Job Transfer Request Letter for Personal Reasons


Sample application requesting transfer of job from one office to another, one city to another, one department to other, or one location to other with change of location where there is position is vacant.

Job Transfer Request Letter by Govt Employee

The Chief Minister

Subject: Corrigendum in Promotion Adjustment Order of BPS-19 to BPS-20

With due respect, it is stated that I have been promoted from the post of Associate Professor (BPS-19) to the post of Professor (BPS-20) through your honorable office. As there is one vacant post of BPS-20 available at Govt. Post Graduate College (GPGC) Nowshera, where currently I am serving, but I have been adjusted at GDC Mahmend Agency.
My domicile is based on Malakand Agency (copy is attached), but by mistake on the record, it was written as Mahmend Agency which I have been requested for the correction to Higher Education Directorate Peshawar. As it might still exist erroneously as Mahmend Agency, and that might be the reason, that my adjustment has been done at DGC Mahmend Agency.
Further to my request, I had submitted an application with a strong recommendation of the principal GPGC Nowshera for the post of BPS-20, as the vacant post available in the said college (copy is attached) before the adjustment order.
It is therefore, requested that please, make a corrigendum in the order subjected above, and issue another order to adjust my post at GPGC Nowshera.


Sample Letter of Request for Transfer to other Branch


Write application to the department railway office transfer to other place.  Request for transfer of job due to your wife’s job, or spouse job in other city/location etc.

Request Letter for Transfer to other Branch

Dear railway department

I am writing to you because I would like to submit an application for a transfer. I have worked for this company for over ten years, and I would still like to stay with the company however my wife has recently been accepted at a school in London.

We have decided to move there so she can teach. This is her dream job, and what sort of husband would I be if I told her not to take it. So that is why I am requesting a transfer. The company is set up all over the country so I would like to transfer to the London site. I hope that you will grant me this, and I look forward to hearing back your reply.

Kind regards

Mr. Trevor Fossil

Sample Letter of Request for Transfer to other Branch

Respected Headmaster,

With due respect, I am a resident of Bahria Town, and our school at 50 minutes drive from my place. When I took admission in Beacon House ALJT campus, there was no campus in Bahria Town so I had no other option but to cover this long distance.

It is very inconvenient for me to travel this much distance daily to come to school, and as my parents are both working individual, they also cannot drop, and pick me up on daily basis. This doesn’t only waste my time but I get very tired which disrupts my academic progress. Luckily this year a new campus of BSS has opened in Bahria Town which is very close from my place. I would like to shift to Bahria Campus so I no longer have to put up with this inconvenience.

I have attached my form with this application, and request you to kindly approve my transfer request. I would be very grateful to you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir

Grade 11

Sample Letter of Request for Transfer to other Branch

To: Manager at TD Bank, Ellerslie Branch
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I  wish to request a transfer of branch as I have recently shifted my residence from Ellerslie to the Meadow Brooke Area of Edmonton.Therefore I would like to transfer to the Meadow Brooke branch of TD Bank, as it is much closer to my apartment, and it would be very convenient for me to get to work.

I hope you consider my decision,

Brock Himont
Meadow Brooke, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada



Application for Department Change in Company


Sample request letter for change of your department within the company, office, factory as per your qualification requirements. Transfer of department is possible when you have the relevant qualifications, past relevant job experiences, and available vacant positions in the department.

Sample Letter of Request for Transfer to Other Department

The Management, Nestle US

Respected sir,

With due respect I would like to tell you that I have been working in your firm from last 2 years as a media manager as at the time of applying only this post was available, but now I would like to request you to change my post from media manager to PR manager because of my previous experience, and my interest for this field, as my resume say that I have perform well in this field I guess a deserve a chance, I assure you that I will be pro, and responsible.

I request you to consider my application. Your positive response would be appreciated. Thanks.


Mr. John Mark,
Media department, nestle office, LA

Application for Change of Department in Company

Dear manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss my department. I have been working in the same department for three weeks now, and this means that I haven’t been put on the rotation time table. I have worked with this company for a year, and a half, and this have never happened it has always been fair, and equal, so I am wondering why this has happened now.

Anyways please change this I would like to go to a different department. This job is supposed to be different every few weeks, and that is what I enjoy the most about this company. Please don’t chance this. I hope that you will do this, and I look forward to hearing back your response.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Thomas Eaton

Application for Department Change due to Misbehavior

Respected sir / ma’am,

With due respect, I am writing this to you to inform you about the condition of accounting department of our company. The members of accounting department misbehave with their seniors, and they interfere a lot in one another matters which I don’t like much. I request you to please change my department as I am not getting adjust in this environment.

