Experience Letter For Head of Department(HOD) at University

Sample experience letter for the head of department (HOD) is available for schools, colleges, and universities or companies. Experience letters for all posts remain the same, but for heads/leaders, you can add some appreciation if you want.

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Experience Letter for Head, Leader, Team Leader,

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that (name of head etc.) working as Head of Resource Department from –date– to –date–. He/She performed a leading role in the growth of our organization, and we wish him/her the best in future life.


Your name & Signature

Experience Letter for HOD at University, or College, or School, etc

To Whom It May Concern

This is certified that Mr./Ms. (Name of HOD) served as head of department at (university/college name) for three years from (date) to (date). We wish him/her the best in his/her future career.



Department Head Experience Letter Format


ABC Advertising Agency is pleased to confirm that Mr. XYZ S/O Mr. XYZ has worked with us as Head of Art Department from January (Date) to March (Date).  His creative working style and leadership qualities helped build a mature designers’ team, worth commenting on.

During his six years stay, he supervised a team of eleven junior designers and three seniors. He has also proved himself a good recruiter and selector for required work, and I hope that these abilities will groom him more.


Ali Arsalan

Head of Activation Department

Experience Letter for HOD at University, or College, or School, etc

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