Application Letter for Bonus Request to Employer

Want to write a letter or email to request a bonus? Request letter to drawings & discussing officer for recovery of the double bonus from salary. Bonus Request Letter to Employer. Application for Bonus after Resignation.

Bonus Request Letter Format for Boss or Employer or HR Department on the Basis of Performance

Dear Sir,

In view of my job performance, you are requested to give me at least one bonus. Because I need a lot of money these days, and a bonus will be very helpful for me.

I hope you make me happy so that I can continue to improve my performance. Therefore, I am looking for your kind approval.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Sample Letter for Bonus Claim

Bonus Request Letter to Employer

The Accounts Officer,

Subject: Bonus Encashment Request and Recovery from Salary Issue by Chef

Respected Concern,

Most respectfully it is stated that last month establishment has announced the two-months salary in bonus for the employees. I have submitted my request to draw the bonus but your clerk has intimated to me about the request to be processed as the advance salary encashment. I want this office to make clear the status of my double bonus and why there is a delay in credit of my bonus to the office account. Kindly verify my account number XZTRG032, and make a process towards the encashment of my bonus urgently, please.

Yours Sincerely,


Executive Chef

Application for Bonus Request

General manager,

Dear Sir,
On behalf of the reporting team, I request you to award a bonus for the entire time since they have worked very hard throughout the year and achieved monthly & annual targets set by the management. My team has also worked late hours, in night shifts, and on Sundays to meet the target without overtime, or any extra money & remuneration.
Awarding bonus will be a very good appreciation for the team and also for me to take along all the employees for the coming year, and for the fulfillment of company’s targets & goals.
Warm Regards
Fahad Faraz
(Assist Manager Operation)

Application for Release of Bonus against Sales Target

The Director Finance,

Dear Sir,

Referring to our year (Date) sales target policy, I am pleased to inform you that I have sold my sales targets set by the company for the year (Date).

As per our company sales policy, my early target achieving for current year a bonus of amount Rs 5000/= is due at company’s end. So it is humble request to please release my bonus amount, and provide me sales target for the remaining month of the year (Date).

Yours Sincerely,

Wasi Haider

Employee Code: 1234 ( North Zone)

Bonus Request Letter to Employer, Boss, HR or Company

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  1. I have past two month back resigned the company yet not received the diwal bonus how to write the request letters format

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