Letter To Invite Friend On Road Trip

Sample Format of general letter asking him/her to accompany you to a road trip so that you two can spend some quality time together and make some great memories to cherish for life.

Invitation Letter To Friend

Dear Michael,

I hope you are doing great in health, I am good too. I am writing this letter to you so that I can invite you on trip. Our university is arranging a trip to Waterfalls. It is going to be a one day trip only. So I want you to come with me , as you know I never go out side the station on any trip without you, so I want you to accompany me on my trip. I assure you , you will enjoy as my university fellows are nice people and do not worry about Mrs. Paul ( Michael’s mother) I will ask for permission from her.

I hope you will come.



John Jackie

Letter To Invite Friend On Road Trip


I am doing well here and I hope that you will also be in good health.

As you know the summer vacations are just around the corner and it is the time to do what we had decided long ago. Our plan to go on a road trip was already postponed last year due to your busy schedule, but this year we are fully ambitious to execute our plan. We all have mutually decided to go to the northern hilly areas for a one week road trip. This is going to be so much fun.

The plan is all set and we are just waiting for your affirmation. We have never got together for any vacations since our graduation. Please do not spoil our plan this year.

The final date is not decided yet. We do not know about your holiday schedules. Kindly reply this letter with the dates most suitable for you.

We are desperately waiting for your reply

Letter To Invite Friend On Road Trip

 Dear Friend,

Hope you are doing well. I am fine too. I am sorry I did not write you a letter for 3 months but you know that I had my CIE Exams and I was so much busy in studies that I could not take out time for anything else. All my exams went well and I am hoping for a good result too.

Anyways, as I am done with my A level and there are 4 months left in my university classes so I am planning to go on a road trip to northern areas along with my other friend, Hajra. I wrote this letter to extend my invitation to you. We have not even met once since you moved to other city and there is a lot of catching up to do. You are also free from your school and I think it’s a great opportunity for us to spend some time away from the tiring and stressful life. I have attached a chart which contains whole plan and stops of our trip. Furthermore, as Boston is in the route so I will pick you up from your place. I will not take no for an answer so you better start packing.

I will write you another letter within a week to confirm the date of our departure. Give my greetings to your parents and lots of love to the new pet. I am looking forward to meet it too when I will come to pick you up.

With love,

Fatima Aamir

26th September 2018

Letter to Invite Friend on Road Trip

To: Rebecca Robinson
Airdrie, Alberta, Canada

I hope you are doing well, Rebecca. It’s been quite a long time since me or any of the other girls have seen you!

We’re planning a road trip to the Rocky Mountains this summer. We’ll be visiting Jasper and Banff and all the other beautiful areas. It’s going to be absolutely awesome.
We would all love for you to join us! We had a blast together last time and I know it’ll be just as fun this time. If you think we should visit any other places just let me know.

We’re really looking forward to your reply Rebecca.

Lots of love,
Lisa, Tiffany, Jessica, and Maya

Letter to Invite Friend on Road Trip

Dear Faisal,

I hope you are doing well. What are you up to these days? It has been quite long since we have met and since our summer vacations have just started I have planned a small road trip. Next Monday, I will be leaving Lahore and will catch up with you in Islamabad. After staying there for one night, we will continue with our tour and our first stop will be Murree. After that we will journey towards Naran, Chitral and Kashmir. We will also be visiting the Khunjerab Pass and many more exciting places. I know you are a huge fan of nature so this fun filled trip will provide you with a huge dose of the outdoors. You do not have to worry about anything since I have the accommodation, meals and transportation all planned.

I hope you will soon reply to my letter and join me on this trip.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

Letter to Invite Friend on Road Trip



Dear (Name),

How are you? Hope you are fine. I am also fine here. Just today, I get to know about your holidays after your final exams. I feel so happy and excited to tell you that I and my college friend are planning for a road trip to Murree. Winters are almost here and as you already know that I love snow falling. I have been busy in arrangements for a couple of weeks. Our date of departure is exact after 3 days. I want you to come and join us with us. This trip will surely be one of the best trips of our life. The areas on our checklist include Lok-virsa Islamabad, Monal Islamabad, Faisal Mosque Islamabad, Murree Mall, Nathia Gali and Khanaspur. I have seen pictures of these places on Google. These places are beautiful beyond our imagination. We have booked our rooms in advance at these areas to avoid any inconvenience at the spot. Our trip will be of 5 days and I assure you that we will enjoy at our bests. I hope that you will come to join us on this trip. Kindly reply to this letter to confirm your timings of arrival, if you are willing to go with us. I will wait for your positive response.

