Letter Refuse to Accept Invitation


A friend of yours who has been living in Europe for some years has written to invite you to join him, write a reply letter giving at least three reasons why u would like to remain in ur country.

Letter Refusing Invitation

(Enter Friends Name Here),

Dear friend,
I am fine, and I hope you are fine too. I got your invitation letter yesterday morning, and I was shocked to see that you invited me over to Europe, and live with you. However as much as I would love to join you, and make your future endeavors, our future endeavors, I am sorry but I would have to decline your request.

I have a few reasons I would like to state so that there are no confusions between you, and me. First, and foremost I would like to tell you that mother is seriously ill now, and has been diagnosed with stage three liver cancer…She is like an infant who has to be taken care of all the time, and it’s my duty to do so. Please pray that she recovers soon.

Secondly friend, I love my job over here. Being an artist was always my passion. I know that Europe has more respect, and more demand for artists but living here I can portray our own culture through art…Tell the people what we actually are using my vision. Art has been a big part of my life as you know, and I would like to stay here, and portray our culture as much as I can.

Thirdly, I am proud to tell you that I am starting an NGO solely designed, and architected for the well-being of the poor here. Fundraising is going at it’s full. More, and more people are starting to believe in my Nobel cause, and are funding. I plan on starting free schools for the handicapped soon. All I need are your prayers, and well wishes in helping me to do so.

I know you’ve been living since 5 years in Europe now, and have blended in but I believe that I can’t. I personally have a lot that has to be taken care of here, thus I apologize for not being able to come over.

I hope to see you soon.
Best Regards,
Your friend,

High Tea Party Invitation Template


High tea invitation template free, Tea party invitation wording for adults. Tea party rhymes invitations. Tea party invitation verses. Tea party invite poem.

High tea invitations online free

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please be guest in a Special High Tea Party for our Respected, and Honourable Senior Members of Burewala Bar Association.

Tea Time: 11:00AM on 11/11/17
Venue: Library Lawn, Burewala Bar


Ch Khuram Riaz Adv
Candidate for General Secretory Burewala Bar

Special High Tea Invitation Wording

All bars members are invited in a high tea arranged in honour of you on 11 October Saturday at about 11: 00am at bar ASSOCIATION BUREWALA.



Invitation for Tea Party

Respectable seniors bar members as I informed you that on 11 /11/17 Saturday at 11am, I arrange a tea party in honourable members of Burewala bar at library lawn Burewala bar. Kindly be guest in this party.


Ch Khuram Riaz Adv
Candidate for General Secretory Burewala bar

Tea Party Birthday Invitation Wording

Dear Friends/Cousins,

You are invited for a Special High Tea Party on my birthday. Please come up with your favourite dresses.

Venue: My Home Lawn
Date: If you remember   Time: 9 pm

Gifts will not be returned.


High Tea Party Invitation

Mrs. Kamal, Hope you are doing good. This is to inform you that we are arranging a high tea party at my house on the 25th of this month, we are glad to invite you on this special occasion. I, and my husband are going to announce some big news on that day too. So please come at 6 pm.  We will be thankful.


Mrs. Asia Hassan

Invitation Letter to Invite Parents Abroad


Sample invitation letter to parents inviting them to visit your abroad. This letter can be used to process visa applications in embassy etc.

Invitation Letter to Invite Parents to USA

Western USA,

Dear Mother, and Father,

I hope you are doing well but I know that you must be missing me badly as I am missing you guys a lot, and I am being homesick too. It is becoming very difficult to live without you guys as I keep on thinking about you both as I know that old age is affecting both of you.

The weather in Utah is very pleasant, and it is a very lush green area, and also has interesting spots to visit. I know you must tired of hot weather, and blazing heat in Pakistan. Why don’t you try coming to Utah, USA? It will be a very nice trip. So, now I want you both to pack your bags, and come to Utah. I will wait for you guys, and this time no refusals. I will also send you the tickets. Hope to see you soon.

Your Daughter,


Invitation Letter to Parents Abroad


Dear mom, and dad!
Hi. How are you?

Hope you find this letter in good health. First of all I want you guys to know I miss you so much. If there is one thing that is not available in New York that is my parents. I know I came here on a temporary job basis, and it was supposed to be a year, or two but recently I have been offered a job from one of the top firms in Manhattan which I have accepted, and I was hoping for you people to come, and live with me here.

