Condolences Letter on Loss of Wife

Format Of Emotional, heartfelt Letter on passing away of a loved ones wife it could either be a friend, colleague, or relative to give them the strength, and love that their family needs at this moment of great sorrow.

Heartfelt Letter On Demise Of Wife


Dear Mark Jacob

Dear Mark, I hope you are trying your best to get recovered from the sad incident you have faced. I image how tough it is to lose such a young, and beautiful loving wife. No doubt Sara was an amazing, kind, and loving person. But we cannot fight with the fate. Yours, and her journey was for this time, and I know she has left beautiful memories for all of us, and specially you.  Life is so unpredictable, and no one knows what is going to happen very next moment. I am deeply saddened, and I was in the state of shock when I got the news. I tried my all best to come, and attend the funeral but I was not able to get the tickets. I really pray that May you recover, and start moving with life as you have a beautiful daughter who is dependent upon you, and you have to take good care of her. I know that no one can fill the space of a mother but we all will try to give her our best. I am trying to come next month to meet you. Take care of your health, and your daughter as well.

Yours truly,

Alixa Marchal

Sympathy Letter For Loss Of Wife


My dearest friend, I just came back from abroad two days ago, and received  your letter disclosing the heart wrenching news of the death of your beloved wife. She was such a kind, and beautiful lady with lots, and lots of goals in her life I still cannot believe that she is left us at such young age.

I understand that you must be feeling very alone after her death but you have to stay strong for your daughter’s sake as you are the only parent she has now, and you have to take care of her as both her mother, and father. My dear friend life, and death happens with Allah’s will, and we humans can not do anything about it except for moving on. Please take care of yourself, and pray that her may her soul finds the best places in heavens above.

I was planning to come at your place after coming back from holiday but alas! I cannot meet your beloved wife now. Anyway I will still come to your place in coming days to meet you, and your daughter.

Pay my heartiest wishes, and condolences to everybody at home.


With love,


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