Letter to Commissioner of Police Format

Letter to commissioner of police, Kolkata draw his attention to menace of using mikes, and loud speakers till late night during festive season. Letter to stop use of loud speakers, and hate speeches. Complaint letter againt hate speeche, and loud speakers.

Official Request Letter to Police Commissioner

The Commissioner,

Police Department, Kolkata.

Dear Sir,

I am writing to draw your attention to one of the most irritating, and rapidly flourished evil in our society i.e. the use of mike, and loudspeakers by people till late night. It has extensively been observed in the entire city that people frequently use loudspeakers, and nobody refrain them from spoiling the serenity of public. During festivals, the shopkeepers misuse the mikes, and loudspeakers for the sake of selling their goods, and increase the voice level at extreme level. It has also been observed that workers, and representatives of political parties also use loudspeakers for their speeches to persuade people for fetching their attention, and favor in shape of vote. This is not only ruining the peace of mind of people living inside their houses, and flats but also creating noise pollution for the society which causes many types of diseases for humans. It is the evil that must be eradicated root, and branch. Sir, you being the in-charge of police department, have an authority to make us free from this quagmire in which we are plunging ourselves in ignorance. This sort of bad practice must be terminated in a jiffy.

In the light of above mentioned facts, I request you to please enjoin the operational in-charge of police department to come into action for the eradication of this bad practice of using mikes, and loudspeakers till late night during festive season.

An early action in this regard shall be highly admired.

Yours Sincerely,

Adam Gilchrist

Complaint letter to commissioner of police
Complaint letter to commissioner of police

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  1. letter of complaint to the Commissioner of Police about the loud and lewd music in your community late at nights.

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