How to Write a Leave Application?

Please use the search box for your required leave application, or visit the homepage for a list of leave applications. Here you will read instructions for writing a leave application for school, office, factory, mill, etc. Sample of leave applications is also available for download office and personal uses. Republishing or online publishing is strongly prohibited.

We will explain:

  1. How to Start a Leave Application?
  2. Text Body of Leave Application
  3. Ending the Leave Application

Beginning of a leave letter

  1. Whenever you start a leave application, make sure that you use a polite tone, and sound as humble as possible because you’re causing the organization, or employer to look for your substitute, or manage without you. So it would be best if you sounded as modest as possible.
  2. Start the application with “Dear Sir/Ma’am”, or “Dear (insert name of whoever the application is addressed to).”
  3. Commence with introducing yourself: your name, and your designation.
  4. If you have previously verbally talked to your boss/employer about your leave, then begin with referring to that conversation.
  5. Be clear in your thoughts, and come straight to the point of writing the application.

The Body of a Leave Letter

  1. The body of a leave letter explains your purpose of writing. It has to be as succinct as possible.
  2. Request leave most humbly. Use words that show courtesy like “please,” “kindly,” “humbly requested,” etc.
  3. Mention the number of days you’ll be gone. E.g., two days.
  4. Indicate the exact dates of the leave. For example, DD/MM/YY, from 31st July, (Date) to 1st August, (Date).
  5. State your reason for asking for leave.
  6. If you’re enclosing any documents as proof to support your reason for leave, mention them in the body of the letter.
  7. Remember to keep your application as concise as possible. Avoid any unnecessary details.

Ending a Leave Letter

  1. While ending a leave letter, you have to sound hopeful that competent authority will accept the request, and thank the boss for understanding, cooperating, and facilitating you.
  2. Give any suggestions you have for managing work in your absence, or if you have already looked after the work, mention it in your ending paragraph.
  3. Mention that you have provided your email address & phone number where you can be reached in case of any emergency, or for seeking any information.
  4. Sign off the application on a thank you note. A one-liner would do. Like, “I will highly appreciate your facilitation in this regard,” “I shall remain grateful to you,” “I’ll be much obliged,” etc.
  5. Remember that you’re asking your boss for a favor, and it’s his choice whether to accept, or reject your application. Therefore, choose your words wisely, and maintain a humble tone.

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