I know what you must be thinking that your whole life is there, our home, our relatives but I really want my folks to come, and live with me in one of the most amazing cities ever. You can come live with me, and if still does not feel right to you; you can always go back but first let’s give it a try. You can come, and reside with me I have been give a huge luxury apartment, and your visa paperwork is no issue also I can get the whole procedure don in maximum six months.

Hope to hear back from soon, and hope to hear it with a yes.

Your son,


Invitation Letter to Your Parents

London, UK,

Dear Father, and Mother,

I hope you are okay. I want to say that I want both of you to come, and meet me in the UK. I cannot come by myself to meet you because of so much workload. And also, coming to UK, and meeting me would also be a good change for both of you. I wish to see you soon as I miss both of you immensely.

I wish to see both of you soon. Pay my regards to brother Jero, and sister De Burca as well.

Your Son,


Invitation Letter to Parents for School Function


Sample invitation letter to students parents to invite them in school function like annual function, awards function, or any other event in the school, and college.

Invitation Letter to Parents for School Annual Function

The Montessori School,

Bedian Road,


Invitation Letter


Dear Parents,

This is to invite you to the Annual Children Mela at The Montessori School on Friday, 7th August, (Date) at 10:00 am to 1:00 pm. We’ll have many fund-raising activities. Puppet-show, magic-show, food stalls, theatrical performances, solving-the-puzzle, and other outdoor games. We’ll also have amazing rides along with singing competitions, and a musical show. There will be surprises for all.

You are highly encouraged to attend this event with your kids. The funds collected from all the above activities will go to a charitable organization for special children who deserve monetary care. This event will be highly beneficial in strengthening parent-child relationship.

The invitation card enclosed with this letter bears all the necessary information. Please do bring your CNIC along with this card for security reasons.

Let’s celebrate the joys of life together. Hoping to see you soon!


Mrs. Sarwar Hussain.


Invitation Letter to Parents for School Function

We invite you to our school function in which your child is studying. The event would take place in the school premises at 10th of this month. Timings are from 10am to 3 pm.  Your presence would encourage your child who is participating in the event.

Invitation Letter to Parents for School Function


United Kingdom,

Respected Parents,

This letter is to inform you that the school has arranged a function for the children, and their respective families. You are invited in the function along with your child. The function will occur next week. We hope to see you in the function.


Beaconhouse School System

Invitation Letter to Parents for School Function from Student

Dearest Ami,

I hope you are feeling well; I have been doing very well at my school over here. There was an announcement in school today regarding our Annual Prize Distribution, and everyone’s parents are coming to see their kids getting awards, I want you, and papa to come as well to this function, it would be very fun to have both of you around me that day to make me feel confident.

The function is going to be held on 1st Of April, from 4 pm to 9 pm.
I will be waiting for you, much love to everyone at home.

With love,

Fundraising Event Invitation Letter Sample


Sample invitation letter to invite guests, and donors in a fundraising event for welfare society, welfare organization, school, dispensary, and hospital etc etc.

Invitation Letter for Fundraising Event Sample

Mrs. Memoona Malik,

Managing Director,

The Fashion Company,

Model Town,

Subject:  Invitation for a fundraising event at Polo ground
Dear Ma’am,

The Cancer Memorial Hospital is one of the pioneer hospitals of Lahore successfully treating more than 500 patients every month. We have been providing the best treatment facilities to our clients in minimal cost. To cover our expenses, and keep giving our finest to the community, we have organized a fundraising polo event at Lahore Polo Club on Sunday, 8th August, (Date) at 11:00 am-2:00 pm.
This event will raise awareness about cancer, and will include fun activities like wall climbing, car racing, food stalls, kite flying, and a polo match. We have a special corner for kids where they’ll be monitored, and looked after by our team of young, enthusiastic, and very responsible volunteers who’ll accompany the kids throughout the magic show, puppet show, and other handicraft activities. Face painting, and coloring books will also be available.

We invite you, and your family to our fundraising event, and hope that you’ll celebrate this Sunday with us, spreading smiles.

Enclosed with this letter is the invitation card, please bring it along with you. It has the address, and all other details mentioned over it.

Looking forward to your graceful presence.