Convey me heartily greetings to all at home.

Yours sincerely,


Letter To Friend About Future Plans

Format Of sample letter to friend telling him what you intend on doing after clearing a board examination and how ithe profession you will further choose can shape up your future career

Personal Letter To Friend

Dear Majeed,

I hope you are doing great in health, I am good too. Hope your family member are fine. I am writing this letter to you so that I can tell you about my S.S.C examination result. I have passed my examination with 87% marks, although I am not happy so much because I did so much hard work and wanted to achieve 95% marks at least but due to my silly mistakes in papers I could not able to make this possible. My parents are very happy with my percentage but I am little upset. Whatsoever I want to tell you that now I am going to choose pre engineering because it is the wish my father that I become engineer. Kindly tell me in reply of this letter that which subjects you are going to choose.

Take care.


Haider Abbasi.

Letter To Friend About Future Plans

 Dear Friend,

Hope you are doing well. I am fine too. It has been quite long since we got in touch last time. I got my result yesterday and luckily have straights A’s. As I am done with my A-level, I am sure you are wondering about my future plans. Well, I have finally decided what I want pursue as my field.
As you know, that from the beginning I loved Mathematics and how I used to spend whole day practicing it. My father wanted me to go for engineering but fortunately I have convinced him that I have no interest in it whatsoever. So now have selected accounts as my major. I know that is sounds boring and difficult but hopefully, I will manage to do it. I have taken admission in LUMs and will be starting my course in two weeks. I am so excited that I cannot even tell you in words.Now I have to go with mama on grocery shopping so I will end this here. I really miss you. Please come soon to visit Pakistan. Say hello to uncle and aunty and give lots of love to your pet.

With love,

Fatima Aamir

Letter to friend about future plans

 Dear Faisal,

I hope you are doing well. How are your vacations going? Ever since vacations started I have been very excited since now we will be entering a new phase in our life. We have finally graduated high school and each of us will soon be going our own ways for university. I want to take this opportunity and tell you about my future plans. I want to pursue a degree in Mechanical Engineering. I have never been the type to keep my nose in books all the time. I like practical work and working on projects. In the future, I hope to work on numerous projects so I can improve my coding and robotic skills. By the time I have completed university, I wish to start my own company and reside in America.

Do pray for me and wish me luck in my future endeavors. I will anxiously be waiting for your response and will love to hear about your future plans as well.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

10th October 2018



Condolences Letter on Loss of Wife

Format Of Emotional, heartfelt Letter on passing away of a loved ones wife it could either be a friend, colleague or relative to give them the strength and love that their family needs at this moment of great sorrow.

Heartfelt Letter On Demise Of Wife


Dear Mark Jacob

Dear Mark, I hope you are trying your best to get recovered from the sad incident you have faced. I image how tough it is to lose such a young and beautiful loving wife. No doubt Sara was an amazing, kind and loving person. But we cannot fight with the fate. Yours and her journey was for this time and I know she has left beautiful memories for all of us and specially you.  Life is so unpredictable and no one knows what is going to happen very next moment. I am deeply saddened and I was in the state of shock when I got the news. I tried my all best to come and attend the funeral but I was not able to get the tickets. I really pray that May you recover and start moving with life as you have a beautiful daughter who is dependent upon you and you have to take good care of her. I know that no one can fill the space of a mother but we all will try to give her our best. I am trying to come next month to meet you. Take care of your health and your daughter as well.

Yours truly,

Alixa Marchal

Sympathy Letter For Loss Of Wife


My dearest friend, I just came back from abroad two days ago and received  your letter disclosing the heart wrenching news of the death of your beloved wife. She was such a kind and beautiful lady with lots and lots of goals in her life I still cannot believe that she is left us at such young age.

