Letter to Administration/Authority Requesting to Organize a Gathering for All Past Students at High School

Sample Letters to authorities to arrange a high school gathering inviting all past students of the school. This letter can be used by teachers who want to give a huge farewell to the a senior, or alumni who want to relive the memories of the past.

Letter by an Alumni to host a Re Union as a 10 year Anniversary Party

School’s Name,

School’s Address,

Dear Sir /Madam,

I ,sender’s name, write this letter to you to request you to schedule a high school reunion for all past students of the school. Being an alumni for almost 6 years there is not a single day that goes by without thinking about my high school memories. Certainly, the memories I made in high school have stayed with me ever since, and I am sure that this is for every one else who graduated from this school.

Nowadays everyone is busy with their lives. Either someone is busy in university, or either a full time job. As the school is celebrating its 10 year anniversary this year I, along with many of my friends of mine, want the school to invite all its past students, and have a reunion.

On a practical level, This gathering with help the current students link with the alumni, and make connections with people who are already working in different fields. Moreover, the school will be able to able to benefit through these links. The alumni also will be able to welfare from the bond they build amongst themselves.

I humbly request you to consider my request. Hoping for a positive response from the administration.

Yours Truly,

Sender’s Name,

Signature (Optional),


Letter to the Directorate by a Teacher to Host a High School Reunion as a Farewell for Retiring Principal

School’s Name,

School’s Address,

Dear Sir /Madam,

I. teacher name, request the committee to please arrange a reunion of past students as a farewell to Mr Shah.

As all of us who have been working in this school know, Mr Shah Ali , the current Principal has been serving this school for the best 35 years. He is retiring this month, after providing for this school with all his heart. As a teacher who has been working with him for past 10 years, I highly appreciate his dignity, and diligence.

As heart breaking as it is, Mr Shah’s farewell should also be celebrated in the best way possible. Mr shah has mentored so many students, and all the alumni, and current students really have developed a very strong bond with him. For all he has done for the school, and for all of us, personally, I appeal to you to arrange a large gathering inviting all the past students of this school. So that we can show Mr shah that he has a special place in our hearts.

Moreover, this request is not just mine as I write for all the current teachers, and students who have also contributed to this idea. Please Consider our request.

Yours Truly,

Teacher’s Name,

Signature (Optional),


Farewell Letter to Employee

I want to send letter for farewell ceremony to retired person in our office . Format of farewell letter to the employee who has worked in the office for a long period of time, and now he is retiring.

Farewell Letter to Employee from Colleagues

Dear Sir,

I hope you are doing great in health. As you are now retired, and served our company about 15 years, this is our duty to give you farewell party.  So all staff is arranging a farewell party for you on Saturday 25th January at 5 pm

It would be a great source of pleasure for us. Please come we will be looking forward for you.


Mahnoor Imran
CEO (company’s Name)

Farewell Letter to Employee

Dear Mr. Goldstein,

I have come to know that you will be leaving our company within the next coming week, and retiring.

You have been a valuable asset to our company over the past few years, and I would like to appreciate all the work that you have done. People like you have kept this company running exceptionally.

I wish you all the best for your retirement, and your future.

Yours truly,

Dave Peterson

Farewell Letter to Employee

To the Employee,

Dear Employee,

Hope you are doing well. I received a resignation letter from you last week saying that you will not be able to work in this office as you are shifting to other city.

Your request has been improved by the CEO, and this is a farewell letter. You will be given a cheque on next Monday as a commission for the services you have offered to the company. You were a very punctual, disciplined, and active employee from the beginning, and I hope you work with the same ardor in the future too.

We have spent a good time together, and all of us will miss you. We are always here if you ever need any sort of assistance. Best of luck for your future.

Best Regards,

Ahmed Jawad

Manager High Tech Communication

23rd September (Date)

Invitation for Farewell Party To Teachers

Format of invitation letters to teachers by students. A farewell is a goodbye party arranged by a school , college, or university to their students, and in some cases to valuable teachers who has offered their services.

