Letter Refuse to Accept Invitation

A friend of yours who has been living in Europe for some years has written to invite you to join him, write a reply letter giving at least three reasons why u would like to remain in ur country.

Letter Refusing Invitation

(Enter Friends Name Here),

Dear friend,
I am fine, and I hope you are fine too. I got your invitation letter yesterday morning, and I was shocked to see that you invited me over to Europe, and live with you. However as much as I would love to join you, and make your future endeavors, our future endeavors, I am sorry but I would have to decline your request.

I have a few reasons I would like to state so that there are no confusions between you, and me. First, and foremost I would like to tell you that mother is seriously ill now, and has been diagnosed with stage three liver cancer…She is like an infant who has to be taken care of all the time, and it’s my duty to do so. Please pray that she recovers soon.

Secondly friend, I love my job over here. Being an artist was always my passion. I know that Europe has more respect, and more demand for artists but living here I can portray our own culture through art…Tell the people what we actually are using my vision. Art has been a big part of my life as you know, and I would like to stay here, and portray our culture as much as I can.

Thirdly, I am proud to tell you that I am starting an NGO solely designed, and architected for the well-being of the poor here. Fundraising is going at it’s full. More, and more people are starting to believe in my Nobel cause, and are funding. I plan on starting free schools for the handicapped soon. All I need are your prayers, and well wishes in helping me to do so.

I know you’ve been living since 5 years in Europe now, and have blended in but I believe that I can’t. I personally have a lot that has to be taken care of here, thus I apologize for not being able to come over.

I hope to see you soon.
Best Regards,
Your friend,

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