I understand that you must be feeling very alone after her death but you have to stay strong for your daughter’s sake as you are the only parent she has now and you have to take care of her as both her mother and father. My dear friend life and death happens with Allah’s will and we humans can not do anything about it except for moving on. Please take care of yourself and pray that her may her soul finds the best places in heavens above.

I was planning to come at your place after coming back from holiday but alas! I cannot meet your beloved wife now. Anyway I will still come to your place in coming days to meet you and your daughter.

Pay my heartiest wishes and condolences to everybody at home.


With love,


Write a Letter to Your Friend How You Celebrate Diwali in English

Example of Letters to a Friend Enlightening her with the Cultural Festival of India and telling him/her how great the celebration was. Many people want to know that how Diwali is being celebrated. Some wants to join or some time wan to invite. For all the above purposes we need to explain that how a Diwali event is celebrated or How we celebrate Diwali. We try to explain best. But if you want to ad more please write in the comments. Further we also created some letters explaining the Diwali event.

Sample  Letter to Inform a Friend About Recent Diwali Experience


Dear Elisa Smith, NY

I hope you are doing well. I am also fine. As you know I am in India these days because of Diwali. I am writing this letter to tell you that how my first Diwali in India went. So, my arrival was wonderful, my all maternal cousins came to airport to receive us. We went to our grandmother’s house and my all aunts and uncles were staying with us. We all bought traditional Indian dresses and bought many fire crackers as well. As I was encountering fire crackers for the first time therefore I was afraid as well but later I enjoyed. We had grand Pooja at our place after that we all ate sweets and had delicious Indian food. After that we got money from the elders. We saved the money because we all cousins decided to go to fun land. At night we all played games and had so much fun with fire crackers. Next day my all cousins left as their schools were started but we really had a lot of fun. Now I have realized that celebrating your cultural events in your home country gives you a very special feel instead of celebrating it in another country. I really missed you because you are my only best friend and I could not resist writing you my experience over here. I am coming back to London next week and then I will show you all the pictures I have captured here. I am really going to miss this place. I want to stay more but because of school and my father’s job I have to come back.

Pay my regards to everyone at home. See you soon.


Your best friend Misha

Write a letter to friend to tell how you celebrate Diwali in English



Dear friend

Hello how are you.

Hope you find this letter in good health. I received your letter yesterday in which you repeatedly asked me about how I celebrated my Diwali in England. Well at first even I thought I might not be able to celebrate it here knowing fireworks are illegal to crack in here but then all the societies head from my university begged our vice chancellor to let us celebrate this occasion even for two to three hours. After a lot of begging and convincing she gave in and that’s how we started our preparation to celebrate diwali. First of all me and my girlfriends went out to shop for some traditional dresses and on the diwali eve we got ready in completely cultural attire with some heavy Indian jewelry. When we reached the venue we were welcomed with loud speakers bursting the top most Bollywood songs of the year. You know whenever I hear a Bollywood song staying still turns into a challenge for me. We danced for about an hour  on all the biggest hits of the year and soon after that the event manager asked us to join him in the main ground where all the stocks for fireworks was present. Although we were just allowed to play with small stuff still it was a lot of fun. At the end they started the biggest fireworks I have ever seen till yet it was so magnificent to see little colorful sparkles of fire bursting into the sky for merely a second but giving such a breath taking view. It was one of the most memorable nights of my life. I have sent you the pictures as well so that you can see what a fantastic event it was. I am sure you also had tons of fun celebrating it in India and I hope you missed me there because I definitely missed you here.




Write a Letter to Your Friend about City Life

Write a letter to your friend giving him/ her an idea of life in your city.

Letter to Friend about Life in the City


Dear friend,
Hello. How are you?

Hope you find this letter in good health; I received your last letter a couple weeks back in which you were showing a little anger towards me because I have not been writing as regularly as I used to. Well the city life is tough my friend trust me every now and then I have this urge to leave everything here and just come back to small old town where people were close , I was happy and life was simpler but it’s not that easy.

It’s not like there are only downside to big city it is actually really fun too. The places to hang out here are never ending, the life is far more exciting here than in a small town. The people you meet here are from different culture, different back ground and sometimes from different country too. There are endless opportunities to grow one’s career here and a great career is the ladder to great success.

