Sample Letter to Offer Training

Do you want to write a letter to offer a training program or individual training for employees or professionals? We are giving you templates to offer training services to employees, individuals, professionals, etc. Please let us know in the comments if you need a new or custom letter for your needs. Sample Letter to Offer … Continue reading “Sample Letter to Offer Training”

Request Letter for Nursing Training Placements

Please help me to write a proposal letter. We have a Nursing Training College in GHANA. Would like you to help me get some community health centers that need nursing and some Universities that want partnerships with us. Template 1: Seeking Community Health Centers for Nursing Training Placement Subject: Proposal for Nursing Training Placement Collaboration … Continue reading “Request Letter for Nursing Training Placements”

Hiring Underage Trainees in a Training Course

Want to hire underage staff, trainees, or employees? We are giving you sample email letters to justify the hiring of underage staff for training, employment, or any other purpose. You can use the below letters for personal and business use only and if you need a new letter, just let us know in the comments. … Continue reading “Hiring Underage Trainees in a Training Course”

Request Letter to Authority Requesting Them to Start Workshops/Coaching Classes for New Interns/Employees

Sample letters to authority requesting them to start coaching/worship sessions for newly hired employees /internees. These letters can be used by anyone who wants to train new primary school teacher/anyone who feels that the employees lack experience /anyone who wants to train internees joining a special person’s school. Request Letter to Directorate of School Requesting … Continue reading “Request Letter to Authority Requesting Them to Start Workshops/Coaching Classes for New Interns/Employees”

Confirmation Letter For Completion of Training

Request letter for confirmation after probation. Thank you letter after probation period. Application for job confirmation after probation period. Successful probation letter to employee sample. Confirmation Letter for Completion of Training Dear Miss Clara Brown, I am writing to you to officially inform you that you have finally completed your phase 3 army training, so congratulations for becoming a new member of our large army, and congratulations for making it … Continue reading “Confirmation Letter For Completion of Training”

Job Application for IT Trainer

Sample job application letter to apply for the post of IT trainer, IT teacher for company employees, executives, etc. Cover Letter for Experienced IT Trainer Company Name,Address Subject: Application for the Post of IT Trainer Respected Sir, I would like to apply for the advertised post of IT Trainer by your company. I have all … Continue reading “Job Application for IT Trainer”

Cover Letter to Join Training Program

Sample application letter to join training program police, army, security, and other government institutions. Application Letter to Join Training Write a letter to ask for a chance to join military training Military HQ USA Dear Sir, It is stated with all due respect that my name is John, and I am a patriot. Sir I … Continue reading “Cover Letter to Join Training Program”

Training Invitation Letter to Employees

Sample letter to employees to invite them for a training session within the company, outside the company, by a trainer, or boss. Employee need to complete some training what should I write in a letter to employees. Letter to Employee for Not Attending Training Jones Smith 7th street, Downtown Respected Employee, My name is Michael, and … Continue reading “Training Invitation Letter to Employees”

Proposal Letter for Training Program

Sample proposal letter for training program in school, college, academy, training institute. Invitation Letter for Training Program Good Afternoon Sami, I am a specialist Autism trained teacher from the Uk. I train parents, teaching assistants, new teachers, and other professionals in autism awareness, and autism strategies for parents for the home setting through the NAS … Continue reading “Proposal Letter for Training Program”