Farewell Party Invitation For Teachers in School, College etc


The respected teachers of Computer science department,

Dear Teachers,

With all our due respect, This is to invite you to the Farewell Party of our senior-most batch. The event has been set on [Date: DD/MM/YY], and you are requested to please join us.

Our all teachers have been a great inspiration to all of us. They have taught us so well, and made us a prominent student. Now it is time to say a good bye to the entire amazing faculty we have. We are looking forward to your presence at the event. Please find attached address, and contact details(may be invitation card). Thank you so much.

Yours sincerely,


Computer science club

Invitation Letter for Farewell Party of Seniors to Teachers

Respected Teachers,

It is a matter of great honor for our class to invite you on the farewell party of our seniors.

This moment comes every year, when your seniors leave the college for their higher educations. It is a beautiful custom that the juniors give a farewell party to their seniors, and good bye them with love, and respect. This year we are giving the farewell with utmost zest, and zeal. It would be an honor for us to have all of our teachers at the farewell party

Your presence will enlighten the evening. We are already feeling excited in anticipation.

Warm Regards,


Department Name

Letter of Invitation for Farewell Party to Teachers from Students

Respected Teachers,

This is to invite you to the Farewell Party of our senior most batch. The event has been set on (date) , and you are requested to please join us on this last event of our A2 batch.

Our seniors will be presenting the souvenirs, and there will be award giving to the teachers too. There is another segment set in which the teachers will be asked about the specific students. Furthermore, the farewell gifts of the Batch (Date) will also be presented by the teachers. Kindly, confirm if you will be present to the event so that we can make the arrangements, and tell the exact number of people who will be coming on the party to the Caterers.

Your presence will be greatly appreciated.

Best Regards;

Deputy Head Girl

Batch A1

Invitation Letter for Farewell Party to Teachers by Students

Dear Sir/Madam,

We hope you are doing well. We are pleased to invite you on behalf of the whole study body to our Farewell party that will be held on the (date) at the City School, Ravi Campus. The timings followed will be from (mention starting, and ending time). The theme that will be followed for the party is ‘Masquerade’. Throughout the years you have played a major role in our upbringing, and molded us into the people we are today. How can we leave this school, and enter a new phase in life without making you people a part of it? The party will consist of fun filled performances, a walk down the memory lane, and scrumptious food. We will be delighted if you grace us with your presence on this auspicious occasion.

We will be looking forward to your presence. If you require any more details you may refer to the office head, or contact the number given below.

Best Regards,

The graduating batch of (Date)

Contact: ________

Invitation for Farewell Party for Teachers

To: Teachers of HGF Public School
Dallas, Texas, United States

Dear Teachers,

We would like to invite you to the farewell party on the 18th of December, as our batch has been completed.

The location is 3532 Best Western Inn, on the West side of Dallas.

We are looking forward to your presence at the event. Thank you so much for a wonderful year, and we are positive that you will have an amazing time there with us. We hope to see you all there!

Yours truly,

Jose Paedra — President of the Student Council

Texas HGF Public School
Dallas, Texas, United States

Farewell Speech Retiring Principal

Sample farewell speech of retired principal to his students, and teachers.

Farewell Speech of Retired Principal

Good morning my dear students, and fellow educators!

It’s a great feeling seeing you all here bidding me your respected dues, and your good wishes. I have been a part of this school for the last twenty five years. First ten years as a teacher where I taught a lot of you about mathematics, and also learnt a lot from the students of those times. Then I was promoted to being the acting vice principal of this school as soon as my rank upgraded my responsibility also increased.

Before the promotion I was only responsible to a limited number of students, and their overall percentage in mathematics but after the promotion I was responsible to maintain the law, and order for everyone equally in the school boundaries. When I was young, and doing my studies I also just like the rest of you never saw the foresight that goes into being a teacher. But when I became one myself that day I started respecting my teachers more.

After fifteen years of teaching in this school, and acting vice principal I was promoted to be the Dean of this branch. I was actually reluctant to take this job as I was not sure I will be able to handle this kind of responsibility, and the children that I was so used of seeing every day in the past fifteen years were mostly graduated at this point. And I was actually nervous about taking responsibility of another generation. I was afraid that I might not be able to do the justice to you all.

