Application to Change Marital Status

Format of application to send to the information data of your country that issue national card, and ask them to change your marital status from single to married .

Application to Change Marital Status

 Dear Manager,

I wrote this application to you about my profile in the office’s data. When I joined the office, I was single so the option I chose in the marital status, while filling the form, was also single.

However, I got married last week, and have recently gotten the official document of my marriage. My name is still same as it was before the marriage however I request you to please change my marital status in the office’s data to avoid any sort of misunderstanding in the future. I have attached the copy of official marriage document with this email as a proof.

I would be very grateful to you. Thank you.

Best Regards,

Fatima Noor


Application to Change Marital Status

To head of Admin,

Company name



Dear Sir,

It is respectfully stated that, I (name) is employee in your sales department from last 2 years. I was not able to come to office in last week due to some personal reasons. I have been divorced by my husband 2 weeks ago. The divorce has completed its phases, and accepted by the council committee. My employee card has the marital status as married. Kindly, change my marital status from married to single in order to avoid any confusion among the other employees of the company. I shall be grateful to you.

I have attached some important documents along with the divorce certificate by council committee along with the application




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