Refusal Letter for Promotion Sample

How to decline a promotion gracefully. Decline offer letter due to personal reasons.

Sample of Refusal Letter for Promotion

Dear Mr. Jenkins

I am writing to you because I would like to formally apologise that you did not get the promotion that you applied for last week. The reasons for this were because you don’t have the right skills, and experience with the office workings in dealing with corporate clients, and handling the paper work.

However you are very good at the job you are doing now, and if you keep up the good work, and get the right knowledge that you need insure that next time there is a promotion going you will get it. I hope that you don’t take this personally this is just business. Keep up the hard work.

Yours sincerely

Mr. King

Decline a Promotion Gracefully

Mr. Deepark Anand,

Assistant Manager, Dubai Electric Company.

Refusal Letter for Promotion

It is to inform you that your request for promotion to the seat of Manager Operations has been rejected by the competent authority on account of your performance which is below the standards of dubai electric company. The company had assigned you with some additional duties, and tasks to check your competency but you failed to achieve them entirely, and not completed the work yet. This shows your ineptness while completing your duties.

Therefore, the competent authority has decided to keep you at your present place of duty, and hope for more hard work from your side so that you could be able to promote by the senior management without the need of submitting request.

The copy is forwarded to the Managing Director.

Deputy Director (HR),

Dubai Electric Company

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