Thank You Letter for Interview by Candidates

Sample letter to send the greetings after your interview in any company, organisations, office, institute etc. Sending a thanking letter with your gratitude may increase the chances of your employment. You can send this letter in email, or by post.

Thank You Letter for Interview Email


The manager

Dear Sir,

It is being written to express my gratitude for allowing me to avail opportunity of an interview at your company. I am very thankful to you for inviting me, and giving me a chance to prove my talents in person. It was a wonderful experience being at your company.

I will be very happy, and excited about working in your company. Thank you very much for choosing me as potential candidate. I am looking forward to work as we discussed because I am hopeful for my appointment.


Thanks Letter After Interview

Dear Recruiters,

This letter is to thank the department for considering me for the interview. I was called for the interview of assistant accountant on Monday. The interview went good, and it was an honor of being interviewed by such a great panel. I had learned many things during this interview. I again thank the board for giving me such a great opportunity, and I will be waiting for your final response..


Amjad Ali

Sample Thank You Letter after Interview

Dear Sir,

It was a pleasure to appear in the interview for the post of Chemical Engineer. I really enjoyed the questions, and tasks assigned to me during the interview. The real excitement in the interview was to perfectly answers of the questions, and efficiently performing the assigned tasks. I hope you too enjoyed the interview as well. I would say that my knowledge, and experience was enough to face some tough questions.

I believe that i will be the best candidate to perform this job because of my past experience, and specialization of my studies.

Once again i am thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to present myself in the interview, and i hope that you would also provide me a chance for the job in your prestigious. I am sure that i will add much more than your expectations to this job position.

Looking for your positive response.


Ayeaha Aslam

Sample Thank You Letter after Interview
Sample Thank You Letter after Interview

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