Compensation Letter for Damages

Sample format of complaint letter to send to company whose service has not been upto the par, and you are being very displeased by it, and need some kind of refund, or compensation.

Compensation letter for Damages

To the manager

Dear Sir,

With all due respect, I am writing this letter to inform you that I am very displeased with your services. Yesterday, I brought my car to your workshop for its maintenance. I keep a check on my car’s maintenance every six months, and have never faced an issue like I did yesterday. The employees at the workshop told me that I would have to pick the car up after two hours since they would have to check the engine, the tires, and make adjustments to whatever they felt that wasn’t right. When I went to pick up my car I was shocked to see it. I could not even recognize it. The paint had been scratched off, the tires were punctured, my side mirrors were broken, and so much more. The management told me that the car would take till tomorrow to be ready, and they asked for extra charges as well. When I informed them I will not pay the charges they behaved rudely with me. I am so disappointed by this event. I request you to please compensate the damages that have been done to my car.

I hope you will look into this situation yourself, and make sure that my car is treated properly. For further inquiries you may contact me at the number provided below.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali


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