Agenda Meeting Template for Companies

You can customize this sample agenda meeting template as per your needs. However, we recommend you should print this on the company letterhead. You can use this sample for any meeting of CEOs, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Managers, and supervisor meetings.

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Company Name, and Address
Participants:President/ CEO:   ___________
Vice President/Dir:  ___________
General Manager   ____________
Finance Director    ____________
Marketing Director ___________
Information Secretary ____________
Committee Members
____________Adviser Audit & Accounts
Hon. Legal Adviser
Date: ____________Agenda for Executive Meeting


Dear Members, The meeting of the Executive Members of the “Company Name” will be held as under:

Date: ____________
Timing: ____________
Venue: ____________

Following is the Agenda:1. Recitation By
2. Naat By
3. Issue No. 1,
4. Issue No. 2,
5. Issue No. 3,
6. Tea Break
7. Issue No. 4,

Issued By:

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