Letter to Municipal Commissioner for Street Lights

Request Letter to Municipality Sector in your area, and telling them how hazardous it is to not have street lights in your area as it can cause a lot of accidents, and robberies making it a safety issue of the citizens.

Letter to Municipal Commissioner for Street Lights

The Municipal Commissioner,
XYZ Society.

With all due respect,
Sir, it is stated that I live In the far end building of the society. I have been requesting for street lights to the building owner since some time now but he doesn’t seem to pay attention. That’s why I am writing this letter directly to you, requesting you to kindly take care of the street lights situation. As the sun sets the society’s roads become so dark that it’s almost impossible to see.

I hope that you will take this into concern as a priority very soon.

Thanking you,

Letter to Municipal Commissioner for Street Lights

To: Municipal Commissioner
Improvement District 14, Alberta, Canada

I am writing in regards to the lack of street lights in the district residential areas.

I believe this to be a grave safety hazard as it is very hard to navigate at night with a lack of lighting. It is also an aesthetic issue as the beauty of the houses, and lakes cannot be seen.

I request that street lights be installed in the lacking neighborhoods as soon as possible.

Arica Oswald
Improvement District 14, Alberta, Canada

Letter to Municipal Commissioner for Street Lights


The Municipal commissioner, Sector G

Respected sir,

With all our due respect, we are writing this letter to bring it to your knowledge that there are only 2 street lights in street number 7 of sector G. As you know winters are approaching, and there will be fog as well. It is very difficult for us to move in the street without street lights. Our kids are unable to play on the streets, they are sometimes afraid of going out as well. All other streets have streets lights except ours. For this we are requesting you to provide us 4 more street lights for secure, and better movement. We are looking forward to your quick, and positive response. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

All the society members of street 7

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