Request Letter for Promotion and Salary Increment

Promotion, and salary increment letter format.  Sample letter for a salary increase to the employee. Letter of request for salary increase free sample.

Sample Request Letter Asking for Promotion to Boss, Manager, Director or President

Company Name

Dear Sir,

I am doing my job well and fulfilling all the responsibilities. I have been in this post for a long time and I want to ask you for a promotion so that I can learn something new which is very important for my future career. I also request you to increase my salary. Because my current salary is too low for my job.

I hope you will pay special attention to my request and give a good salary increment along with the promotion. I will be looking for your kind approval.

Very Warm Regards,

Your Name

Salary Increment Request Letter to Boss

Fatima Group, Cant

Respected Human Manger,

I hope you are enjoying well your best health. I just want to throw back some discussions which were held about a half year ago, in between us.  As I have completed my probation period successfully with designated targets. In addition, I have made a record number of inquiries from customers end for the company with five matured big deals for the company.

Now I am expecting for salary increment from your end, which would act as a source of motivation for me. Furthermore, you were also promised me that the company would make an increment in my salary after completion of probation. In the end, I would be thankful to you regarding the approval of salary increment from your end.

Kind Regards

Abbas Raza
Employee ID No, 2141

Request Letter for Promotion, and Salary Increment

The managing director,
Good news international.

Dear sir/madam,

I have been working in your company for almost 10 years as a reservation officer. During this period I always keep my commitment to hard work, being punctual, and in the company’s favor. I am doing all my duties, and responsibilities very well as you are watching each employee.

I request you for my promotion and increase my salary. It shall be a big favor from you on me. I would be grateful to you.

Yours faithfully,


Promotion, and Salary Increment Letter

Dear Sir,

Hope you are doing well. I am writing this letter to you so that I can remind you that next month, I am completing my two years of job, as per the policy of the company, I will get a promotion, and salary increment next month. It’s a request to you that please do this next month. It would be a great source of pleasure.



Your Name

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