Sample Request Letter for Medicines

Sample letter of recommendation for medicine as first ad to company employees, staff members, contract employees. Companies with production units provide medicine to their employees in case of emergency but some time they require recommendation before issuing medicine.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Medicine

Respected Manager,
My name is Mason, and I am a worker in your factory. My area of work is packaging, and transportation. This area of the factory is stuffed with smoke from the lifters, and machines along with the stinging smell of different packing tapes, and rappers. Also a pungent smell of dyes is found in some areas. Sir, I have Asthma since birth, and I am allergic to all these sharp stinging smells. I ought to have my inhaler with me all the times so that I may prevent myself from allergy, and keep on working regularly. I cannot bring my inhaler in the firm as company security does not allow me to do so.
Keeping in view my above mentioned problems. Kindly allow the first aid department to give me the inhaler in time of need. I shall be obliged for this favor of yours.
Thanking you in advance
Yours truly


Sample Request Letter for Medicines
Sample Request Letter for Medicines

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