The kind of success that one got to experience here is not something one can even dream of in small town. To conclude my friend big city is what dreams are made of. Hope to see you here someday. Pay my respects to uncle and aunt.



Essay on My Best Friend

Sample essay on my best friend in English. Best friend essay writing.

Essay on My Best Friend

I found someone extremely blessed if he or she has at least one good friend in their life. I know we meet tons of people daily that we call our friends but mostly they are just our acquaintances they are not someone who we call when some unpleasant situation occurs. In our contact list of hundreds we will be lucky to find even one number to dial when we are in dire need of someone’s presence to listen.

Parents are definitely ones ultimate guardians but as you grow up you have a need to talk to someone of your own age who is going through situations like you are, who see the world from a perspective very similar to yours that person is commonly known as your best friend. The common definition of best friend would be a person who is not related to you by blood at all but who are there for you even when some blood relatives becomes strangers.

I am lucky enough to know someone in my life whom I can call my best friend.  I know Amelia since third grade. We used to class mates the funny story is we did not like each other at first. But then one day she borrowed a book from me and that was our first interaction. Even then the point of view about each other did not change at all. But then one day I came in class early she was sitting there alone so I went sat right next to her little did know that this would be a beginning of the best friendship of my life. Even after we became friends we used to fight a lot daily and there was barely anything we used to agree on still we always manage to bury our hatchet and somehow make each other laugh about the things we said to each other when we were angry.

I know one thing for sure, that Amelia plays an important role in how much I loved my school life. My life was pretty basic before she came; she was the fun factor that I did not have been missing my whole life. I did not have any sisters so I did not know that feeling before I became friends with Amelia. She looks after me like a child and takes care of me like a big sister. I am grateful to whatever universal force that introduced us and paired us as a best friend.

I do not know what my life would have been without her but it sure would have been extremely boring. And I hope everyone in their life at least once experience a friend likes my friend.

Essay on My Best friend

What is a friendship; A single soul resting in two bodies” by Aristotle. Life is a long journey full of struggles, one day there is happiness the other day can be filled with darkness; it’s a pathway with stones and flowers aside, these pathways becomes beautiful and life becomes meaningful if we have a faithful friend by our side on this journey. A friend is one with whom you share everything in your life either it is happiness or hardships.

While, there are many friends that you make at various stages of your life only a few hold on and be there for you in your need. A friend is one with whom you share your joy and struggle but a best friend is one who is a part of every moment that you spend. Many people cross your path and remain there for some time for a  purpose or a cause but your best friend acts as a shadow, who is always around even if it is not a physical presence you still feel their existence.

My best friend is with me since my school, we have made it through all the sad and joyous moment together for past twelve years. In this world you are not always meant to flourish or be happy; you face difficulties, challenges, hardships that makes you crumble but, when you have a best friend you are aware of the fact that no matter what happens, no matter how dark or grey the life become your best friend will always offer you a shoulder to cry on, he will always be your support through your tough times and will always pull broken pieces together.

The memories that we share together make present beautiful. Sometimes while you sit alone in the struggling period of your life; you smile for no reason it is due the beautiful memories that we share with our best friend that gives us the reason to smile and you remember those times as golden period of your life.

A relationship is like a tree, that needs water to grow even if it is friendship with the passage of time the tree grows stronger, its roots become firm and it stands strongly on the ground and other people benefit from its oxygen and fruit, it gives shadow in warm sunny weather; a relation of best friends is the same together they become stronger when their relationship flourishes with water of love and compassion they not only stay happy together but they bring positivity in lives if people that surrounds them. This is the beauty of friendship.

Life becomes a little easier and beautiful when you have a faithful and honest friend by your side that you can trust and rely on. When a mother, father, brother, sister or even a life partner wants to get closer to you and make you understand that they are there for you they call themselves your best friend so you can trust them that means friendship is the amalgamation of all the relationships. It is a beautiful mixture. When we enter the journey of student life, personal, professional or formal with our best friend then we can achieve bigger goals in life. When you fall or you lose confidence in yourself when difficulties shatter you, it is your best friend who support you and help you to get out of that face, My best friend has been with me through every thick and thin, we studied together and we entered our practical lives together, I have spent the most beautiful time of my life with her. This is the beauty of this relationship.

