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Academic Progress Report

Bio data:

Child’s Name:                 ____________

Date of Birth:                   ____________

Sex:                                   ___________

Father’s Name:                __________

Mother’s Name:              ___________

Date of Admission:         __________

Current Performance


She can recognize numbers from 1-100.

She can tell spellings of numbers from 1-10.

She can do addition and subtraction of two digits.

She can tell shorter, longer, bigger, thicker, thinner, lightest, heaviest, nearest, and fastest.

She has the concept of before, after, and between.

She has the concept of time.


She can match the letter to the letter from a-z.

She can recognize alphabets from a-z.

She can tell about action pictures like sleeping, jumping, cycling, crying, etc.

She can sight read her name.

She can sight-read 26 printed words.

She can recognize basic shapes, i.e., circle, square, triangle.

She can complete the words by telling the missing letter.

She can use “this” and “these” in sentences.

She has the concept of ‘behind.’

She can make sentences by matching parts of sentences.

She can match words and sentences with pictures.


She can match the letter to letter from   ا- م

She can recognize Urdu letters from     خ – ا

She can sight-read 12 printed words.

 Goals from PGEE

She has achieved all the goals of PGEE.

Teacher’s Remarks

According to her teacher, she was friendly and cooperative with teachers and class fellows. She performs her task with concentration. She takes an interest in her studies. She responds to questions by blinking her eyes and by moving her head.

Assessment of Motor Skills

She is a case of Severe Quadratic Spastic CP, along with presenting complaints of:

  • Both upper limbs:
    • Flexion at both elbows along with lateral rotation and abduction at both shoulders
    • Muscles of upper limbs are stiffed
    • Poor midline orientation and poor hand use
  • Both lower limbs:
    • Flexion contractions at both knee
    • The tightness of bilateral Tendon Achilles, hamstrings, hip abductors, and restriction of hip flexion at end ranges.

She can only roll and can maintain her neck in extension in prone lying. Therefore, at the physiotherapy department of AH Foundation following plan was followed:

  • Stretching of bilateral
    • Tendo Achilles
    • Hamstrings
    • Hip adductors
    • Hip flexors
  • Rolling
  • Neck extension in prone lying/(prone lying on the wedge, and neck extension with weight-bearing on both shoulders
  • Side sitting and cross sitting training on the floor
  • Quadruped position on the roll
  • Stride sitting on a roll
  • Kneel standing along with bars

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