Outsourcing Recruitment, and Selection Process

Sample letter of Outsourcing Recruitment, and Selection Process to hiring/manpower agencies for construction projects, production projects in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Middle East, Japan, Korea, UAE, Europe, and USA. Contract letter for Appointing third party services(agency) for manpower of your company.

Outsourcing Recruitment Letter

Dear Sir,

We hereby appoint your company to recruit, and collect Relevant bio data with medical reports of 35 (thirty five) Indian/Pakistani male workers for employment with our company, and to liaise with relevant authorities in India/ Pakistan concerning this recruitment.

Each worker must undergo basic vocational training in which he will be trained on the agricultural traits of Malaysia Plantation Industry.

Our Recruitment Terms, and Conditions are as follows:

  1. Age : 21-45
  2. Nature of Work (briefly) : Plantation Workers.
  3. Daily Wage : R1v133 Per 8 Hours
  4. Monthly Salary : Maximum average earning
  5. RM 1200.00 per month.
  6. Levy : Paid by Employer.
  7. Annual Medical Checkup : Formal medical Checkup fee RM 180
  8. Paid by Employer
  9. Increment : Based on Performance
  10. Allowances : 3 Years, any further extension on mutual agreement
  11. Accommodation : Provide by the Employer.
  12. Food : On the account of the Employee.
  13. Medical Facilities : As per Malaysian Labor Law.
  14. Air Passage : Free air passage upon completion of 3 years contract.
  15. Leave, and Holiday : As per Malaysian Labor Law ( 2 times of agreed daily wage ).
  16. Normal Working Hours : 8 hours per day ( actual working starts from the work site )
  17. Overtime Allowance : As per Malaysian Labor Law ( 1.5 times of agreed daily wage ).
  18. Payment of Levy : Paid by the Employer.
  19. Transport : Provided by the employer from accommodation to work place.
  20. Death compensation : As per Malaysian Labor Law (covered by FWCS).
  21. Repatriation of sick disable workers: Paid by the FWCS Insurance
  22. Repatriation of Dead Body : Paid by the Employer (covered by FWCS).
  23. Restriction

a. That the employee shall not marry with any Malaysian, and shall not participate in any political activities, and activities of those connected with Trade Union in Malaysia.

b. That the Employee shall not change his employment during the contract period, and shall not carry, or do business without the written permission from the Employer.

c. That if the Employee is found creating social problems, and, or engaged in any illegal subversive, or criminal activities, and then he will be dismissed with immediate effect, and will be repatriated to Pakistan on his own expenses

Termination of service

If any employee is terminated on health reasons after three month probation period, he will be repatriated at the expense of the Employer, and if the employee is terminated on disciplinary grounds, he will be repatriated at his own expenses.

Responsibility of agent

a. That you provide recruitment of manpower services, and consultation

b. To arrange, and apply for a passport, birth certificate, identity card, and other documents required by the Labor Department of Pakistan.

c. To arrange medical checkup in India for the selected workers by qualified medical practitioners appointed by our Malaysia authorities.

d. To apply Entry Working Visa in Malaysia (multiple visa) at the Malaysian High Commission in Pakistan.

Outsourcing Recruitment, and Selection Process
Outsourcing Recruitment, and Selection Process

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