Cover Letter to Join Training Program

Sample application letter to join training program police, army, security, and other government institutions.

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Application Letter to Join Training

Write a letter to ask for a chance to join military training

Military HQ


Dear Sir,

It is stated with all due respect that my name is John, and I am a patriot. Sir I am writing this letter to receive a chance to join military training that is to be held this year. Sir I am a very tough, and strong guy. I am the best athlete in my area, and I also have skills like boxing, and trekking, and tracking. My father was also in army, and he himself taught me all these things. Sir I assure you that I will be the best of your man, and I will serve my country in all means possible. I hope that you will give me the honor to join the military just as my father did, and give me a chance to prove my loyalty to this country.

Waiting for positive response

Application number #12234


Letter for a Chance to Join Military Training

Dear Sir,

I am writing this letter to avail the chance of joining your military training project. Joining the military has been one of my childhood goals. I want to apply for a spot in your military training program since I believe I am perfectly capable, and deserving candidate.  With the help of this military training program, I will be able to join the prestigious forces of our country, and serve the country. I have had no medical issues with me. I hope you shall grant me an opportunity, and fill the spot with a deserving candidate.



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