Letter to Thank For an Interview


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Letter to Thank For an Interview

Dear Mr. Michael Jackson,

I am writing to you because I just want to say thank you for letting have an interview at your restaurant. Even though you know that I have no waiting experience you still have given me a chance so thank you again. I know that it is a very big, and busy restaurant so I know why you didn’t give me the job but I have got a qualification in catering so if you need a cook you have my number, and know where to find me. I hope that you stay safe, and your business does well.

Kind regards,

Mr. Dean Ramone

Letter to Thank For an Interview

Respected Client,

This letter is to inform you that you have given interview for office manager, and now we will go through your details, and will call you for next session if you got selected till then have a good care of yourself.

Hope to see you again.
Best of luck


Letter to Thank after an Interview

Dear Sir,

This letter is to thank you for the interview that you have given us on Saturday for call Centre representative post. We’re going through your details, and will inform you about your selection.

Keep your fingers crossed, and Take a very good care of yourself.


HR Team,

XYZ Company

Request Letter for an Online Interview


Sample application letter to request online interview due to difficulties in reaching the interview venue for many reasons.

Request Letter for an Online Interview

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you in reference to my job application that I filed for a post in your company.   The head of Human Resource department of your company called me for an interview next Wednesday. Unfortunately, I had a minor road accident two days ago. The reports were fine but the Doctor suggested me bed rest for the next ten days. I will not be able to appear in it in person.

I want to put a request before you, to let me appear in the interview online. I hope you will consider my request, and accommodate my case accordingly. I am looking forward to your positive response.



Request for an Online Interview

To HR,
New Jersey Company

Dear Sir/Madam,

I have been called for interview which was scheduled on Monday 2nd October at 2 pm noon. As I live very far away from office, and it will be hard for me to reach on time. It is a request that if you don’t mind kindly take my online interview on Skype. It will be very feasible for me in online interview. Hopefully you will understand my issue, and give me a chance.

Looking Forward For Positive Response
Thank You

Beth Samson

Request Letter for an Online Interview from Employer

Attn. Mr. Hamza Wasif,

This notification is to inform you that we have noticed your documents, and resume. We request you for an online interview tomorrow at 1:00pm. Is this OK for you?

Please let us know if you are available on the mentioned time for an interview. Make sure that you have a good internet connection, good voice, and camera quality.

We are looking forward to you.

Have a nice day,
Best Regards,

Wilson John

Letter to Join a Job at a Later Date


Sample letter to join a job on a later date. Before this you were selected in an interview but could not join the job due to some persona, or accidental reasons. Can I join your company at the end of this year…..looking for job. You are writing the letter to rejoin the job but without giving joining after your first interview, and selection.

Delay in Joining Date Letter Format

Matt, and Murdock

Dear Sir,

My name is Roger, and I am writing this letter to bring this to your kind notice that I was shortlisted for interview for the post of marketing manager in your company but due to the death of my close family relative I was unable to come for the interview. Sir I wrote many letters to your HR staff but to no use, and I lost that opportunity. I am a very hardworking, and intelligent person.

Sir I am passing through a really rough patch right now, and I am looking for a job. I am writing this letter with the hope that you will give me one more chance, and take my interview. Sir I hope I won’t let you down this time, and I will work with great responsibility, and passion. This is almost the end of the year, and I heard that the marketing manager you hired has resigned. Sir give me one more chance, and this time I will avail this opportunity.

I hope to join your firm by the end of this year.

Application number #12234

Letter to Join a Job at a Later Date

Letter to Join a Job at a Later Date

The HR manager

Dear Sir,

It is an honor for me to receive a job offer from a well-known company as yours. I have received the joining letter yesterday, and it mentions that I have to report on duty from next Monday. I would gladly accept the job offer.

However, due to some circumstances I cannot join your company on the date mentioned in the joining letter. I am out of city for a while to manage personal, and family affairs. Under such unforeseen circumstances I am unable to travel back immediately. Therefore it is informed to you that I shall join the mentioned job at a later day.

In the light of above mentioned reasons, I hope you will understand my position, and allow me to join after the due date. I shall be thankful to you. I shall spare no pain to prove myself best suitable person for the job, if you consider me worthy of waiting.


Thelon Madison

Sample Letter to Confirm Interview Time, and Date


I want reply to interviewer that I am interested in your job, and ask about the interview date, and time. how to confirm an interview appointment by email.

Letter to Ask for Interview Time, and Date

Mr. Francis,
Recruitment Officer,
Group4 Securities LLC.


Please refer to the advertisement published in a local newspaper regarding the some vacant positions of Security Supervisors in your esteemed organization.

