Farewell Speech for Friends

Sample farewell party speech for friends at the time of leaving them, leaving your home, leaving your city, leaving your town, leaving your area, and residence.

Farewell Day Emotional Speech Which Will Attract All In The Function

Dear all my friends,
We have all had some amazing times whether it was trying to raise the funds for our small village, or getting into trouble with my mates. I am really sorry to say that I am moving into the big city to start my career as I have been given a huge chance with the biggest IT company. I will miss my family more than anything, and especially my younger sister who I have shared all of my good, and bad time together.

We spent hours on the beach swimming in the sea everyday as much as we could outside. This I will miss the most. However we can all still talk when I come to visit, or maybe when you are in the city you can call me, and we can meet up. I do have a mobile phone so feel free to message me, or call, and when I have a place of my own anyone of my friends, or family can sleep over. This isn’t the end think of it as the beginning of a new chapter for me so please don’t miss me.

Love you all for being a part of my childhood take care everyone, and farewell

Your robin hood

Farewell Speech for Friends

Good evening my lovely fellows. First of all congratulations to all of us for graduation on time, and I hope everyone is satisfy with their grades. When I came here four years looked like such a long time, and I always used to think that how will I manage to be here for this long without my school friends. I had a routine back in school where I was going since childhood, I knew my peers when they were children too.

So life without them seemed quite empty here. For the first semester I remember I just used to come here, and take classes, and just head back to my dorm again without much communication. I was not coming terms with the fact that I had to make new friends here in order to survive the next four years. Then I remember one day my teacher paired me with a group of people in my English class, and we had to do a narrative of a Shakespeare’s play.

I was so nervous here I could not talk to people properly, and teacher was asking us to perform in a group in front of other people. I remember after the initial introduction we all started giving our views about how we will conduct it I remember we all were discussing it so seriously when John snuck out of the class went into the theatre rehearsal, and came out wearing a Theodore kind of wig, and started dramatic reading of that play. We all were rolling on the floor laughing, and that was the ice breaker for our group.

Needless to say we all connected after that workshop, and became a group that went on to add few more people as our semesters went by. But these are not the only friends that I will say good bye to today, it’s a sayonara to all the students that someone I used to wave hello in the corridor, or I used to spent a few minutes with in the ground, to all the ones that made me play basketball with them.

Although I was hopeless at it, and all those who used to explain mathematics equation to me better than the teacher, and just everyone regardless of if I remember your name, or not. Good Bye my friends, and May we all remain in touch forever.

Farewell Speech for Friends

When I came to this college sure I was hoping to have a great experience, and was looking forward to gain the knowledge but the thing that was not even in my wildest dreams was that I will meet a bunch of amazing people, and soon enough they will become my family here. I would like to mention all my friends here who made college time the best years of my life giving me unforgettable memories, a lifetime of laughter, and showing me that even without a blood relation with someone can be as close to some as his own sibling.

So my friends I have laughed with, I have cried with you, I have been sad with you, and I definitely have been angry with you but there is no way that I can imagine my life without you. All my school life I have struggled to make friends, and me always thought maybe friendship is something that is not for people like me only extroverts can be friends with extroverts but thanks to all of you for making an introvert your friend, and giving he experiences that he can cherish all his life.

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