Application for Advance Salary for Sacrifice of Animal on Eid ul Adha

Sample application for advance salary from office, or school to purchase animal for sacrifice on Eid ul Adha. This application letter also known as Salary for Qurbani, or Advance Salary for Purchase of Bakra, Bail etc.

Advance Salary for Eid (Date)

The Managing Director,

Media Company


Subject: Request for advance salary for buying animal for sacrifice on Eid.ul.Azha

Dear Sir,

This is to request you to kindly issue me my salary in advance for the month of September as Eid.ul.Azha is coming, and I want to buy an animal for sacrifice a month before Eid. This way my kids will be able to look after, and play with their animal, also the prices will be within my budget at this time.

Looking forward to a favorable response from you.

Thanking you in anticipation.



Raheem Shah

Sales Executive

Application for Advance Salary on Eid ul Adha

This letter is to request an advance salary for this month. In order to celebrate the Eid ul Adha we Muslims sacrifice a required animal in the name of our God. This requires funds to buy an animal on this occasion. So I request you for an advance salary only for this month in order to celebrate our occasion. Your consideration is highly appreciable.

Request Letter for Advance Salary to Purchase Animal for Sacrifice

The General Manager
Subject: Application for One Month Salary in Advance
Respected sir,
I have been working in your company as a supervisor since (Date). As you know the Eid ul Adha Festival is on the offing. I have decided to purchase a sacrificial animal to fulfill the religious ritual of scarification. Given the skyrocketing prices of sacrificial animals it is very difficult for such a low ranking employee like me to by a sacrificial animal. That is why I am requesting you that I should be given the salary of one month in advance before the Eid. I also have to do Eid shopping for my family members. I will repay this borrowed money in the form of monthly installments. I hope you will consider my case sympathetically. Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours Sincerely,


Salman Aslam

Application for Advance Salary for Sacrifice of Animal on Eid ul Adha
Application for Advance Salary for Sacrifice of Animal on Eid ul Adha

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