I received an email from your side last week, and I would like to apologize for a rather delayed response because I could not check the email due to my busy schedules.

However, I’m thankful for the interview invitation, and because of my keen interest in this job I would like to know the date, time, and venue of the interview as per your convenience.

Anticipating a positive response.

Best Regards,

Stephen Smith,
Contact No. 056…

Email Letter to Confirm Interview Time, and Date

Company name
Job designation

Respected sir/ madam!

Hope you are doing well. Few days ago I sent my resume to the email address mentioned on website to apply for the job vacancy. I recently got an email from your company telling me that I have been shortlisted for the interview but exact interview date time are not mentioned. I would be grateful if you can confirm the exact time, and date so I can come well prepared.



Sample Letter to Confirm Interview Time, and Date

Letter to Confirm Interview Time, and Date

With due respect, Miss Mahnoor Hassan, this letter is to inform you that your interview has been scheduled with our team head on the 25th of this month, kindly reach our office at 8 am. Please bring your CV, and national identity card with you.

For further details, and inquiries please contact our information head Bilal Jutt.
(Contact Number)


Masooma Sumro

Letter for Second Interview Invitation


Sample letter to job candidate for calling him for the second interview for final hiring. Second interview letter sample from HR department.

Letter for Second Interview Invitation


Mr. Charles

Sir, as you are well aware of the criteria that we follow for the job selection. This is to inform you that based on your resume, and good interview with the panel; we would like to call you for the second interview. The second interview would be held on 23rd November at the same venue at 9am sharp. After that, there would be a final interview at 12pm. We wish you the best of luck. If by any means you are unable to come, please inform us by early morning, or we will be forced to cancel the meeting. We will be looking forward to see you there.

Adam Payet

Managing Director

Letter for Second Interview

Mark Vick

87-A, C Block

Nanjing, PRC


Dear Mark,

This letter is the notification for your re-interview at 3SC Technologies for the post of Junior Instructor. The need for this interview is the brief assessment among some competitive candidates. You are require to report at the HRD HQ 3SC Technologies tomorrow sharp at 11:20.

Best of luck for your future.

Manager HR

3SC Technologies

Letter for Second Interview Invitation


Kelly Smith


Dear Miss Kelly

This is reference your job interview for creative manager at Sunset Pvt. Ltd.  As, it was mentioned earlier in the advertisement that all candidates will have to go through multiple interviews. I am happy to inform you that you  have qualified first interview, and have become eligible for the second one. I am here to ask you to appear for second interview on 25th December at our  head office. Hope you would respond to this letter as it’s a great opportunity for you.  In case for any reason if you don’t want to proceed with the interview then inform the company before time. Looking to see you on 25th December.

Yours sincerely,

H.R Manager

Sunset Pvt. Ltd.


Letter for Second Interview Invitation

Thank You Letter for Interview


Sample letter to send the greetings after your interview in any company, organisations, office, institute etc. Sending a thanking letter with your gratitude may increase the chances of your employment. You can send this letter in email, or by post.

Thank You Letter for Interview Email


The manager

Dear Sir,

It is being written to express my gratitude for allowing me to avail opportunity of an interview at your company. I am very thankful to you for inviting me, and giving me a chance to prove my talents in person. It was a wonderful experience being at your company.

I will be very happy, and excited about working in your company. Thank you very much for choosing me as potential candidate. I am looking forward to work as we discussed because I am hopeful for my appointment.


Thanks Letter After Interview

Dear Recruiters,

This letter is to thank the department for considering me for the interview. I was called for the interview of assistant accountant on Monday. The interview went good, and it was an honor of being interviewed by such a great panel. I had learned many things during this interview. I again thank the board for giving me such a great opportunity, and I will be waiting for your final response..


Amjad Ali

Sample Thank You Letter after Interview

Dear Sir,

It was a pleasure to appear in the interview for the post of Chemical Engineer. I really enjoyed the questions, and tasks assigned to me during the interview. The real excitement in the interview was to perfectly answers of the questions, and efficiently performing the assigned tasks. I hope you too enjoyed the interview as well. I would say that my knowledge, and experience was enough to face some tough questions.

I believe that i will be the best candidate to perform this job because of my past experience, and specialization of my studies.

Once again i am thankful to you for giving me the opportunity to present myself in the interview, and i hope that you would also provide me a chance for the job in your prestigious. I am sure that i will add much more than your expectations to this job position.

Looking for your positive response.


Ayeaha Aslam

Sample Thank You Letter after Interview

Rejection Letter Sample for Job Applicant


Format of rejection letter sample for job applicant after the written test, or interview for any position.

