Job Experience Letter for Cashier

Sample Job Experience Letter for Cashier available for download. Cashiers of any level like cash manager, bank cashier,  chief cashier, junior cashier, and the senior cashier can use this letter as an experience letter by changing or updating your name, father name, NIC, and position in a particular company.

Work Experience Letter for Cashier

Dear concerned,

It is hereby certified that the holder of this document has been working in the company as a cashier for two years from (Date) To (Date).

Mr. Bruce joined us as a trainee three years ago and showed his excellent behavior and skills. Due to his hard work and dedication, he was promoted to cashier after one year. He was professional, accurate, and calculated during his work as a cashier.

Our company endorses the holder of this experience letter.


The Manager

Cashier Experience Letter


To certify that Mr. Waseem S/O M. Anwer, CNIC# 00000-00000-000-0, has been working with our company as “Chief Cashier” for the period from (Date) till today.

During the job, we found him very hardworking, honest, punctual, reliable, and his job and up to our expectations. Therefore, we are sure about his capability to justify his profession with Bless of Allah almighty. Therefore, we certify that there is no liability during the job on him.

“Company Name” wishes him the best of luck for the betterment of his future and success in his coming life for endeavors.

For X.Y.Z Company (Pvt) Ltd



Job Experience Letter for Cashier

To whom it may concern,

It is verified with great joy that Miss Maria Philips has been working in this bank for five years, from (Date) at the designation of Cash Officer. Her duties here were receiving and handling cash in case of deposits. Also, withdrawals, maintain cash book, handle and record entries for cash transactions, and maintain petty cash book and supporting record.

She has proved herself a skillful, determined, punctual, and vigilant individual during her tenure here. She has always worked appropriately under tremendous pressure. She knows how to meet deadlines and has shown great capabilities as a cash operator. In addition, she has a firm grip on computer-based accounting software. We strongly recommend her for any related future appointments, and we wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

Steve Johnson
Branch Manager
City Bank New York

Job Experience Letter for Cashier

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