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Sample Letter for Marriage Catering

Mr. Ajmal Javed
Butt Catering Services

Sir, with due respect I have to place an order for catering a marriage ceremony. As you know, marriages are of immense importance in our country, and we, being Punjabis, love food. Therefore I would like you to cater to the Mehendi, and Baraat Ceremony for 100, and 150 people respectively.

The dates are 7th, and 8th December. I will inform you about the dishes once I get the confirmation about your availability. There should be no compromise on the services as this is the first marriage in the family. I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Kashan Mahmood

Request Letter to Catering Company

Dear Sir,

I have arranged a birthday event at home for my son. I need catering from your company for this event. I have heard a lot about your food, and its quality. Some of my friends have tasted your food, and insisted I have you at this event. It will be so great if you will come to this event, and cater for me. My home address, and contact number are at the end of this letter. The event is happening on 25th October (Date), and the venue is also be discussed later.

We can discuss it further on call, or at your office.

Thank you for your time.

Kristen Swimmer,
Home address: New York, USA
Contact number

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