Job Transfer Request Letter for Personal Reasons

Sample application requesting transfer of job from one office to another, one city to another, one department to other, or one location to other with change of location where there is position is vacant.

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Job Transfer Request Letter by Govt Employee

The Chief Minister

Subject: Corrigendum in Promotion Adjustment Order of BPS-19 to BPS-20

With due respect, it is stated that I have been promoted from the post of Associate Professor (BPS-19) to the post of Professor (BPS-20) through your honorable office. As there is one vacant post of BPS-20 available at Govt. Post Graduate College (GPGC) Nowshera, where currently I am serving, but I have been adjusted at GDC Mahmend Agency.
My domicile is based on Malakand Agency (copy is attached), but by mistake on the record, it was written as Mahmend Agency which I have been requested for the correction to Higher Education Directorate Peshawar. As it might still exist erroneously as Mahmend Agency, and that might be the reason, that my adjustment has been done at DGC Mahmend Agency.
Further to my request, I had submitted an application with a strong recommendation of the principal GPGC Nowshera for the post of BPS-20, as the vacant post available in the said college (copy is attached) before the adjustment order.
It is therefore, requested that please, make a corrigendum in the order subjected above, and issue another order to adjust my post at GPGC Nowshera.


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