But then one day I was looking into the ground through my office, and I realize that you all are the same no one has gone anywhere, from where I was standing. You were here to learn, and I was here to teach you all sometimes about what is the result when we add two numerical figures, and sometimes about how to cope when life gets difficult to handle. And that day I sent my reply yes which led me to be here for another ten years, and to this moment where I am telling you my journey from being just a teacher to Dean of your school.

I beam with proud when I see you all standing there with such class, and honor. May you remain as chivalrous gentleman as ever my best wishes are with all of you?

Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Farewell party invitation wording for the office. Farewell invitation card template.

Invitation Letter for Farewell Party

The Alumnus,
XYZ College.

Dear Members of the Alumni,
Crescent College is hosting its seventh annual farewell party this Saturday, and aims to bring the Alumni, and the leaving students together on one stage. Gathering all the talent, you the alumni can help the students to choose a right career path in their future.
Crescent College hopes that you will make this event a sight to see by making your presence sure, and certain.

Kindly reply back to the attached form, and check “I’m coming” option if you’re willing to come, and be a part of the event.

Thanking you,

Farewell Party Invitation

To All the Student of Abs College

This is the time of the year again where we have to say goodbye to our senior batch, and wish them good luck for their future. We always to try, and make a farewell party as memorable as possible so their last day in this college can serve as a tribute from the moment they decided to come in this college till their last exam day. This is the most magnum opus event that the college organizes in the whole year so everyone’s presence would mean a lot.

Hope to see you all soon on 23 October

Venue: Hall A
Vice rector,

Farewell Party Invitation Letter Sample

To all friends, and family,

I am writing to you because I would like to invite you to my farewell party. For those of you who don’t know I have been offered a permanent job contract in America. I have accepted because they have offered not only good fixed salary with commission but accommodation, and flight ticket for me, and my wife. I have no career here in the UK, and this has given me a chance of a better brighter future doing something that I enjoy.

I hope that you understand my decision however hard, and difficult it was I love you all. I wish to see you all there, and if I don’t then don’t worry I’m not leaving for good I will come as, and when I can. I have planned a great party. See you all soon.

Kind regards,

Mr. Sam Kingfisher

Farewell Party Invitation Letter

With due request it is to inform you all that farewell of batch (Date) is going to held on 15th of this month at Rose Palace from 5 p.m. to onwards. We are gladly inviting you to the party. Theme of the party is black. So dress up according to that. See you there.

Contact coordinator Mr. Ali Haider for details, and inquiries.

(Contact Number)

Farewell Party Invitation Template

Dear guest,

Farewell is closing event to end one thing, and to enter in a new phase. You are cordially invited to the farewell party of batch 17 which is going to be held on 27 March (Date) in the main hall of sec building. We will wish them luck, and recounting old times so please come, and make this a memorable one for everyone. Hope to see you soon. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,


Farewell Speech for Friends

Sample farewell party speech for friends at the time of leaving them, leaving your home, leaving your city, leaving your town, leaving your area, and residence.

Farewell Day Emotional Speech Which Will Attract All In The Function

Dear all my friends,
We have all had some amazing times whether it was trying to raise the funds for our small village, or getting into trouble with my mates. I am really sorry to say that I am moving into the big city to start my career as I have been given a huge chance with the biggest IT company. I will miss my family more than anything, and especially my younger sister who I have shared all of my good, and bad time together.

We spent hours on the beach swimming in the sea everyday as much as we could outside. This I will miss the most. However we can all still talk when I come to visit, or maybe when you are in the city you can call me, and we can meet up. I do have a mobile phone so feel free to message me, or call, and when I have a place of my own anyone of my friends, or family can sleep over. This isn’t the end think of it as the beginning of a new chapter for me so please don’t miss me.

