Recommendation Letter to Bank for Improvement


Recommendation Letter to bank in what areas need improvement, or growth? Areas of improvement recommendation.

Recommendation Letter to a Bank for Security

Dear bank manager,

I am writing to you because I would like to make a few recommendations that you could do to improve the efficiency of your bank. I used to work for one of the most famous banks in the world the royal bank of Scotland, and they had the best security you could get.

I recommend that you get fingerprint scanners for your staff this will allow them to enter the building without having to wear ID cards. This will minimize the chance of someone steeling the cards, and being an impostor.  I would also recommend that you have some security person standing guard at the door of the building, and a metal detector just on the inside of the door so that no people will have to go past, and know that you are serious bank with real security.

When I came to your bank I was just there to check my account but I was shocked to see that there was literally no security whatsoever. I hope that you will listen, and take what I have said seriously because one day you will be robbed so by doing this you can help to prevent this. I look forward to seeing what action you have to take.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Dracula Count

Recommendation Letter for Interior Designer


Sample letter of recommendation for interior designer job in company, international company, abroad, or student as decrator etc.

Recommendation Letter for Interior Designer

Mrs. Clover
Street Address
City, ST ZIP Code

Dear Mrs. Clover I’m writing to you because you told me last week that you are looking for an interior designer. I can recommend someone for you. She is the same person who did my whole house when I had it redecorated. She is very good at her work, and she had a decent fee. I hope you like what she has to offer I will give you her contact details. Mobile number——————– Email- —————————————.

Kind regards,

Client’s name

Letter for Interior Designer’s Recommendation


Dear Friend,
I am fine, and I hope you are fine too. It’s been long since we wrote to one other, and I was dancing in joy when I received your letter last week. I am more than happy to know that you are doing great with both your health, and your career. Can’t wait to be there for your marriage!

You mentioned in your letter that you have bought your own house, and I Congratulate you for that from the bottom of my heart. Furthermore, you also asked me if I know any interior designers that would make your home look like a dream palace, and decorate the rooms accordingly, and I have to say that Yes! I know someone.

Remember Jamie? She went on to pursue her career in interior designer, and I must say she really made a career out of it. Her portfolio is full of projects that she designed for, and all of them are more mesmerizing than the other. I think you should hire her as your interior designer. As she was our friend, she might even consider giving you a concession for her services, and I assure you that you will be more than happy by her work.

Keep writing!
Your friend,
Nancie Agarwaal

Letter of Recommendation for Security Clearance


Sample application letter for security clearance of employees, visitors, volunteers etc.

Letter of Recommendation for Security Clearance

The Superintendent of Police

Subject: Security Clearance for Volunteer Rescuers

Kindly refer to the subject cited above.

It is submitted that Rescue 1122 Lahore is working for the development of a safe community with the collaboration of NA-123 (copy of MOU is attached herewith). The registration of volunteers is in process, and training is being imparted on regular basis. In this regard, More than 153 people have been registered as volunteer rescuers whose security clearance is required.

It is therefore requested that process of security clearance for the volunteers may please be completed at first priority so that desired tasks are achieved.

An early action in this regard shall be highly appreciated.



Letter for Security Clearance

Dear Airport security,

I am writing this letter because I would like to recommend that I Mr. Alan, and my wife have complete security clearance on arrival to the Airport. We are both very important people in the world of politics. We are coming to the UK on a very important business trip, and we cannot let anything get in the way of us arriving on time as there would be big consequences.

We are only staying for one week so we are both going to share one suitcase so there is not too must fuss at baggage control. I do hope that you will grant me, and my wife this as it would make our trip so much easier.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Barry Allan

Recommendation Letter for Visa Application from Employer


Letter to support a visa application by employer.  Visa recommendation letter sample by employer. Visa recommendation letter for employee.  Visa recommendation letter from chamber of commerce.