I don’t want to create a mess with my fellow colleagues so kindly do me a favor, and please change my department in the particular field.

I will be very thankful to you for your kind deed.

Yours sincerely,


Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter


Request letter for Transfer of Job placement by the teacher in govt school, private school to a new location nearby your home, office, university, etc. Job transfer request letter for personal reasons. Request letter for transfer to another branch. Request letter for transfer of job location due to family problem. Sample letter of request for transfer of workplace.

Application Requesting Transfer of Job to a Branch Nearest to My Home

Dear Sir,

I would like to request you that I have to come a long way for the job which costs me a lot over time. And often I get so tired that I can’t even do the domestic chores after the return.

You are requested to transfer my job near my area or home so that I can get rid of the hassle of coming and going. There is also a vacancy in the office near my house that I can easily work on. I hope you will give me this favor. I will be grateful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Transfer Request Letter by Teacher From One School to Another School

Dear Sir/Madam,

I want to request my teaching job transfer from (name of the place) to (name of the place where you want the transfer). My current job (workplace) is far away from my home, and I want it to be transferred near to my home to reach the school easily, so I can utilize more energy for better teaching. L

uckily, a teacher’s vacant position in a school near to my home (you can mention the school name and area here if you want). So please grant my immediate job transfer. I can provide all the information and documents you need for this process. I will be thankful for your kind approval.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Letter of Transfer to Another School by Government Teacher for Study

Dear Sir,

I am (you name), a Teacher at Govt Girls High School. I am happily informing you that I have got admission as an M.phil student in (university name), and my classes will start…, and the timing will be 3:00 pm to 6:00 pm as per University Schedule.

I request you to transfer my teaching job placement to (name of the place). I hope my request will be granted, and my school will issue my NOC immediately after your kind approval. I wish to continue my teaching internship to gain practical experience along with my M.phil degree.

Looking for your kind approval.

Thank You,

Your Name

Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter from One Branch to Another Branch

Dear Principal,

I am writing this letter to request my job transfer. I have been working on this Campus for 4 years as a Science teacher for 8th and 9th Grade. I have always worked hard and focused on every single student for their good progress. However, recently I got married, and as my husband is a resident of Multan so I will have to shift to the city.

I request you to kindly approve my request for transfer to Beacon House School System, Multan Campus. You may look into the work profile that I have been active from when I joined this campus and have taken all my tasks seriously and completed them in time. I promise you to work with the same ardor in the future too. I know that I am requesting this transfer in the middle of the term, which will disturb the students and their academic progress. However, I know a science teacher with acceptable qualifications and teaching experience who can substitute me. I can talk to her and guide her about the present progress of both classes so she can easily continue the syllabus.  If the students are satisfied, then you can hire her permanently, but if not, then in the meantime, you can hire another teacher.

I hope I will get a positive response from you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Aamir,

Science Teacher

Teacher Job Transfer Request Letter

To: Principal Bohrer – Avinger Secondary School
Avinger, Texas, United States

I have recently begun teaching at Avinger Secondary School, and the experience has been quite pleasant. I am thankful for this opportunity, and I hope that the students have an enjoyable learning experience. However, I am an experienced teacher who has taught 9th grade for the past ten years – this is my first time teaching 12th graders. It is a drastic difference and a big change of pace for me. I believe that I will be of much more use if I were to be transferred to teaching 9th Grade students. It is an area that I have much more expertise in, and I believe I will be a lot more help teaching the younger students.
Therefore, I kindly request that I be transferred to teaching 9th Grade.

James Adam
Avinger, Texas, United States

Request Letter for Cancellation of Job Transfer Order


Sample application letter to cancel of job transfer from one place to other, or one office to other office. Application letter to stop transfer order of job for old employee. How to write application to commandant for retain my duty at same place.

Request to Cancel Job Transfer Letter

Mr. Rajive Shukla,
Commandant General,
Group 4 Security Services,
Deira, Dubai.

Venerated Sir,

Please refer to my visit at your office yesterday regarding my request to retain me at the same duty location where I have been working since last four years.

As discussed, the current duty place is very convenient for me to reach to, and from the home which saves lots of valuable time.

The new suggested location is very far from my accommodation, and requires at least 4 hours daily travelling which is quite expensive logistically also, and it may also affect my work efficiency due to the fatigue.

