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Education, and its Importance

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Write an Essay on Education

What are the important things in life to live, to survive, to be fresh, better, and healthy? I know food, water, clothes; houses are the basic needs of people. But I think if you include another word in your life then you are very good in you, and it is Education.

Education is very important for a person who considers, and drinks it like water (as a need). Education makes a person well-mannered, and better. We can spend and live our life more easily, comfortably, and conveniently.  God has given us brains, and a choice to live. It depends on us how we want to live it, education teaches us how to live, how to solve problems, how to survive, and simply all the things we might never know before.

Many people, who are already passed away, and had acknowledged the advantages of education, spent their life in discipline, and under manners. They said Learn as much as you can, education is an ocean, and it is for all. Education gives us a sense to make a difference, respect, solutions, discoveries, knowledge, and a better life. Education, and acknowledgement gives us power, and sense to make decisions, discover, and find our ways. We are so blessed that we are living in that place where we have a good environment where we can learn, and get educated without difficulties by our supporting teachers, institutes, and parents. We have a lot of opportunities to search, and decide our goals, and aims for life through education.

Some countries are still struggling, and getting a hard period because they do not have much education. A person without education is like a blind man, who knows his way but does not know how to reach his destination. Education is becoming more important in many countries now because people, parents, government got the value of education that is why they are trying to make more awareness of education. They want to make their people educated so they can get a bright future, and they can serve their people, and country efficiently. If anybody does not know the importance of education we should explain him about education.

We are lucky that we have these facilities that we can learn; we can educate ourselves, and our children. I wish we all spread this light of education everywhere. We never know the benefits of education. We can see so many things around us which we have only because of education. And these things are helping us to live. Education is helping to develop, discover, create, and make a place perfect to live. Let’s burn this fire everywhere so we can try to make an educated nation and country.

Education, and its importance

There are so many needs in life, when we talk about basic ones we always find that food, shelter, and Education are the most important ones. What is basically Education?

Education is what we learn. Or information about anything in refined form. When we grow a bit around 4 years the first step taken by our parents is to admit us to school to get an Education. If we talk about Pakistan the literacy rate is very low it is about 30%, and the rest of the population is unaware of what education actually is.

The education system in Pakistan was better in starting but now it has become a business for so many people. Many of the business man are opening university in the name education what they do, they are only asking for money, and giving admissions. Education is the only thing by which a country can change from undeveloped to develop. But unfortunately in Pakistan no one is thinking about the future of the young generation they are only focusing on making money.

Why Uk and U.S.A. are so much developed because they are giving the best knowledge to their youth, and getting new ideas from fresh brains. We’ve to work on this issue in Pakistan to survive in this world.

Essay on Education

Education is a word we almost hear every single day of our lives. Here, and there education is something that is affiliated with almost everything in the world somehow. I ask my readers, and expect them to answer honestly “How many of us really know what education is?”

The meaning of education is something that is not well known among many people today, and this fact is quite sad, I mean you are well educated but don’t know what education really is. Education is not just your academics, not just studying for 12 years straight, filling your mind up with knowledge, and more knowledge, and repeating it every single day of your life. NO! This is not education.

I can deliver you my point better with the reference of some real life examples; some real life people that have set led a life of excellence, and even after hundred years of their death people today still follow their footsteps. Let’s take Albert Einstein the famous physician for example. Was Albert Einstein over qualified? Was Einstein a double Ph.D. degree holder? The answer is plain no, he wasn’t.

Einstein, and many more people who have excelled in their field of work had one thing in common…which was curiosity. They were curious, curious about everything happening around them.
Sir Isaac Newton, the man who discovered gravity was just a shepherd before he came up with the discovery…What would you do if an apple would fall on your head? You would just ignore the happening but Newton grew curious…Curious to know what was actually happening? And he came up with the discovery of gravity later on.

Education demands curiosity, it is a need that has to be fulfilled somehow someway. Being educated also means you’re brought up, the way you walk, and talk, your attitude towards the ones below you. Everything associated with you, and your personality is a part of your everyday education.

Let’s not confuse ourselves here. Academic education is at the top of the list without any doubt, and then come all the other forms of education. Being academically highly qualified means you have the knowledge almost 50% of people around you don’t have. It means that you hold the knowledge of your mastered field, and can come up with a solution to every kind of your problem.

Being educated brings up a lot of responsibilities upon you as well. You start your education career by the age of 6, or a maximum up to 7, and carry it on until the age you are in right now, or maybe even more. The most beautiful thing, and the most perfect fact about education is that the knowledge never finishes. Your greed for knowledge, and your hunger to be better than the most sitting around should never end as well. Being highly knowledge actually does the work of a matchstick in some people, and motivates them to be better, and bring out a better version of themselves.

Although most nations claim in their mission statements, and every other speech that “Education is everyone’s basic, and fundamental right?” But are you actually providing them with the education? I ask the leaders sitting above us…Hasn’t education now become just a form of business? Schools today, universities of every kind ask for fees that are clearly above the earning level of a common man. What does a common man do then? He makes his children sit home…and what happens when the children sit home you ask? Their minds never develop. From most of the children their age you will feel that they are underdeveloped, and their minds don’t work as sharply, and as efficiently as compared to the children who are actually getting an education. I thought that education was for everyone but clearly we don’t see it.

I would end my essay by saying that Education is indeed the most important aspect of our lives. If you’re lucky enough to get an education, I advise you to don’t let it go.

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