Sample Complaint Letter to Nursing Home

Sample format of writing a complaint letter to a nursing home who has been not up to the standard. Lately the residents there are facing lots of issues which is causing a great discomfort, and worrisome situation for themselves, and their families.

Complaint Letter to Nursing Home

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with much disappointment regarding your services. I chose your nursing home for my father since I had no choice. I do not have my own house, I keep shifting from one place to another, and it was very difficult for my father to keep moving around. His health was not allowing him to move along with me, and I knew he had to settle at one place. It has been two months since my father has been at your nursing home, and I visit him frequently. Yesterday, I came to visit him, and he was very ill. He has lost a lot of weight, and seems very weak. Upon inquiring how the nursing home’s services were he was very miserable. He informed me that the staff does not provide him with proper food, or medication. They do not allow him to go outside anymore for his daily walks, and at night he has to sleep without a blanket in the cold. It was very heart wrenching for me to hear all of this, and I hope you will understand my situation.

Please do improve your services so the elderly can live easily with peace at the nursing home.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

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