So, I would like to request that please cancel my transfer order, and retain me at the same place as there have been no issues as far as my performance is concerned. You can get the feedback from the GM operations.

Thanks for your usual support as ever.

Best Regards,

Nigel Wright.
Site Manager,

Request Letter for Cancellation of Job Transfer Order

Application for Cancellation of Job Transfer Order

The chairperson

Respected sir,

I have just received the information of my transfer into another location. I humbly request you to cancel the transferring order because it is very inconvenient for me to relocate at the moment.

I have a baby of only 8 months old, and I cannot afford to relocate with a baby that young. My wife alone cannot handle an all day-and-night care. I take shifts with her, and we take care of baby together.

Given my conditions, it is impossible for me to leave my baby behind, and move to another city. Please, try to understand my position, and relieve me accordingly.
I shall be very thankful to you.


John Hill

Request for Transfer on Sickness Grounds


Request application letter for transfer of employee from one palace to other place due to sickiness, health issues, medical problems, physical health, physical problems etc.

Transfer Request Due to Medical Reason

The Placement Head

Railways HQ,


SUBJECT: Request for Transfer to Multan on Wife Sickness Grounds

Dear Sir,

Most humbly it is stated that my wife has recently been diagnosed bone marrow infection. She has kept under medical supervision in last week, and discharged today. Doctors have advised her to complete bed rest. I am serving railways department out of station since five years. In this situation my children and  wife are suffering by my non presence. It seems difficult for me to manage situation at this time. Kindly transfer me to Multan station so that I can take care of her by myself. Kindly approve my application on sympathy grounds. All the medical reports, and record is attached for your kind review.

Thank You

Yours Obediently,


Mechanical Supervisor

Request for Transfer to another Office Due To Illness

The Shift Manager

Shell Oil



Dear Sir,

It is humbly requested to you that I have been suffering from arthritis since last year. I am serving, and Plant II. It requires me to travel 20 kilometers a day by public transport to reach this workplace that is too problematic for me at this age. Kindly transfer me to plant I, as it is near my residence, and requires less travel. I will be very grateful to you for this approval as a favor to me.

Yours dutiful


Shift Supervisor

Farewell Letter to Colleagues


Sample farewell letter to colleagues in office, school, college, or university to be sent on letter, or in email on job transfer, or on retirement. Draft farewell mail to all my colleagues.

Farewell Letter to Colleagues on Transfer


Staff of Finance Department,
XYZ Corporation.

Dear Colleagues,

Hopefully you are all fine. I have been receiving kind words from you ever since I was transferred. It feels so good every time I open a letter from you guys. I close my eyes, and Imagine I am still around you to rejoice the wonderful time we spent together.

God blessed me with wonderful people in my new office too, and I often share our stories with them. The new designation is a bit tiresome, and stressful but surrounding in right people take away all the worries.

I will visit the you guys next month when I come back on holidays.


My well wishes,


Farewell Email to All My Colleagues


The technical department, Nestle Lahore

Respected colleagues,

I am writing this letter to you to inform you that I am leaving this job next week because of some family issues, but I have a wonderful time with you, and I in return I wanted to thanks you all for the support you people gave me. I have learnt a lot from you people. You are my mentors, best companions, and friends. I wish you all the very best for the rest of the life. Hope we will keep in touch. Thanks.


Amar Kashif,

Tech department

Congratulations on Your Job Transfer


Sample Congratulation Letter to a staff on transfer of Job in to new office, or transfer of job from one department to other department, or new department with in the same company.

Sample Congratulations Message on Job Transfer

Mr. Amir
32-A, X Colony,

Dear Amir,

I hope you receive this letter at the best of your health. I was on leave, and when I came back I received the good news of your promotion, and transfer in your home town. Kindly accept my warm congratulations on this achievement of yours.

You were always a mentor to me, and more than that a brother. The way you supported me to adjust to my new job when I first joined this organization. You were a colleague everyone would wish for.

I am really happy for you, and I wish you cross many more milestones on this new designation of Divisional head.

My Kind Regards,


Congratulations on Your Job Transfer

Muhammad Adnan

32 B Nisbat Road,


Subject: Congratulation Letter to a Staff on Transfer

Dear Abdullah,

I came to know about the good news yesterday that you have been transferred to your hometown in Faisalabad from Lahore. I congratulate you for this. I feel very glad for you as you were struggling for last 2 years to get this transfer. Although it is a sad moment too for me as we have been working together in this office for 5 years but I know after your marriage it was very difficult for you to maintain your workplace as your family resides in Faisalabad.

