Export Commercial Invoice In Excel Format

Sample Export Commercial Invoice In Excel Format for UK, USA, Europe, Canada, India, Pakistan and UAE.


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Export Commercial Bill Sample



Model Town Lahore Pakistan
Unit: Multan Road, Lahore Pakistan
Mobile# 0092 300-1234567

 Inv # PE/256/01 Commercial  Invoice Shipping Mark
 Dated Feb/03/2014 Size/Weight/Qty
B Y   AIR  Form”E” A B L  # 3638943 Description
 N. Wt      1639 Kgs  Form”E” Dated : Feb / 03 /2014 Carton # 1 To 73
 G. Wt     2089 Kgs N T N  #  564738237  – 2  
 Sr/No,s Of Ctn  1 To 73 Miss Ctn   0  Shipped Ctn   73  Shipped Pcs   3040
  Payment Terms : Advance Payment Received
 By Air Glasgo, UK  Air Port Delivery Prepaid
 Through  ; United Bank Limited Model Town,  Lahore  Pakistan
 Notify Party : D Fashion Ltd , 54 Evesham Grove Ashton-Under-Lyne Lancashire (Code)  U.K
 Consignee: D Fashion Ltd  Air Way Bill #  Flight #
Description  Of  Goods Quality Quantity Price  Value In £ (GBP)
 Pieces  £. (GBP) Per Piece
Mens Thermal   T/Shirt 50/50 PC  1,368  0.50 684.00
Mens Thermal L/Sleeve 50/50 PC  432  0.60 259.20
Mens Thermal L/Johns 50/50 PC  3,240  0.50 1620.00
    Total Pieces    5,040   2563.20
          for & On Behalf Of ;
          JTEK Enterprises
          M. Ikram
Commercial Invoice by http://Semioffice.Com   Managing Director

Export Commercial Invoice In Excel Format Export Commercial Invoice In Excel Format

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