Letter of Recommendation for Visa Application from the Employer

To Whom It May Concern

It is to certify that Mr. Nouman Zaib s\o Aurang Zaib has been an esteemed employee in our company namely Alliance Group Lahore since 5 January. During his services, we have found Mr. Zaib to be punctual, respectful, and regular. The nature of his job has been assisting the administration team which he has done up to the mark.

I have worked with Mr. Zaib as an administrative head. He has been very peaceful, and beneficial for us.

Moreover, Mr. Zaib is very one of the best candidate for our company. He has proven to be our asset over the whole year. The kind of professional he is, contributing to the progress of our company\institution. The best ability of Zaib is that he is a hard-working skilled professional. Therefore, I strongly refer him to gaining the opportunity which he desires for.

If you have any queries, please feel free to ask me.

Best Regards,

Ali Hassan

Recommendation Letter for Visa Application from Employer

To the Embassy of Canada,

This is to certify that Muhammad Ali, holding Identification Number _________, has been working at HIGH-TECH Communication since past 6 years. His date of birth is _______.

I, as the manager of this office, assure you that Ali has never been involved in any sort of criminal activity, and has never shown any sort of violent behavior. He has been punctual from the very beginning, and always worked with focus, and goodwill. Getting tangled up in fights, and irrational arguments has never been his thing. He likes to keep things to himself, and focus on tasks in front of him. Further he is quite well off so he surely will not have any problem regarding fulfillment of his financial needs.

I can guarantee you that if he goes to Canada, he would not cause any trouble, and will fulfill all the conditions put in front of him. I have attached his joining letter, and salary history as per his request. For any further queries, or confusions feel free to contact me, I would gladly assist you.

Manager HIGH-TECH Communication;

Ali Haider;



Visa Recommendation Letter from Employer

To whom it may concern

It is my pleasure to write recommendation for Mr. Naveed S/O Mr. JJJ, passport number ———-. He is working with us as an Assistant Manager from (Date) till now. We are impressed by his outstanding performance, and energetic personality.

He is absolutely good in his work, and he knows how to improve a company, and how to meet its need. I am glad that he is in my team. His good personality, and smiling face is a success of company.

I wish him all the best in all the way.



Letter of Recommendation for School Security


Sample application / letter to school management, or principal to improve school security, adopt safety measures in schools. Recommendation how to build, and strengthen a school safety program?

Application for School’s Security, and Safety

The Principal,
Kids School,

Dear Sir,

I hope you enjoying good professional as well as personal life. I pray for the same.

I would like to draw your attention to the matter that there are few quoted incidents regarding student’s securities. There appear to be a red alert warning in the city where there is a danger of act of terrorism. As you know our school is also under the radar of these savage terrorist groups as per government agency report.

To protect the life of our beloved students, and faculty, it is essential to take some important steps to make sure human life may not be compromised.

I hope you will take the strong steps to mitigate chances of any calamity.
Thank you with anticipation, and with profound regards.

Very truly yours,
Adam Smith,
Teacher in Chemistry

Letter for Safety, and Security of School

The management, Oxford high school, US

Respected sir,

With due respect, I am writing this application to inform you that I got to know your school got some security threats. Sir I am a concerned mother, and worried about the school safety as it’s about the lives of our wards. Sir I shall be really thankful to you if you take quick action to this major problem. Many other parents are also concerned regarding this. I am looking forward to a quick action. Thanks.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Shari Mark

Letter of Suggestion to School


Sample application letter to school for giving your suggestions, and recommendations to the management of school, or principal of school, or teacher of school regarding improvements.

Letter of Suggestion to Principal

Mr. Smith
Sunnyside High School
Ohio, USA

Sir, I am Mr. Liam Charles, and I am a student of 10th grade at your school. I am very pleased with the teaching style of the staff, and also their behavior towards the students. I would like to suggest a few things I have noticed which would result in improvement, and hence, improved grades of students. The number of tests held during the session is very less.