My dear friend it cannot be understand why the time passes so fast. I remember the moment when we joined this office together 5 years back but now it is the time to get apart. But I am happy that now you can spend quality time with your family as well.

My best wishes are with you for your bright future. I once again congratulate you for your transfer.

Yours Sincerely,

Muhammad Adnan

best wishes on transfer

Congratulation letter to a staff on transfer


Miss Ann Boston, Head supply chain department, Lahore

Subject: Congratulations on moving into new office

Dear Madam,

Hope you are doing well. I just came to know that you are getting a transfer to Karachi branch. I know you were so desperate to go there as you miss your family there a lot. You have been trying for this from last 6 month, and now finally your efforts just worked. I am so happy that they have selected you for the transfer considering your good performance. I hope that you will perform there just like you did here, and I pray for you prosperity, and success. I wish you all the best for upcoming life. Heartiest wishes.


Miss Uzma

congratulations sms on transfer, congratulations on your move, congratulations on your relocation are also available

Application for Transfer of Job Location


Sample application for requesting transfer of job from one place to another, one location to another, or one office to another office, and one branch to another branch in other cities etc. I as a stuff nurse need an application of transfer. transfer application, to directorate of HFW (health a family welfare) letter of transfer from Calcutta to Guwahati. I am a govt.employee.

Application for Transfer of Job From One Office to Another

The Managing Director
Directorate of HFW
Calcutta Govt. Hospital


Dear Sir,

It is humbly stated that recently my husband has secured a promotion with transfer from Calcutta to Gauhati. So my family has decided to shift from here to the new station. I request you kindly to approve my transfer to the Gauhati station. Kindly approve this request urgently so that I can make sure shifting of my family from here. It would be a kind favor of yours towards whole of my family.

Yours Dutiful,

Head Nurse, GGH

Please can you provide me request letter for transfer to another location since I am having language, and other problems to work here

Job Transfer Application by Government Employee

To the Director
Education Department,


I’m offering my duty in Government Degree College Lahore as a Assistant lecturer. It is humbly requested that I want to transfer my job in any my nearer city where I belong. It is difficult to do job as well as I cannot pay my full attention. So it is requested that please transfer my job place so that I would be able to continue my job. .I shall be obliged, and thankful if you accept my application of transfer.

You’re truly,


Request Letter for Job Transfer

Manager Admin,
Institute XYZ,

Dear Sir,

I am Muhammad Raza, and I am working in your institution since last 2 weeks. I am writing this letter to request you to please transfer me to another area due to numerous reasons.

Firstly, I am in public relations so my job is to communicate with people. This is a village area, and most of the people are Punjabi speakers. I have never come across such people, and have a great hindrance in understanding their language.

Secondly, I am having dust allergy, and become seriously ill when I come across even minute quantity of dust. My transfer in this area can leave me in serious health crisis.

Thirdly, this place is at the distance of 20km from my house, and I have to cover this distance twice every day. This makes me very tired so it affects my working ability.

Lastly, this is a Christian village, and all my coworkers are Christians. I am not an extremist nor am I provoking religious difference but I feel quite uncomfortable here.

I hope that you will bring my application under your consideration, and will transfer me to a new are as soon as possible.


Muhammad Raza

Request Letter for Job Transfer Due To Linguistic Problems at Current Workplace

The Manager HR
German Petroleum,

Dear Sir,

Most respectfully it is stated that I am not a native German language speaker. At this work site most staff is German speaking, and so the same is used for official communication. I feel difficulty to effectively communicate with my manager, and subordinates due to this linguistic barrier. For this reason the operational work at site, and my progress are affected. I request you to transfer me to the northeastern site plant where the official communication language is English. This will be a great favor to me as in the best interest of proving my supervisory skills to smoothly run operations in my domain. I shall be very thankful to you for this act of kindness.

Yours Obediently,

Operations Supervisor

Request to Transfer the location of Job due to health

The Manager Operations,
Pakistan Railways
Mozzang, Lahore.

Dear Sir,

This is humbly requested that I have been working as a Track Maintainer since last 5 years where my seniors are quite satisfied with my work. However, due to some health issues my doctor has advised me to avoid staying in the direct sun light. Hence, this is no more possible for me to work in the outdoor under the sun.

Please consider my request, and transfer me to any other location where I can work indoor for some time so that my health can be recovered asap.

Attached is the medical certificate from the doctor.

Thanks indeed.

Tarik Masseh.
Employee Id: 545454