Bill of Lading Form Sample Free Download

Are you looking for a bill of lading template for your business or company? We are giving you a sample of a bill of lading. This sample was provided by my friend working in an export company. Sample specimen of the bill of lading for exporters of textile garments and gift items to the UK, USA, and Europe from India, Pakistan, or Bangladesh free download in MS Word format.

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What is a Bill of Lading, and Where is it Used?

This is an internationally known document/receipt of acknowledgment provided by the supplier to the shipper, and the shipper provides it to the receiver as proof of shipment details where quantity and quality are mentioned. for further understanding, please read this simple definition “A bill of lading is theĀ form/document that is provided by an exporter/sender company to a third-party carrier, shipment company which will be delivering supply fixtures for them to a mentioned receiver/destination. … The shipping company then hands the bill of lading over to the receiver as a receipt for the goods, once the delivery has been made.

Specimen Bill of Lading

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