One should value their best friend because it is due to them that we attain many things in life from confidence to courage they play a very crucially important roles in our life. Life becomes meaningful with a best friend; it is one of the blessings of Almighty Lord.

Letter for Death of Friend

Letter of sympathy and encouragement. Letter to a friend who passed away. Letter of sympathy to a friend.

Letter on Death of Friend

To whomever it may concern

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss the death of my dearest friend. You are probably thinking why I am telling you this. Well I’m told that confining in a complete stranger helps. I am writing to you in the hopes that talking with someone who don’t know me will make me feel better. When I was a kid i was being bullied like a lot and everyone in my school was going at me.

But there was one person who stood up for me and that person ended up being my dearest friend for twenty years. Till to his death he looked after me and cared for me. He died last week and I feel that is was my entire fault as I was the reason that he was out driving that late at night. If he wasn’t out at that time in that place coming after me then he wouldn’t have been in that accident. People keep saying to me that he was in the wrong place at the wrong time but I know he was only there because of me.

Anyway I suppose that my best friend wouldn’t want me to be sad and cry over the past when I could move forward and focus on the future. I would like to thank you for listening even though you didn’t have to listen to a stranger or take the time to read my letter. Bundles of thanks

Kind regards,


Letter for Death of Friend

Horrid Henry
House no 44, 22 jump-street,
New York.

Dear friend,

How are you? I hope you will be fine as you were. I heard very terrible news and I want to share it with you. Our beloved friend Stefan has passed away in a road traffic accident and could not survive the injuries. The funeral will be held tomorrow at 12 pm. I am going there to attend the funeral and I hope you also join me at the funeral so we could be our friend and pray for his forgiveness.

Yours sincerely,

Johnny Wayne

Letter to Judge Asking For Leniency for Friend

Sample letter to a judge for a friend before sentence. Sample letter to judge for leniency. Sample letter to judge on behalf of defendant. Leniency letter for a friend. Sample letter asking judge for leniency for a first time offense.

Letter to Judge Asking For Leniency for Friend

Dear Judge Rinder,

I am writing to you because I would like to discuss your final ruling of my friend Mr. Jake Innes. He was arrested for suspicion of being under the influence of drugs while driving. I was with my friend when we were pulled over and the police made Jake do a drugs test on the spot as well as a breath test. He passed the breath test but the drug one came back inconclusive. This doesn’t mean that he took drugs and it doesn’t mean that he didn’t do them.

I am asking that you be lenient with him for the final ruling as the police failed to do further test at the station. This is the test like blood and urine are sent to the lab and tested for anything. Seeing as the police didn’t do this they not only wrongfully arrested my friend but they neglected their duties and now someone is paying the price for it.

I’m not saying my friend is innocent or guilty but I’m just saying that please be considerate when you judge him.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Noel Croft

Sample Letter to Judge for Leniency

Respected Sir,

I’m writing this letter to you, so that I can beg to you for my friend Mill John as I know he has committed terrible act last month, you’ve given him 12 months imprisonment with 1 lac fine, please Sir it’s a request that bank has already sold his house and car, his mother is the only earning hand and she can’t afford fine and won’t able to submit fine on time so please sir show us some leniency.

It’ll be so helpful for us.

Hoping for positive response


Ellie Edward

Letter to Your Friend about an Exhibition You Have Seen Recently

Write a letter to your friend describing the exhibition held in your school. Letter to your friend telling him about exhibition held in school. Study-mode a letter to friend telling him about the exhibition that recently held at school.

Letter to Your Friend about an Exhibition

Dear friend,

After a long time I am writing you a letter, hope you are fine and everyone at your place are good too. I know you will be also worried about me as we haven’t talked for long but now here I am.

Actually I was so excited to tell you about many things, but firstly about the most recent event. As yesterday I went to books exhibition. There were many of many books; there were different types of novels, fictions, fantasy world stories etc. I started going through with their names and a little bit of idea; you also know how much I like these types of exhibitions. I loved the poetry books there were many books of my favorite writers specially Iqbal.