Rejection Letter After Interview

Dear Ms. Sobia Yaseen,

Thank you very much for your precious time to appear in the written test, and interview for the post of management trainee. According to our company policy, and employee selection criteria your are not selected for job offer. Furthermore your resume, and others test reports are available in our record, and in future we can shortlist you for relevant posts in this field.

Thanking you again, and hope for the best.

Sincerely yours,

Nimra Sami
Manager HRM

Interview Rejection Letter Sample After Written Test

Dear Ms. Sonia

After review of your written job test results we are informing you that you are not falling in the selection list of interview candidates. We always provide work opportunities to new talent, and for one next year we will keep your resume in the queue list for further opportunities.

Thanking in anticipation,


Nimra Sami
Manager HRM

Rejection Letter Sample for Job Applicant

Mr. Tony Oscar,

House No.0000, Super Town, Glasgow.

Rejection Letter for Job Offer from Employer

It is hereby intimated that your request of applying for the job of telephone operator in our company has been rejected by the competent authority. The company requires employee in between age of 20 to 30 years. As you have grown more than 30 years of age that’s why your request could not be entertained. However, you are encouraged to apply for our next jobs which may come soon probably in February of next year.

Hoping the best of luck next time.

Henrik Ibsen,
Deputy Director (HR),
London Fire & Rescue Service

Rejection Letter for Job Applicant

Mr. Herry John,

Respected sir,

Thanks for applying for the position of marketing media manager in nestle. We are sorry to inform you that your qualification, and experience does not fulfill our job requirements, and you have also not clear our required competency online test. We wish you all the very best for your future, and expect much better performance from you. Thanks


Team HR, nestle

How to Work With Your Boss? Do You Know?


The fact is Boss always wants those people who are not much more intelligent.

Their performance should not be better than the boss’s. The boss always picks your weak points, and proves you an unintelligent worker. Boss will hide your performance from the senior management especially where the boss is answerable, and report-able. Boss will be angry if you show your performance directly to the senior management because they can promote you, can increase your incentive, and may think to replace you with your boss’s position.

So if you are a job holder you must be careful about your efficiency. Because if you prove yourself better than your boss then your boss can be fired any time.  But clever bosses never give you such chances, and the boss will fire you before you take such an opportunity, everybody loves the job.

So what to do?

Just find the right person to whom you need to show your performance. Who can promote you in reality? Who can increase your salary? Who can be beneficial for you in a difficult time? If you will be able to find the right person to whom you need to show your performance, only then you will be a successful employee of the company. Otherwise, you will ever lose your jobs, and face troubles.

What Happen in Interviews? How to Win an Interview?


The complete story of a fresh graduate till hiring on the first job. Don’t forget to share after reading this story.

Common Interview Questions, and Answers are discussed in this article. This can be life-changing for you. Interview questions, and answers tell me about yourself. Job interview questions with answers. Common interview questions, and answers for freshers. Interview questions, and answers strengths and weaknesses. Tough interview questions, and answers. Job interview questions, and answers for fresh graduates. Interview questions to ask the interviewee.

What can be the best strategy to win Interviews? We will also discuss all the interview questions asked during the interviews. My mistakes are discussed in detail at the start.

This is a story for my real-time interviews. When I was jobless, and a fresh graduate.

Hope you will learn from this article. I am writing my experience that how I won my first interview, and what was strategy I followed. I attended more than 20 interviews but I was a failure to get a job.

My first Interview Story, and My Mistakes

Just completing my MBA I started applying for jobs. At first, I do not receive any interview call for few weeks, and then I receive an interview call from one of the largest IT companies in my country. My interview was successful, and they offered me the job but in the end, they ask me one thing about my further education plan, and I answer them that I am interested in further education. My answer was the reason to lose this opportunity. Because they wanted a person fully committed to the job, not in education. So they feel fear that I will leave their company whenever I get admission for further education. That is why they decided not to hire me. When I came back to my home I wondered that they do not call me for the job even in the next two months. In the first interview, you can understand my mistake. This was the blunder, and after losing this opportunity I did not get a job for the next year.

What Happened in a Year of Interviews, and Job Search

What happened the next year it is very interesting. I received many interview calls, and most of them were simply a joke with my MBA Degree. In many interviews, I feel that they are just kidding with many people others who come for the interview. Even I went for such interviews where only one person was sitting in the room, and there was no space for another person to sit. Some people ask me in an interview to make an investment in their company, and some ask me to pay security against the job. Once I went for an interview on a TV channel, and the person who was conducting interviews didn’t look at me even a single time. But it was all fake, and a joke to me. I was depressed, disappointed, and thinking that opportunities never knock again, and again as I already loosed my first interview.  During this time I also attended many good interviews, and did not get jobs because of salary packages, and type of businesses, and their requirements like convenience etc. Finally, my pocket was empty after a year of struggle, my face was looking depressed, my clothes, and shoes were old, and I was so much tired from interviews.

