Letter from Employer for Tourist Visa Application/ Tourist Visa Recommendation Letter

We understand that obtaining a tourist visa can be a crucial step in realizing your travel aspirations. As such, we have prepared five distinct templates to assist you in crafting a letter from your employer in support of your tourist visa application. Each template addresses a different reason for your travel, allowing you to choose … Continue reading “Letter from Employer for Tourist Visa Application/ Tourist Visa Recommendation Letter”

Officecalculator.net: A Comprehensive Calculator Tool for Everyday Use

In today’s fast-paced world, everyone is constantly in need of quick and accurate calculations for a variety of purposes. Be it basic arithmetic, scientific calculations, or financial analysis, having a reliable calculator tool at hand can save a lot of time and effort. This is where officecalculator.net comes into the picture. Officecalculator.net is a comprehensive … Continue reading “Officecalculator.net: A Comprehensive Calculator Tool for Everyday Use”

Letter of Recommendation Request Email Template

Do you want to write a letter of recommendation request? We are giving you sample templates to ask for a letter of recommendation. Please let us know in the comments if you need a new or custom letter/email template for your needs. Letter of Recommendation Request Email Template Dear [Name of the Recommender], I hope … Continue reading “Letter of Recommendation Request Email Template”

Recommendation Letter to Bank for Improvement

Recommendation Letter to bank in what areas need improvement, or growth? Areas of improvement recommendation. Recommendation Letter to a Bank for Security Dear bank manager, I am writing to you because I would like to make a few recommendations that you could do to improve the efficiency of your bank. I used to work for one … Continue reading “Recommendation Letter to Bank for Improvement”

Recommendation Letter for Interior Designer

Sample letter of recommendation for interior designer job in company, international company, abroad, or student as decrator etc. Recommendation Letter for Interior Designer Mrs. Clover Title Company Street Address City, ST ZIP Code Dear Mrs. Clover I’m writing to you because you told me last week that you are looking for an interior designer. I … Continue reading “Recommendation Letter for Interior Designer”

Letter of Recommendation for Security Clearance

Sample application letter for security clearance of employees, visitors, volunteers etc. Letter of Recommendation for Security Clearance The Superintendent of Police Subject: Security Clearance for Volunteer Rescuers Kindly refer to the subject cited above. It is submitted that Rescue 1122 Lahore is working for the development of a safe community with the collaboration of NA-123 (copy … Continue reading “Letter of Recommendation for Security Clearance”

Recommendation Letter for Visa Application from Employer

Letter to support a visa application by employer. Visa recommendation letter sample by the employer. Visa recommendation letter for employee. Visa recommendation letter from the chamber of commerce. Letter of Recommendation for Visa Application from the Employer To Whom It May Concern It is to certify that (Name of Employee) has been an esteemed employee … Continue reading “Recommendation Letter for Visa Application from Employer”

Letter of Recommendation for School Security

Sample application / letter to school management, or principal to improve school security, adopt safety measures in schools. Recommendation how to build, and strengthen a school safety program? Application for School’s Security, and Safety The Principal, Kids School, Dear Sir, I hope you enjoying good professional as well as personal life. I pray for the … Continue reading “Letter of Recommendation for School Security”

Letter of Suggestion to School

Sample application letter to school for giving your suggestions, and recommendations to the management of school, or principal of school, or teacher of school regarding improvements. Letter of Suggestion to Principal To Mr. Smith Principal Sunnyside High School Ohio, USA Sir, I am Mr. Liam Charles, and I am a student of 10th grade at your … Continue reading “Letter of Suggestion to School”

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Professor

Sample application letter of recommendation for scholarship for your students. Some universities require recommendation letter from professor, lecturer, teacher to award scholarship on the basis of students performance in previous institution. Recommendation Letter for Scholarship To Mr. Atkins Dean, Oxford University UK Sir, I am Mr. George Best, and I am a lecturer at McBurgh … Continue reading “Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Professor”

Thank You Letter for Recommendation

Sample letter to say thanks for for recommending you for job, promotion, admission, salary increase etc. Thank You Letter for Recommendation for Job To Kevin Durant 8991, Miami USA Dear Uncle, I am delighted to tell you that I have been selected at E&Y as an Auditor, and all credit goes to you. It was … Continue reading “Thank You Letter for Recommendation”

Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior

Sample letter of recommendation for promotion of your juniors, managers, assistant manager, and officers working under your command, and control, or supervision. Request Letter for Promotion of Subordinate Dear Manager Human Resource, This letter is to recommend a promotion to Mr. Johan Smith. He had been working in the production department as assistant manager of inventory. … Continue reading “Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior”

Sample Request Letter for Medicines

Sample letter of recommendation for medicine as first ad to company employees, staff members, contract employees. Companies with production units provide medicine to their employees in case of emergency but some time they require recommendation before issuing medicine. Sample Recommendation Letter for Medicine Respected Manager, My name is Mason, and I am a worker in … Continue reading “Sample Request Letter for Medicines”

Job Reference Letter Template Free

Sample Job Reference Letter Template for therapists. Reference letter some time required by the employer as surety of your performance, or as formality in govt/high profile jobs. This is also known as job recommendation letter from your boss, manager, director, teacher, professor to apply for overseas jobs when the employer can’t see you physically. Sample … Continue reading “Job Reference Letter Template Free”

Application for Fuel Allowance Increment

Sample application for requesting fuel allowance from the company. The manager/supervisor writes this application for a recommendation of fuel allowance of subordinates. Fuel Allowance Increment Application Respected GM, This application is to request an increment in Fuel Allowance. I had been promoted to Senior Inventory manager from Assistant Manager last month. My duties have increased as … Continue reading “Application for Fuel Allowance Increment”

Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer

Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer while doing job with scholarship from the company. Recommendation Letter for Studies by Employer The Institute XYZ, Head of Department, Lahore Subject: Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing in favor of Mr. M Umer Farooq who is working in my … Continue reading “Letter of Recommendation For Further Studies by Employer”

Letter of Recommendation For Advance Salary

Want to write a recommendation letter for advance salary? We are giving you a sample letter of recommendation for the loan, or advance salary from the company to employees. Recommendation Email for Advance Salary to Female Employee Dear Madam, (Name of Employee) applied for an advance salary of next month (month name/year). I endorse her … Continue reading “Letter of Recommendation For Advance Salary”

Contractor Recommendation Letter Format

Below is the letter to recommend a contractor with whom you have worked in past, or planning to work in future for contracts of multinational companies. It can be your own sister concern company, or business partner company. Where you give evidence of your experience with that company, and give recommendations about the efficiency, performance, … Continue reading “Contractor Recommendation Letter Format”