Letter to Insurance Company for Change of Address

Sample format letter to write to an insurance company for change of address in the client’s database as now they have moved to a different place.

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Reqeust for Change of Address

Dear Sir,

I am (your Name), holding insurance policy number (mention number here). I want to notify you that my home address has changed from (mention the old address) to (mention the new address). Please update your records immediately for future correspondence. I will be thankful to you.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Request Letter to Insurance Company for Change of Address

Dear Sir,

I am an insurance policyholder of your company, writing to inform you that my permanent residential address has been changed as I shifted to a new home at this address:
(write your complete address here)

My Creditiantials are below:
Name, Address, NIC, Insurance Number, Policy Number, Any Other

Please update your records, and you shall send all future mailing to my new address. In addition, I can provide any other information you may require for authentication. I am thanking you in advance.


Your Name

Letter to Insurance Company for Change of Address

Dear EFU Director/Manager,

SUBJECT: Notification for the Change of Address

I have had insurance in EFU for a long time, and I am a regular good client of your insurance company. Actually, I have moved from where I was living, and from the address, I have provided the time I started with EFU. So my postal address is changed now. I am writing you my new permanent address below, and I request you to please replace it or correct it from my EFU account.

I want you to please change my address from your company’s record to avoid misunderstandings or any inconvenience. I like your company and its policies and appreciate your efforts to make it better and efficient.

Here is my new address;

Maria Scott
Avenue, Bank Square,
Main Boulevard England

Thank you so much.

Maria Scott

Letter to Insurance Company for Change of Address

 Dear Manager,

I am (you name), and I have an insurance account at (insurance company name). I opened this account two years back, and at that time, I was a resident of Bahria Town. However, recently, my family shifted to Johar town permanently two days before and sold the last house. Therefore, I request you to kindly change my profile address as I received monthly mails from the bank. Please make this change as soon as possible because it would be very inconvenient for me to pick any mail sent to the former address.

I have attached a file that contains my new address along with other identification information. You can contact me for any further details and queries. I would be very grateful to you if you make this change as soon as possible.

Best Regards,

Your Name

Request Letter to Insurance Company for Change of Address

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