Farewell Speech By Engineering Students

Farewell Party Speech by Students on the last day at school, college, or university for engineering students, engineering graduates, completing engineering degrees or masters of engineering, and outgoing engineering students. This speech can be delivered in school, college, or university convocations for teachers and seniors. Best ever speech for winners or achievers in engineering courses.

Farewell Speech By Engineering Students

Here we are, on the day of our graduation, with black gowns and caps, looking as bright as ever. Finally, we have all passed our chemistry and mathematics. Yes, very difficult to digest for our teachers.

Since my first day at my university, every day has been an adventure for me as a student. We all found our friends, acquaintances, enemies, and even lovers.  I still remember how we used to fight over that one guy or girl in common rooms. An act of immaturity? I would rather say the word ‘learning and progress. We all used to have a list of our favorite teachers and those few unavoidable teachers who-must-not-be-named. I’ll never forget those fights over food in the cafeterias and giving our best shot at the sports week as united as we used to stand.

These four years have been the best times of my life, believe it or not. As many of us will enter career life as responsible citizens, we will come to know the significance of this period that is now gone forever. As for me, I am still unclear to what I will become in the future. We all used to have dreamed since we were kids. I always wanted to be Dexter, The genius scientist. Yeah! All I know is that these four years have clearly changed the old me into a totally new, better, confident, optimistic, and independent one with a broad vision of the upcoming life.

I would like to thank my juniors for giving us a wonderful party to us and for allowing me to speak on the stage. This moment will surely stay with us forever.

Farewell Party Speech Sample
Farewell Party Speech Sample

How to write a farewell speech for students?

This is a big question for every student. But it is very simple. You should include the following points in your speech:

  1. Your introduction and your completed degree
  2. Interesting subjects
  3. Difficult subjects
  4. Good teachers and their efforts
  5. You must add some fun from your experience with subjects, teachers, or the institution. But it must be in decent language and makes everyone laugh.

If you successfully add the above-mentioned points, you will successfully prepare your self-written farewell speech. A student writes the above speech for the University of Engineering and Technology.

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