fair terms to continue his further studies. Resign Letter for Engineer Due to Traveling Issues Dear Manager HR, This letter is to resign from my job as machine supervisor. Due to a change in the residence, I am facing … Continue reading “Sample Resign Letter for Engineer”

Sample Request Letter for Medicines

Sample letter of recommendation for medicine as first ad to company employees, staff members, contract employees. Companies with production units provide medicine to their employees in case of emergency but some time they require recommendation before issuing medicine. Sample Recommendation Letter for Medicine Respected Manager, My name is Mason, and I am a worker in … Continue reading “Sample Request Letter for Medicines”

Sample Application of Student Loan

Sample application letter for loan by students due to financial problems, father unemployment, loss of family member, or any other reason. Sample application for educational loan, study loan, student loan from a bank on urgent basis. Education Loan Request Letter Sample Howard School of SciencesUnited States of America Respected Dean of student, My name is Charlie, and have recently … Continue reading “Sample Application of Student Loan”