Letter to Friend About the Profession You Wish to Adopt

Sample letter to inform your friend about the profession that you want to adopt, or wish to adopt for further education, and as a career.

Letter About Profession You Wish to Adopt

Muhammad Adnan Aziz

76 k (Address) Lahore

Subject: Letter to friend to inform him about the profession I want to adopt

Dear Adnan,

I hope you are doing well. I am also feeling happy as I have switched off to a new place, and had left the old one. I have received your letter yesterday in which you told me that you have completed your high school studies, and now you are going to get admit in university. I am glad that you have chosen electrical engineering as your major. It suits you well. It is quite up to your taste as you were in love with electronics from the beginning.

My dear friend as far as the question you have asked me about  my studies so I want to tell you that I have completed my studies in law school, and now I am going to enroll myself as a solicitor  in District Bar Council. You know well that I had craze of being a lawyer since the start of my high school therefore I want to adopt this profession for my future.

As you know the advocacy is a profession which is thought to be the profession with prestige, and high earning. The solicitors are paid well as well as they are respected everywhere. As well as it was the profession of Lords in United Kingdom. I want to continue this as profession as it is the dream of my parents too. I would serve the humanity as well as give fair name to my family, and my country.

I wish you best of luck for your future too. Please write me back as soon as you start your classes in university. Pay my regards to your family.

Yours sincerely,

Asif Ali

30 B Iqbal Town Lahore

Letter About The Profession You Want To Adopt

Iqra iftekhar, Lahore

Dearest Iqra,

How are you? Hope you are doing well. I am also fine. Do inform me about your mother’s health as she was not well.

I Am writing this letter to tell you about the profession I want to choose, as you asked me in your last letter so I am telling you that I have chosen software engineering for me. As you know the world is becoming a global village, and everything is converting into new technical thing. The world is moving fast, it’s a computer era, and I want to be a part of this moving world. I have applied in many good universities of Pakistan, and also abroad. I am preparing for my entrance exams now days. I am hoping to get admission in the best university, all I need is your support, and prayers, I have also researched many companies who offer good jobs after completing degree in computing. I expect you to choose a good profession for yourself also.

Pay my regards to everyone at home. Lots of prayers


Faryal Shahzad

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