I still remember those school time days when we sit together in break time and instead of doing lunch we use to read some exciting books. I missed you so much I just hope that we will recall those memories together again soon. I brought some books for you too.

So this was what I wanted to share with you and there is a lot more for that you’ll have to come soon.

My all good wishes are with you.


Hijab Wajid

Letter to Friend about an Exhibition That You Have Seen

Dear friend,

Hello. How are you doing?

I hope you are doing very well. You might be wondering why I decided to write you a letter out of the blue well the thing is that I have been missing you for quite a time now and yesterday I went to an art exhibition which seemed pretty boring to me at first but then I remembered how much you love art and your passion for it.

So I decided to take a stroll around the art gallery and I started seeing every painting as you would have if you have been there. I know anything related to nature was your most favorite thing to paint so it was quite natural when I saw painting which depicted an ocean while sun setting.

I know I was the first one to roll eyes when you used to keep on going about painting and arts but yesterday I felt an amazing connection to all those paintings as if they were there as a reminder of you. You may not be close but you are definitely not far enough. Wish to see you soon.

Your friend

Condolence Letter to a Friend Who Lost His Brother

Condolence message to a friend who lost his brother. Words of comfort for loss of brother. Words of sympathy for sudden loss of brother. Loss of a brother message. A letter to someone who lost their brother.

Email  Letter to a Friend Who Lost His Brother

Dear Miss Rita Ora

I am writing to you because I heard that you lost your brother recently. I know that saying something like this is better in person but I am unfortunately out of the city and I am unable to come to you at this current time. I also thought that reading this there would be no misunderstanding or any way this can come across wrong. I know you and your brother were close and I know how it feels losing someone close as I have lost my auntie to cancer two three years ago. And we were also very close. I can say that it will get easier and that he would want you to go around life missing out on the great opportunities that are coming your way. I know that you are on your way to becoming a medic in one of the major hospitals in the city and your brother would be disappointed if you miss out on getting a job because you are grieving for him. I will be back in the city as from Monday and so that we can meet up then and talk or go for tea or coffee. If you need me before then don’t hesitate to call me I am always here even if you just need someone to listen to you or for a shoulder to cry on I am here. Again my deepest condolences and I will see you soon. Stay strong and keep on moving forward.

Yours truly

Mr. Jake Simmons

Condolence Letter to Friend for Sudden Loss of Brother

Dear Friend,

When a death occurs in any family it is heart wrenching to see and experience and it became so difficult to understand the truth that the death happened and we will not be able to see that person again in our life. This is the rule of nature that the every person has to go and leave us.

I have no words how to console you and tell you that I and my family are with you in this hard time. I am sadden to hear about you brother as he has lost his life in an accident and I feel really sorry to hear about it. Please accept my sympathy and I know that nothing can ever lighten yours and your family’s pain. But you people have to admit it and handle it with great courage as nothing is in our hand and we have to face this heart breaking reality with all the patience.

We have been friends when we were so young and I love your brother as I do mine. We all have spent our childhood together and I remember all his naughty stories. Those memories and good times are flashing as I am writing this letter of condolence. Everyone loves him.

Yours sincerely,


Condolence Letter on death of Brother

144-A, Model Town,

Hey Atiq,

As, I returned from US after my surgery, Alia told me the sad news of your brother’s demise. This news brought tears to my eyes and my heart pumped heavily. Brother Waseem, was so close to me. I can’t ever forget his benevolence. He always helped me through thick and thin. He stood by me when I had drained all hope of recovery and rehabilitation. He was my inspiration and mentor.

To Allah We belong and to Him We have to return. May Allah bestow upon him highest grades in Jannah. May his eternal abode be blessed with Allah’s mercy and forgiveness? May Allah bless you and the whole family with immense patience?

I will definitely visit you and Aunty as soon I am back on my feet. Pay my salaam to Aunty and Uncle. Take care of yourself too.

Warm Regards,

Friends Forever

Condolence Letter to a Friend Who Lost His Brother

Dear Michael,

Hope you are doing well in health. Yesterday I came to know about your brother, it is so sad to hear that happened with him. It is nature’s rule that one day we all have to die so be patient and try to pray for him as much as you could. And take care of yourself.


Alan John