Farewell Speech for Your Boss

Sample farewell speech for boss who is retiring, or leaving the job. Farewell speech for boss is being transferred to other country, or city, or department.

Farewell Speech for Boss Who is Leaving


Hello every one, my name is Alex Matt, and I am here today to share few words for Mr. Smith Johns who will be leaving this office next week. Mr. Smith is going to US for the training session for US branch; I would like to say that MR. Smith has been a wonderful boss, and a mentor. He has made us a perfect team, he has given his all to the company, and now he is going to pass it to the US team. I am glad that they have chosen him as a trainer because I guess they are also aware of his abilities, and talent. I am happy, and sad both right now, happy because another batch is going under the umbrella of success, and going to take a step forward to success, and sad because we will be missing him, and his company. But he will be back after 6 months so no worries. I would like to congratulate him on his success. Have a safe journey; we hope you will have a good time there. Good luck. Thanks.

Farewell Speech Your Boss

Respected Boss, Colleagues, and Seniors,

I can see all the sad faces today as our most respected Mr. Tansley will not be with us anymore after this ceremony. It is a sad occasion that a person like him is going to leave us. It is just unbelievable. Throughout my career I have seen him as the most hardworking, sincere to work, and the most kind, and gentle man. He is my ideal. I have always followed his footsteps, and will always do that. In the end I would like to wish him a very happy, and healthy life.



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