Farewell Party Invitation Letter

Farewell party invitation wording for the office. Farewell invitation card template.

Invitation Letter to Alumni to Attend Farewell Party

The Alumnus,
XYZ College.

Dear Members of the Alumni,
Crescent College is hosting its seventh annual farewell party this Saturday and aims to bring the Alumni and the leaving students together on one stage. Gathering all the talent, you, the alumni, can help the students to choose the right career path in their future.
Crescent College hopes that you will make this event a sight to see by ensuring your presence.

Kindly reply to the attached form, and check the “I’m coming” option if you’re willing to come and be a part of the event.

Thanking you,
Your Name

Farewell Party Invitation for Students

To All the Students of Abs College

This is the time of the year again when we have to say goodbye to our senior batch and wish them good luck for their future. We always try to make a farewell party as memorable as possible so their last day in this college can be a tribute from the moment they decided to come to this college until their last exam day. This is the most magnum opus event the college organizes throughout the year, so everyone’s presence would mean a lot.

Hope to see you all soon on (date)

Venue: Hall A

Farewell Party Invitation Letter for Students

With due request, it is to inform you all that farewell of batch no(—) is going to be held on (date) at Rose Palace from 5 p.m. onwards. So we are gladly inviting you to the party. The theme of the party is black. So dress up according to that. See you there.

Contact coordinator (Name of Coordinator) for details and inquiries.

(Contact Number)

Farewell Party Invitation Template for Students

Dear guest,

Farewell is a closing event to end one thing and enter a new phase. So you are cordially invited to the farewell party of batch 17 which will be held on (Date) in the main hall of sec building. We will wish them luck and recount old times, so please come and make this a memorable one for everyone. Hope to see you soon. Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Your Name

Farewell Party Invitation Letter Sample to Friends, Office Colleagues, etc

To all friends and family,

I am writing to you because I would like to invite you to my farewell party. For those of you who don’t know, I have been offered a permanent job contract in America. I have accepted because they have offered a good fixed salary with a commission and accommodation and flight tickets for my wife and me. I have no career here in the UK, which has given me a chance for a better, brighter future doing something I enjoy.

I hope that you understand my decision, however hard and difficult it was. I love you all. I wish to see you all there, and if I don’t, then don’t worry, I’m not leaving for good. I will come as and when I can. I have planned a great party. See you all soon.

Kind regards,

Mr. Sam Kingfisher

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