Love you all for being a part of my childhood take care everyone, and farewell

Your robin hood

Farewell Speech for Friends

Good evening my lovely fellows. First of all congratulations to all of us for graduation on time, and I hope everyone is satisfy with their grades. When I came here four years looked like such a long time, and I always used to think that how will I manage to be here for this long without my school friends. I had a routine back in school where I was going since childhood, I knew my peers when they were children too.

So life without them seemed quite empty here. For the first semester I remember I just used to come here, and take classes, and just head back to my dorm again without much communication. I was not coming terms with the fact that I had to make new friends here in order to survive the next four years. Then I remember one day my teacher paired me with a group of people in my English class, and we had to do a narrative of a Shakespeare’s play.

I was so nervous here I could not talk to people properly, and teacher was asking us to perform in a group in front of other people. I remember after the initial introduction we all started giving our views about how we will conduct it I remember we all were discussing it so seriously when John snuck out of the class went into the theatre rehearsal, and came out wearing a Theodore kind of wig, and started dramatic reading of that play. We all were rolling on the floor laughing, and that was the ice breaker for our group.

Needless to say we all connected after that workshop, and became a group that went on to add few more people as our semesters went by. But these are not the only friends that I will say good bye to today, it’s a sayonara to all the students that someone I used to wave hello in the corridor, or I used to spent a few minutes with in the ground, to all the ones that made me play basketball with them.

Although I was hopeless at it, and all those who used to explain mathematics equation to me better than the teacher, and just everyone regardless of if I remember your name, or not. Good Bye my friends, and May we all remain in touch forever.

Farewell Speech for Friends

When I came to this college sure I was hoping to have a great experience, and was looking forward to gain the knowledge but the thing that was not even in my wildest dreams was that I will meet a bunch of amazing people, and soon enough they will become my family here. I would like to mention all my friends here who made college time the best years of my life giving me unforgettable memories, a lifetime of laughter, and showing me that even without a blood relation with someone can be as close to some as his own sibling.

So my friends I have laughed with, I have cried with you, I have been sad with you, and I definitely have been angry with you but there is no way that I can imagine my life without you. All my school life I have struggled to make friends, and me always thought maybe friendship is something that is not for people like me only extroverts can be friends with extroverts but thanks to all of you for making an introvert your friend, and giving he experiences that he can cherish all his life.

Sharing Experience Speech Sample

Sample speech for sharing your experience during the internship in school, special school, ngo, etc.


Good Morning. I am Waheed from Aitchison College, and today I’ll be sharing my experience in this institute with all of you. But first of all I would like to thank all the AHF staff, and my fellow volunteers for considering me as a part of the AHF family.

As Sarah Palin has said,” Sometimes even the greatest joys bring challenge, and children with special needs inspire a very very special love.”
This is my second time working, and serving for the AHF, and the children’s love, and innocence is what brought me back here.

I still remember the first day of my internship. Having a little knowledge about the institute, and a little confidence enforced into me by the teachers I actively participated in all the activities with the special children, and even on the very first day it felt like their love for me was at its pinnacle which made me feel like I wasn’t returning enough for what I was receiving. The expression of joy on their faces from the little activities we did was more than satisfying for me. It felt like for the first time I had accomplished something on my own.

The best thing about these kids was that they taught me more than I could teach them. My time at the senior section was the most enlightening for me. I came across brothers who were older than me but were as innocent as a 3year old kid but I later understood that their understanding of their surroundings was actually that of a five to seven year old. I spent a great deal of time with them, and I felt that I bonded with them in many aspects. I believe socially accepting them would not only bring comfort to them but would also bring happiness to the society! They are a great gift for us, and are blessed in their very own way.

The junior section was the actual definition of angels on Earth. The CP section was yet another lesson to never give up for me. I came across kids who were disabled physically, and mentally. I couldn’t help but be astonished at how our troubles were nothing in front of their struggles.

And now I’ve come to know that indeed special children are given to special families. I salute their determination, and I assure you that their determination would easily defeat the normal people in our society because they are called special for a reason. Thank you.

Farewell Speech for College Students by Teachers

Sample farewell speech for college, and university students by the teacher, professor, or lecturer. An advice, and farewell message to students of your college is available below.

