Letter to Lawyer Requesting Documents, and Information

Sample request letter to lawyer asking for case file, sue file, documents, and detailed information about the case progress in the court.

Sample Letter to Lawyer Requesting Documents

Matt, and Murdock Legal Services

Respected Staff,

My name is Adam. I was a client of your firm in the year (Date), and my tag number was #123344.During the hearings of my case I submitted some highly confidential documents to you firm, and later on those documents were used to extract clues. Now as I am no longer client of your firm, I want my documents back. As those documents were of high importance to me, I hope that you will return my documents as soon as possible.

Tag number #123344
Address#7th street, Downtown, New York


Letter to Lawyer Requesting Documents

Mr. Russell,
Jacob Associates,
28 West Market,
Washington DC, USA.

Dear Sir,

It is to request you, please provide the documents including postmortem report of Matilda Murder case along with three copies of Police Certificates, and a Copy of NOC  from the Health Ministry to the office of registrar District Court till Monday October 1st (Date) before 4 pm.

The registrar office will be looking forward for you with the required documents.

Thanks a lot.

Yours sincerely


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