Equivalence Certificate Format for School, College, and University Students

Sample equivalence certificate for students to change the school, college, or university. Sample equivalence certificate format from university for admission purpose in Master, and Bachelor Classes. This must be printed on the letterhead of the school college or university.

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Who Needs Equivalence Certificate

Equivalence certificates are being used in educational schools, colleges, and universities nationally or internationally. Most universities and colleges required this certificate for admission purposes if a student is changing university.

When Required Equivalence Certificate

When a student wants to change one education system to another or one university to other, this equivalence certificate becomes the requirement by the educational authority where you are moving next.

Printing Material Equivalence Certificate

this certificate is always printed on the letterhead of the issuing authority like school, college, or university.

Fees for Equivalence Certificate

Normally equivalence certificate is always issued against a small fee. University, colleges, and schools charge from $5 to 100 as per their requirements.

Certificate of Equivalence Example

Name of Student

Address of Student


Reference your application dated 17th November on the Subject.

Two years B.Sc. degree from Govt. College University, Faisalabad has been considered as equivalent to B.Sc. degree of this University for purpose of higher education, within the territorial jurisdiction of Punjab University, on Production of original educational documents, if otherwise eligible.

Assistant Register (Academic) for Registrar

Image of Original Equivalence Certificate from a University

Equivalence Certificate Format
Equivalence Certificate Format

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  1. I wanted to know how many passes or marks are needed in uk board pearson edexel A levels to be equivalent to class 12 in pune or india and who can help me in telling details of this in pune.my name is keerthy naik . want admission for my son in pune

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