If only there would be a larger number of tests held, students would eventually be forced to study. Also, the test reports should be handed out after every test, and a monthly parents teachers meeting should be held so that the parents would know how their child is doing at school. No one would want to let his parents down so they would eventually study in order to save the embarrassment. This is a tough thing to do, and many rebels may rise but it will also make them educated, and they would realize the benefits of this system later in life.

I hope you will consider my request, and will work on in the near future. Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Liam Charles
10th grade

Letter of Suggestion to School

The principal

Dear Sir,

As a responsible student I am writing this letter to bring your kind attention to an important subject. Our school needs an upgrade in sports facilities. Our sports teams are performing well in competitive events. However, they do not have enough space, or equipment in the given sports complex of the school.

It is therefore suggested that the sports complex should be upgraded to a level which provides enough facilities to the student.

Thank you for paying heed to my suggestion.



Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Professor


Sample application letter of recommendation for scholarship for your students. Some universities require recommendation letter from professor, lecturer, teacher to award scholarship on the basis of students performance in previous institution.

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship

Mr. Atkins
Dean, Oxford University

Sir, I am Mr. George Best, and I am a lecturer at McBurgh College, London. Our success is based on the hard work of our teachers as well as our students. Our institution is one of the leading institutions in UK, and a huge number of your students come from our institution. However, there a student named Marshall Harris, and He was one of the top students throughout his stay at our institution.

He has scored good grades in all of the subjects. He was not only good in studies but also has a sharp mind, and good ethics. I would like to suggest you to give him an opportunity at your prestigious university so that he would not only get a good degree but also will be polished to be able to succeed in his career. I hope you would consider this candidate. Thank you.

George Best

Head, English Literature
McBurgh College
London, UK


The Accounts office, Heritage college

Respected sir,

It is to inform you that Mr. Rex Alex is currently enrolled in our BSCS program, and he is in forth semester. He is a bright student, and maintaining his CGPA. His current CGPA is 3.53, and according to the policy he is eligible for claiming the scholarship in order to continue his studies. The department has recommended his name to receive the scholarship for the academic year (Date)-(Date).


HOD, Computer science department

Recommendation Letter for Scholarship from Professor

The Dean Faculty,
London Bridge School,
Los Angles

Dear Sir,

Respectfully, it is stated that Mr. Albert is a student of A-levels 2nd group under roll No. 123-A-123. He is a bright student as well as a person with good character in my opinion. He never missed the class during the session.  He always completes his credit hours. He respects the teachers, and never involves in any discipline related inquiry. Being his Professor I am confident that he must highlight the name of his school in future.

On account of all these characteristics it is my recommendation that Mr. Albert must be nominated for scholarship program for higher studies.

Thanks a lot.

Yours Sincerely,


Recommendation for Scholarship

To whom it may concern,

Following is a scholarship recommendation letter which states that the student (Enter Students Name Here) has achieved a CGPA of 3.0 from the University Of Management, and Sciences, and is considered applicable for any kind of scholarship he may apply either from the university, or from HEC itself.

Best Regards,
Head of Department, Computer Sciences

Letter of Recommendation for Students from Professor



The administration, Oxford college, UK

Respected sir,

This letter has been written in order to bring under your consideration that Mr. Mark James, former student of our college has graduated with 85% marks, and he had shown good result through his studies. Keeping in eye his performance I would recommend him for Master’s program from your prestigious institute. I have that he will show consistency, and will attain high marks.


Mr. Stanly William,

Georgia College

Thank You Letter for Recommendation


Sample letter to say thanks for for recommending you for job, promotion, admission, salary increase etc.

Thank You Letter for Recommendation for Job


Kevin Durant

8991, Miami


Dear Uncle, I am delighted to tell you that I have been selected at E&Y as an Auditor, and all credit goes to you. It was because of your letter of recommendation that I got selected in one of the biggest firms of the World. They have asked me to join from coming Monday, and I am simply over the moon because this is the turning point of my career. I have told my parents about it, and they are very thankful of you. Do visit me so I could thank you by having you, and your family over for dinner. May God Almighty grant you success, and happiness with every step you take.

