Letter Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Sample letter to friend for wishing birthday through a message on letter, or sending email.

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Happy Birthday. May you live long, wishing you twice the happiness, double the joy on your special day.


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Letter for Birthday Wish to Friend


Miss Faiza Khan, Lahore,

Dearest Faiza,

How are you? Hope everything is good at your end. I am also fine, and my parents too. Do inform me about your fathers’ health as you have told me in your last letter that he is not well.

I wanted to wish you a very happy birthday, I was so excited to wish you on call but due to some reason I wasn’t able to call you, hope you understand. I wish you may live many years with good health, and wealth, my parents are also wishing you, and paying their regards. I remember we celebrated your birthday last year, it was fun.

I hope I was with you this time as well. Anyway, when I will come back we will meet, and will cut your birthday cake. As you have grown up now, I expect you to be responsible, and a mature person now. I hope you had a lot of fun with your family.

Pay my warm regards to your family, lots of love

Yours truly,

Kinza Khan

Congratulation letter happy birthday

Model Town,

Lahore, Pakistan,

Dear Hazel,

I hope you are doing fine, and I wish you the best of health, and happiness. I wish you a very happy birthday. And I pray that you stay happy forever, and may you have many more achievements, and happy moments in your life.



Letter Happy Birthday to My Best Friend

Ahmad Ali

Shahdara, Lahore

Subject: Letter to Brother Wishing Him on His Birthday

My dear Ahmad,

The day has come when you have crossed your teenage, and now you have step forward in adulthood. Now you have come to manhood, and not been a child anymore. I wish you a many many happy returns of the day. Happy Birthday to you my dear brother. On this happy occasion I pray to God that you get your hearty desires fulfilled, and May you succeed in each, and every field of life.

Dear Ahmad life is not a bed of roses. Now you are grown up, and a man by now. You will be happy to know that this year I have arranged a tour for you to UK. The purpose for this tour is of course recreation but the most important thing that I want to tell you is that I am sending you alone so that you can experience the life as a man. You should realize the situations, and learn how to handle them.

Now you have turned to twenty, and soon you will be a professional man so I want you to experience life first at your own. As your elder brother I can say you only one thing that the key to success in life is the hard work. With the hard work you can achieve every goal. Be contented for what you got, and be patent for what you lost.

I am sending a package with this letter in which there is something which you will love the most as your birthday gift. I would not tell you what it is as it is a surprise. Stay blessed.

Your loving Brother,

Muhammad Ali

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