Write a Letter for Wife Delivery Loan from Office

Want to write a request for a salary loan from the office? We are giving you sample letters to ask for an advance salary loan from the office for wife delivery, cesarean, other medical complications during delivery, etc. Email Asking for Advance Salary Loan for Wife Delivery/Cesarean Dear Sir, I want to request an advance … Continue reading “Write a Letter for Wife Delivery Loan from Office”

Promotion Letter as Team Leader

Justification for promotion sample letter. How to write a promotion letter for team leader. Team leader, or supervisor promotion letter. Promotion Letter Format for Team Leader The Solutions PVT LTD 6 Empress Road, ABC Dear Mr. Asim, We are pleased to inform you that you are promoted as a Team Leader in the company. We have seen your efforts, and struggles at work. … Continue reading “Promotion Letter as Team Leader”

Request Letter for Promotion and Salary Increment

Promotion, and salary increment letter format.  Sample letter for a salary increase to the employee. Letter of request for salary increase free sample. Sample Request Letter Asking for Promotion to Boss, Manager, Director or President NameCompany NameAddress Dear Sir, I am doing my job well and fulfilling all the responsibilities. I have been in this … Continue reading “Request Letter for Promotion and Salary Increment”

Application Letter for Bonus Request to Employer

Want to write a letter or email to request a bonus? Request letter to drawings & discussing officer for recovery of the double bonus from salary. Bonus Request Letter to Employer. Application for Bonus after Resignation. Bonus Request Letter Format for Boss or Employer or HR Department on the Basis of Performance Dear Sir, In view … Continue reading “Application Letter for Bonus Request to Employer”

Advance Loan Letter to Manager for My Son Medical Treatment

Sample application letter for loan for the medical treatment, surgery, medicines, hospital fees, doctor fees etc. Advance Salary Loan Letter to Manager for Medical Treatment To, The manager Dear Sir, With due reverence, it is stated that my son has fallen seriously ill, and I need money for his treatment. As for now I do … Continue reading “Advance Loan Letter to Manager for My Son Medical Treatment”

Application for Reactivation of Salary

Samples of application letter for reactivation of salary. My salary has stopped coming for the past two months. Application for Reactivation of Salary The District Officer, Malaysian Fire Department. Dear Sir, It is submitted that I am working as fire rescuer under your supervision. I have availed three months leaves without pay due to exams … Continue reading “Application for Reactivation of Salary”

Application for Advance Salary for Sacrifice of Animal on Eid ul Adha

Sample application for advance salary from office, or school to purchase animal for sacrifice on Eid ul Adha. This application letter also known as Salary for Qurbani, or Advance Salary for Purchase of Bakra, Bail etc. Advance Salary for Eid (Date) The Managing Director, Media Company Lahore Subject: Request for advance salary for buying animal … Continue reading “Application for Advance Salary for Sacrifice of Animal on Eid ul Adha”

Application for Advance Salary Due to Eid

Sample application letter for advance salary on the occasion of Eid. Application for Advance Salary Due to Eid on eid ul fiter, or eid ul adha from office, company, school, college, or anywhere you are doing job, or working as employee. Request for Advance Salary for Eid Festival Subject: Request for advance salary for celebrating Eid … Continue reading “Application for Advance Salary Due to Eid”

Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior

Sample letter of recommendation for promotion of your juniors, managers, assistant manager, and officers working under your command, and control, or supervision. Request Letter for Promotion of Subordinate Dear Manager Human Resource, This letter is to recommend a promotion to Mr. Johan Smith. He had been working in the production department as assistant manager of inventory. … Continue reading “Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior”

Advance Increment For Higher Qualification

Sample request letter application to ask for promotion, and salary increment with increase in pay scale because of additional qualification during the job. Sample application for increment for acquiring higher qualification from company, or boss. Additional Increment For Higher Qualification To, Director Finance department Dear Sir, With all due respect, I hereby write this application … Continue reading “Advance Increment For Higher Qualification”