Application For Student Loan Forgiveness

Sample application letter to apply for student loan forgiveness due to unemployment, or further studies. You can also use below application for extension in loan payment date, and period.

Request letter for Student Loan Forgiveness

Dear Sir,

I am a student of Chicago State University. My session is (Date), and I am currently enrolled under registration number (Date)-EE-411 in Electrical Engineering Course. Respected sir, I joined this university after mutual agreement of an interest free student loan between me, and the faculty of department. Therefore I am supposed to pay my all tuition fee in form of the loan to the university after completing my graduation. Sir, I want to further pursue my studies in master’s degree work after completion of my graduation. Due to this I would not be able to do a proper job, and in that way I would not be able to pay back the loan on which I agreed. Therefore you are requested to forgive, and remit my loan so that I may continue my journey of knowledge.

I hope after reading the above problem, you will forgive my loan on which I agreed. I shall be thankful to you for this favor.

Yours truly

Apply for Student Loan Forgiveness

Dear Sir,

I am a student of University of Engineering, and Technology since 2014. I was enrolled in a bachelor degree program in it. At the time of admission I was entitled a lone of equivalent to my tuition fee which I had to pay after completing my graduation. I have completed my degree, but I don’t have a proper employment right now. Due to this, I am unable to payback my loan. I have been receiving letters, and reminders from your university for many weeks, and I am tired of this thing. Also the people employed in my field have a very less source of income due to which they are living hand to mouth. Respected sir, keeping in view all the above mentioned problems you are requested to forgive my loan.

I hope that you will take my application under kind consideration, and will forget my loan. I shall be very thankful to you for this favor.

Yours truly,

Amir Aslam


Application Letter by Student Loan Waived Off

Dear Sir,

It is stated that I am a student of BBA, and I am studying in University of Lahore. My 2nd last semester is going to be started, and I am not able to pay as much amount of loan. So, kindly waive off my student loan. I will be very grateful to you.



Application For Student Loan Forgiveness
Application For Student Loan Forgiveness

Sample Student Loan Forgiveness Letter in Mail

School Of Management

United States of America

Respected Dean of Students,

My name is Angelo, and I have been studying in your institute for past 2 years now. It is stated with great respect that I was given a college loan to complete my College degree, and I was supposed to return that loan with interest. I am writing this letter to let you know that my father passed away recently, and he was the sole bread earner of our family. Now whole responsibility of my family is on my shoulders, and I have to take care of all of them. It is a request that please forgive me the student loan I took 2 years ago as I am in a very difficult situation, and I need to work really hard to make both ends meet, and with all this burden I will not be able to return the loan .

Please pay heed to my kind request


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