Application for Fuel Allowance Increment

Sample application for requesting fuel allowance from the company. The manager/supervisor writes this application for a recommendation of fuel allowance of subordinates.

Fuel Allowance Increment Application

Respected GM,

This application is to request an increment in Fuel Allowance. I had been promoted to Senior Inventory manager from Assistant Manager last month. My duties have increased as now I have to supervise all the warehouses of the company, of which some of them are out of the town, and some at distant places. These duties have increased my fuel consumption. So I request an increment in the fuel allowance, which is although mentioned in the perquisites of my job but had not been approved till now.

Sincerely Yours,


Inventory Manager

Application for Increase of Fuel Allowance

Dear Mr. Ahmad Sahib,

With reference to the Annual Increments of Resource Development Department, Mr. Babar Arshad received a very low increment against his performance, and hard work. He can’t manage all the fieldwork within his current salary after the increment. The fuel price, and maintenance cost of the vehicle used by him are troubling his fieldwork the most.

Donations/zakat collections, donation box collections, and placement of new donation boxes are his major tasks, and required lots of travel regularly. I request you to please give him Rs. 1,000/- extra fuel allowance, and maintenance cost of a motorbike with his current salary.

Thanking you,

Mrs. Saima

Manager Resource Development

Application for Increase of Fuel Allowance
Application for Increase of Fuel Allowance

Application for Fuel Allowance Increment

The HR Manager,

Dear Sir, It is stated that I live almost 20 kilometers away from the office. As you know, coming in the morning with all the fuss on the road is very hard. It isn’t easy for me to afford this much worth car fuel. You may know that my basic salary is minimal, so you can imagine how difficult it would be to manage the fuel, and my household.

I request you to kindly grant me a fuel allowance increment to come to the office on time, and work efficiently without the stress of buying fuel for my car every day.

Yours sincerely,

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