Theo Walcott

Thank You Letter for Job Recommendation

Uncle Simpson

New York

Dear Uncle,

Hope you, and Aunt Magi are fine, and happy. How are the kids, and cute little dog? I want to tell you a good news that I have got the job of HR manager at Nelson Pvt. Ltd. I want to thank you for recommending my name to company Chairman who is your god friend. However, I possess all the qualities they require for this job, so my capabilities, and your recommendation has helped a lot getting me this job. I will never disappoint you, and your friend. I assure you that I will always work hard, and will be faithful to the company. I also want you to wish me good luck for this new job as I am going to start from tomorrow. Lots of love to you, kids, and Aunt Magi.

Yours loving nephew,


Thanks Letter for Job Recommendation, and Promotion

Dear Sir,

Thanks for your recommendation for promotion. I had been promoted to senior manager last week. My monthly salary has also been increased with increase in all other perquisites. This all have been only due to your recommendation for promotion. I would always be thankful for your consideration. I assure that I would pay more attention to the work, and would not let you down.



Thank You Letter for Recommendation

Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior


Sample letter of recommendation for promotion of your juniors, managers, assistant manager, and officers working under your command, and control, or supervision.

Request Letter for Promotion of Subordinate

Dear Manager Human Resource,

This letter is to recommend a promotion to Mr. Johan Smith. He had been working in the production department as assistant manager of inventory. He had been my junior for two years with an outstanding performance. Inventory during his job era had never been found short. In order to keep his motivation high I recommend his promotion from assistant manager to Head of Inventory Department, or Inventory manager. I assume that my recommendation would be considered accordingly.

Warm Regards,


Sample Recommendation Letter for Promotion

Respected sir

It is requested you that I am working as a manger in your company, and the purpose of writing this letter is to inform you that one of our junior name Ali, is a hardworking boy, and his qualification is also good. So kindly promote his grade, and salary as well, because he is very much talented, and confident. So sir kindly look at his work, and give him a chance to serve at good grade so he will serve better to our company.


Iftikhar Dar

The HR manager, Nestle

Respected sir,

I am writing this letter to bring Mr. Joshua’s performance to your knowledge. Mr. Joshua is working in sales department from last 3 years, and he has shown remarkable performance. He has never left any task incomplete, and he is also good in terms of regularity. Keeping in mind his work, and sincerity to the department, we have decided to promote him from assistant sales manager to sales manager. We request you to upgrade his account, and position.


Head of sales department, Nestle

Promotion recommendations letter for Employees


The manager, Coke UAE

Respected sir,

With due respect I am writing this letter to inform you that Mr. Mark Smith, junior Assistant from media department is performing well, and showing good results, he has also completed diploma in the relevant field. I believed that if he gets a chance he will perform much better, and for that I am recommending him for the post of Assistant media person. i request you to consider his application, and give him a chance. Thanks

Yours sincerely,

Miss Tania Mark

Head person media

Promotion Recommendations Letter for Junior

Sample Request Letter for Medicines


Sample letter of recommendation for medicine as first ad to company employees, staff members, contract employees. Companies with production units provide medicine to their employees in case of emergency but some time they require recommendation before issuing medicine.

Sample Recommendation Letter for Medicine

Respected Manager,
My name is Mason, and I am a worker in your factory. My area of work is packaging, and transportation. This area of the factory is stuffed with smoke from the lifters, and machines along with the stinging smell of different packing tapes, and rappers. Also a pungent smell of dyes is found in some areas. Sir, I have Asthma since birth, and I am allergic to all these sharp stinging smells. I ought to have my inhaler with me all the times so that I may prevent myself from allergy, and keep on working regularly. I cannot bring my inhaler in the firm as company security does not allow me to do so.
Keeping in view my above mentioned problems. Kindly allow the first aid department to give me the inhaler in time of need. I shall be obliged for this favor of yours.
Thanking you in advance
Yours truly


Sample Request Letter for Medicines