Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Professor

Sample application letter of recommendation for scholarship for your students. Some universities require recommendation letter from professor, lecturer, teacher to award scholarship on the basis of students performance in previous institution.

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

Mr. Atkins
Dean, Oxford University

Sir, I am Mr. George Best, and I am a lecturer at McBurgh College, London. Our success is based on the hard work of our teachers as well as our students. Our institution is one of the leading institutions in UK, and a huge number of your students come from our institution. However, there a student named Marshall Harris, and He was one of the top students throughout his stay at our institution.

He has scored good grades in all of the subjects. He was not only good in studies but also has a sharp mind, and good ethics. I would like to suggest you to give him an opportunity at your prestigious university so that he would not only get a good degree but also will be polished to be able to succeed in his career. I hope you would consider this candidate. Thank you.

George Best

Head, English Literature
McBurgh College
London, UK


The Accounts office, Heritage college

Respected sir,

It is to inform you that Mr. Rex Alex is currently enrolled in our BSCS program, and he is in forth semester. He is a bright student, and maintaining his CGPA. His current CGPA is 3.53, and according to the policy he is eligible for claiming the scholarship in order to continue his studies. The department has recommended his name to receive the scholarship for the academic year (Date)-(Date).


HOD, Computer science department

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Professor

The Dean Faculty,
London Bridge School,
Los Angles

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, it is stated that Mr. Albert is a student of A-levels 2nd group under roll No. 123-A-123. He is a bright student as well as a person with good character in my opinion. He never missed the class during the session.  He always completes his credit hours. He respects the teachers, and never involves in any discipline related inquiry. Being his Professor I am confident that he must highlight the name of his school in future.

On account of all these characteristics it is my recommendation that Mr. Albert must be nominated for scholarship program for higher studies.

Thanks a lot.

Yours Sincerely,


Recommendation for Scholarship

To whom it may concern,

Following is a scholarship recommendation letter which states that the student (Enter Students Name Here) has achieved a CGPA of 3.0 from the University Of Management, and Sciences, and is considered applicable for any kind of scholarship he may apply either from the university, or from HEC itself.

Best Regards,
Head of Department, Computer Sciences

Letter of Recommendation for Students from Professor



The administration, Oxford college, UK

Respected sir,

This letter has been written in order to bring under your consideration that Mr. Mark James, former student of our college has graduated with 85% marks, and he had shown good result through his studies. Keeping in eye his performance I would recommend him for Master’s program from your prestigious institute. I have that he will show consistency, and will attain high marks.


Mr. Stanly William,

Georgia College

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