Application for Change of Stream in School

Format of application to send to principle of your child’s school, and asking them to change section of you child as he is now drastically improving his marks

Application for Commerce Stream in a School

Dear school head teacher,

I am writing to you because I would like to submit an application for commerce stream in school. To live out in the world we need to learn things such as Economics Business studies, and Accountancy. This will make the school overall grade rate go up, and you will get a good reputation.  You will also get more students to come to your school as more people would like to do these subjects more than anything else.

I think that this school needs something like this because to be honest this is a boring school, and you need to do something more interesting. I hope that you will consider what I have said, and I do look forward to hearing back from you, and seeing what action you take.

Kind regards,

Mr. Mark Cooper

Application for Change of Stream in School

To: Principal Robin
Ivy Middle School, Windsor, Canada

I hope this letter receives you in good health. My son was recently placed in the Mathematics 30-2 stream because his mark fell below 70% in the last class. Over the summer, I had enrolled him in a Mathematics improvement course, and he has excelled in it. I believe he can now move onto the 30-1 stream.

I request that you change my son’s stream from 30-2 to 30-1. His marks, and knowledge of mathematics have greatly improved.

Thank you,
Debra Holtz

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