Application for Cleaning the Waste Garbage

Want to write a complaint letter about garbage and request to clean the garbage? Sample application letter to city municipal administration for cleaning your street, cleaning your town, cleaning garbage points, cleaning garbage from your house front, cleaning garbage from office front, cleaning garbage from the shop front, etc.

Short Letter Requesting the Collection of Garbage

To Whom It May Concern

Dear Sir/Madam,

The administration has not been collecting garbage from the (New Town Market) for some days now, due to which garbage has accumulated a lot, and the stench has spread in the entire area.

You are requested to make arrangements for garbage collection immediately. I will be grateful for your cooperation.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name, Address

Request Letter for Garbage Cleaning

The Assistant Commissioner

Tehsil Municipal Committee

Subject: Application for Cleaning the Waste Garbage near My House


Respectfully, I am living in (mention the address here). I want to inform you via this application that the sanitary conditions in my street are miserable. The hacks of garbage are laying everywhere. There is a lot of pollution because of the sewerage water which has been spread on the roads because of the blockage in the gutter system. The duty sweepers had not been seen in our colony for months.

Sir, the garbage and the boiling gutters are causing cholera and other diseases. More ever, this has been the hub of mosquitoes that cause dengue fever. You are requested to send some sweeper who cleans out this mess. I shall be grateful to you.


Your Name

Street No. 3, Bilal Colony

Application for Complaining about Garbage and Request for Cleaning the Waste Garbage near My House

The Manager of Operations (East Zone),

Glasgow Waste Management Company.

Dear Sir,

I would like to draw your attention to the failure of staff working under your supervision on the subject matter.

I am the resident of the super town; there are two wastebaskets of your company placed in a vacant plot adjacent to our house. Having seen the quantity of garbage thrown by the residents in these baskets, these baskets should have been emptied on a daily basis, but your staff forgets to clean them and often come for the aforementioned work once a week. It fills the entire street with a filthy smell, and our beautiful town looks like a disgusting area where nobody likes to live.

The condition becomes worst on rainy days when the garbage mixes with water and makes safe havens for dengue mosquitoes and other insects. I am afraid there is a possibility of the eruption of the epidemic in our society.

In the light of the above-mentioned circumstances, you are requested to make necessary arrangements for the proper and timely cleanliness of wastebaskets placed in the east zone of the super town.

An early action in this regard shall be highly praised by the entire residents of the super town.

Thanking you,

Anton Chekhov

Request to Clean Waste from our Street

The  District Manager

Lahore Waste Management Company

Lahore, Pakistan.


Dear Sir,

It is stated respectfully that I am a resident of (Model Town). I have observed that your waste collection team has not visited the area since last week. There is a lot of garbage mount up making bad smells and ailments. I request you kindly remove the garbage from this area on an urgent basis. I shall be very thankful to you for this.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name

Application for Cleaning the Waste Garbage

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  1. Good morning, please I need help on how to write a proposal to offer the service of disposing solid waste in my community because there has not been a proper way of disposal . Kindly help with a good proposal letter thank you.

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