Application for Electrification to Supplier

Sample application letter to electric supply company or government department to provide electricity in your town/village/street, etc.

Application to Request Electricity for Our Town

Dear Sir,

I, (your name) writing on behalf of my villages to request you for an urgent installation of electricity. The approval was granted a year ago but has not been implemented yet. Our village population is more than 5000 now, and we lack a fundamental necessity.

I request you to please accept this application and proceed with the installations of electric poles, wires, and even help you with any further approval from your company. I hope you will start working on this project immediately.

Thanking you,

Your Name

Application for Electrification in Town/Village

The Electric Company


Dear Manager,

I am Carlos, and it is stated that the Rain/Flood which came about a week ago, has destroyed our town’s electric line, and the residents are in great trouble as we cannot do any work after 6 in the evening. As a result, there is a complete blackout in the town, and the people are afraid of getting out of their houses at night. Also, we cannot drain the water from our Town as everything here works on electricity. Therefore, the status of life has come to an alarming situation as everyone is very nervous.

On behalf of my town, I hereby request the department to put all those cable lines in order and restore our electricity so that life comes to normal. The signature of all the heads of the houses in the area are attached with the application.

Waiting for your quick response.


Application for Electrification

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter with a humble request to please provide electricity to my new home. I have recently bought a new house in Model Town, and need to set up an electricity connection.  I have been contacting your office for a week, but no one has come to help me out. I have been living at my sister’s house since there is no electricity in my house. I request you to please send an electrician so they can resolve this matter as soon as possible.

I hope you will cater to my needs, and send an electrician immediately. For further details, you may contact me at the number provided below.

Best Regards,

Bilal Ali

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