At this stage, I was not able to send my resume against advertised jobs because of no money. I was not able to apply online because internet surfing was not free. it was very hard for me to eat one-time food in those days. I feel that I will never get any job because of my current position. During the days when there was no money in my pocket, I received an interview call. After receiving the call I thought that this job is not for me as usual. And then I check my pocket there was no fare in my pocket to go for an interview. So I decided not to go for the interview. On the day of the interview, I received a call from that company, and a female was speaking. She asked me where you are. This is the time for your interview. I regret, and ask her to give me some time in the next day, and tell her that I will assure my availability. She spoke the final words, that they called only one person, and that was me. Even they did not want my interview. They just wanted to offer me the job, and she told me the salary package, and said “Now you do not need to come” cut the call. After this, there were tears in my eyes, and I couldn’t do anything, even I didn’t have balance in my cell to call her back for an excuse. The point I want to tell you that never lose any single opportunity if you are needy.

Finally, I was Hired. I won the Interview. It was my Style, and Confidence.

After one year of my unemployment, I was thinking that why I am not getting hired. Are there no jobs in the market, or I am not for those jobs. I find a paper in the playground where I normally waste most of my time just sitting on benches. That paper was about interview techniques. I noted one thing from that paper “must ask questions at the end of interview even if you already know the answer of those questions”.

The same day I receive an interview call, and I decide to go for that interview by having free lifts on the road because there was no money in my pocket. I decided that now I will not allow anyone to joke with me. I reached the waiting room where many males, and females were waiting for their interviews. All were silently sitting. I sit near to a female, and start asking her about the job. She told that she has no idea about that job. I hide my details in reply to her questions because she was a fresh graduate from my university.

In short, finally, I was called for the interview. After reaching the room I observed that all the interviewers were lower qualified than me. They completed interview questions, and ask me that “I can ask if I have any question” the first question I asked, “what are your qualifications” they were shocked, and they ask me in return why I am asking this question. I replied that I want to know what kind of people working here, and what I am going to work with. And ask two other questions about their financial position, and average time of employees spent(employees loyalty) in their company.

My questions were very important for them to make me unique, and were showing my intelligence level. So they offered me a job at the end of the interview, and ask me to join them from the day after tomorrow. And that was the first day of my job. Many other things I want to share but it is not possible in this short article. I will share them in my next articles. I recommend you to do follow interview techniques, and must ask questions at the end of every interview. Even if you already know the answer to your questions.

Looking for your comments, and don’t forget to share with your friends, please.

Post witten by M. Saghir

How to Improve your Confidence in Office Free Tips


In this short article, I am giving confidence improvement tips like improving your confidence in the office. The easiest way to motivate yourself toward growth. How can I be confident in myself? Improving confidence level is key for job success for meetings/discussions with colleagues, managers, supervisors, CEO, directors, GM, etc.

How to Build Confidence and Self Esteem

Keep yourself clean for confidence.

Make sure to keep your body and dresses clean. Specifically, you need to take a shower daily, brush your teeth, wash your face maximum after 5 hours, and keep your office table clean, and manage the items on your table, also keep your surroundings clean.

Dressing for confidence

Good dressing always increases your confidence, so you always try to care about your dresses. Keep them clean. Wear new dresses at parties and official ceremonies. Choose a suitable color, and always try to wear different colors. The matching of dress pants, shirt, and tie always enhances your confidence.

Hair Style & Cutting for confidence

It would be best if you chose a hairstyle suitable for your office. It highly depends on the type of your job. You can consult a hairdresser for this purpose, which will add a thrill to your confidence level. Always choose the best hairdresser shop for cutting.

Shoes for confidence

Always choose high-class brands for shoe selection. Good shoes mean can put back your boss. All the people around you should ask which brand you are wearing. Then your feel will be totally confident.

Language for confidence

Always prefer to use the best language according to your office environment. Never speak useless words. Always keep yourself smart in speaking.


To get satisfied and remain confident, you just need to show your performance. Always choose those jobs where you can perform well, and you love to do that work. Boring jobs can make you less confident. Also, try to choose a good company for your good introduction. This will be an edge to improve your confidence.

If you follow all the above points, you definitely will be a confident guy in your office.

Download Mobile App for Self Confidence Improvement