Farewell Speech for Outgoing College Students by Teacher

Dear Students

We are here together to celebrate the farewell ceremony of your graduation.  I want to congratulate all the students who passed the exam. We are glad that most of you did very well during 4 years of education. The college tried to provide the best teachers, and education standards. All the teachers in this university are highly qualified, and they taught you dedicatedly, and gave their best, and the result shows this. Though, we are very happy that you have successfully passed the final exams, and are now graduates. But, at the same time we are also sad because you are leaving now. We had great time together, and all teachers had a special bond with the students.

The entire badge has been very hardworking, and always behaved in a decent way with the teachers. All students respected their teachers, so for that we are very proud of you. But, my dear students, things don’t end here, as now you are going to enter in the real world, I mean now you are entering in the practical world. I hope that you would give your best services wherever you would work. Since, you will also be representing our institute, so we want you to behave professionally wherever you work.

As we are experts in our professions, so it’s our duty to guide you in this regard. We also want to say that our relationship don’t end here. We would always be there for you whenever you need any advice from us. We would love to guide you in your practical life, so you could do well during the job. I especially congratulate those who took medals today, but that does not mean others are less than the position holders.  You can always improve, and can do better every day by getting successful in your profession.  In the end I would like to give you an advice to always be sincere to your organization, because that will take you to the top, and God will also be very happy with you. Never lose your integrity, and self-worth, and always walk with pride.

Good luck to all students

Farewell Speech for Your Boss

Sample farewell speech for boss who is retiring, or leaving the job. Farewell speech for boss is being transferred to other country, or city, or department.

Farewell Speech for Boss Who is Leaving


Hello every one, my name is Alex Matt, and I am here today to share few words for Mr. Smith Johns who will be leaving this office next week. Mr. Smith is going to US for the training session for US branch; I would like to say that MR. Smith has been a wonderful boss, and a mentor. He has made us a perfect team, he has given his all to the company, and now he is going to pass it to the US team. I am glad that they have chosen him as a trainer because I guess they are also aware of his abilities, and talent. I am happy, and sad both right now, happy because another batch is going under the umbrella of success, and going to take a step forward to success, and sad because we will be missing him, and his company. But he will be back after 6 months so no worries. I would like to congratulate him on his success. Have a safe journey; we hope you will have a good time there. Good luck. Thanks.

Farewell Speech Your Boss

Respected Boss, Colleagues, and Seniors,

I can see all the sad faces today as our most respected Mr. Tansley will not be with us anymore after this ceremony. It is a sad occasion that a person like him is going to leave us. It is just unbelievable. Throughout my career I have seen him as the most hardworking, sincere to work, and the most kind, and gentle man. He is my ideal. I have always followed his footsteps, and will always do that. In the end I would like to wish him a very happy, and healthy life.



Farewell Letter to Colleagues

Sample farewell letter to colleagues in office, school, college, or university to be sent on letter, or in email on job transfer, or on retirement. Draft farewell mail to all my colleagues.

Farewell Letter to Colleagues on Transfer


Staff of Finance Department,
XYZ Corporation.

Dear Colleagues,

Hopefully you are all fine. I have been receiving kind words from you ever since I was transferred. It feels so good every time I open a letter from you guys. I close my eyes, and Imagine I am still around you to rejoice the wonderful time we spent together.

God blessed me with wonderful people in my new office too, and I often share our stories with them. The new designation is a bit tiresome, and stressful but surrounding in right people take away all the worries.

I will visit the you guys next month when I come back on holidays.


My well wishes,


Farewell Email to All My Colleagues


The technical department, Nestle Lahore

Respected colleagues,

I am writing this letter to you to inform you that I am leaving this job next week because of some family issues, but I have a wonderful time with you, and I in return I wanted to thanks you all for the support you people gave me. I have learnt a lot from you people. You are my mentors, best companions, and friends. I wish you all the very best for the rest of the life. Hope we will keep in touch. Thanks.


Amar Kashif,

Tech department