Timesheet Format in Excel Free Download

A timesheet is normally used to calculate your earnings whenever you work on an hourly basis or spend overtime in the company. You also use this time sheet if you are working alternate hours.

Sample Timesheet Format in Excel Free Download for office, school, shop, company, or business. This timesheet template includes chargeable hours, and nonchargeable hours for clients, or employers.

Example of Timesheet Format/Template

A timesheet is a document used to track and record the number of hours worked by an employee. Here is an example of a basic timesheet format:

[Company Logo]

Employee Timesheet for the week of [Date Range]

Employee InformationTime InTime OutTotal Hours
Employee Name[HH:MM AM/PM][HH:MM AM/PM][total hours]
Employee ID[HH:MM AM/PM][HH:MM AM/PM][total hours]
Department[HH:MM AM/PM][HH:MM AM/PM][total hours]
[HH:MM AM/PM][HH:MM AM/PM][total hours]
Total Hours[total hours]

In this example, the timesheet is divided into four sections. The first section contains the employee’s basic information, such as their name, employee ID, and department.

The second section is where the employee will record their time in and time out for each day of the week. It’s important to specify whether the time is AM or PM to avoid any confusion.

The third section is where the total hours worked for each day will be calculated automatically by subtracting the time in from the time out.

The fourth section is where the total hours worked for the entire week will be calculated by summing up the hours worked each day.

It’s important to note that timesheets may vary depending on the company’s policies and the type of work being performed. Some timesheets may include additional information such as project codes, job descriptions, and client information.

Timesheet in Excel

Time-sheet is used for calculations of hour-based working to charge hourly rates from clients, or customers.

The original file is available in Excel for free download with many options like working on holiday or working for alternate hours of sick leave, casual leave, annual leave, etc.

Usage Instructions

Please download the timesheet file. Fill all the sections with your company information, and put values in the calculation sections. The time sheet is fully automatic so avoid deleting any cells with, or without formulas.

Timesheet Format in Excel Free Download

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