Maria Fawad

Fundraising Event Invitation Letter Sample

Fundraising Event Invitation Letter

Company name
Event venue:

Greetings everyone!

I hope you all find this letter in good health. On 23 May (Date) Monday we are arranging a fundraising event for clean food, and water for poor children of Africa. We all have been blessed greatly by the Almighty, and its time we spread this light to those who are less fortunate than us. We live a life everyday that is just so simple comparing to them we always wait for the unveiling of newest gadgets whereas they are desperate to fulfill their basic needs. I hope you all will join us with every ounce of compassion you have for the humanity, and together we will be able to make a difference in someone’s life.



Invitation Letter to My Friend From Another Country


Sample invitation letter to invite your friend, family member, cousin, or someone else for visit, meeting, interview, or any other purpose from abroad. Normally people call their family members, and spouses for visiting them for entertainment, enjoyment, getting jobs, and various purposes. We hope below letters will resolve your letter need to invite, or call someone to your country. Best of Luck

Invitation Letter For International Tour

My dear friend,

I hope that you are in good health, and will be enjoying the life.I am also fine here. My friend told me that your summer holidays are starting from next week, and I am inviting you to my country. Please accept my invitation, I will show you all the beautiful places of my country, and I hope that you will enjoy this journey.

Yours Friend,

Asif Saeed

Invitation Letter to My Friend for Party

Hello Kalian,

How are you my friend? I hope you would be doing great. Do tell me about your health. I am writing to you after three months because I was busy in completing some major assignments before the Christmas. I hope you understand my situation, and will not be angry at me. Even if you are angry I have a brilliant plan to make you happy. I want you to spend this Christmas, and New Year with me at my place. I am totally free from my college, and have no other work. I am sure you are also having holidays for this occasion. We both would enjoy a lot with other friends. It would be great to celebrate this New Year with you. I have made many other plans, and I will let you know when you will come here. Please reply me as soon as possible, and confirm your flight as there would be many international flights during next week for this occasion.


Nick Golaza

Invitation Letter to Invite a Friend to Your Country

Dear Robert,

I hope that you are doing fine, and I pray that you have the best of health, and happiness. The purpose of writing this letter to you is that I am immensely missing you, and I really want to see you. Last night I was looking at our pictures from school, and after that I have planned to meet you but the problem is that I cannot come because of my heavy duty job but as your job allows you to have days off in a flexible way, I want you to come, and see me so that we can refresh those good times.

I am sure that you would like to come, and meet me. Hope to see you soon.

Your friend,


Invitation Letter to My Friend From Another Country

Invitation Letter For Visiting My City


Sample invitation letter to friend for visit of my city, and area to show him the beauty of nature as well as infrastructure of the city.

Letter to Invite a Friend to Visit my City

Mr. Jorge Bush,

Super Town, Wales

Dear Friend,

I am glad to hear from you for passing a prosperous life with your family. I am also happy in my life, and enjoying good health as well. It has been a long time since we met, and I really miss you. As you know that we are friends from our childhood, and have spent a long time together in school. After that, we did have to be apart from each other, and you settled in another city.

In brief, I want to spend some time with you, and for this purpose the best option I have in my mind is your visit to my city. Several times you have expressed your wish to visit, and see Glasgow city, and this is the best chance to make it true. You must have known the beauty of Glasgow, and its surroundings then come here, and visit our city thoroughly, and spend time with your childhood friend. My family, and I will be honored if you come here, and visit Glasgow.

Glasgow is one of the most beautiful cities in Scotland, and I assure you that you will conform to its environment, and enjoy idyllic time with us.

Yours Sincere Friend,

Jerry Lee

Invitation Letter for Visit Of My City

Respected sir,

It is my great pleasure to invite you to Kota City on behalf of TEXCHEM. This city is well known for its classical traditions. It has a beautiful lake that flows amidst of the entire city. Around this lake are beautiful cottages with give a magnificent view of the lake at the night. We have arranged your stay at a beautiful, and most expensive hotel of Kota City. This hotel is equidistant from all the major recreational spots of the city. Respected sir, based on your interest in industry we have also arranged an industrial tour which will cover all the famous industries of the Kota City. At the south end of the city, there are ancient remains of the old Kota city too which are historically of great importance. We shall visit them too.

I am looking forward to welcome you to Kota City. I assure that your stay at this city would be full of joy, and satisfaction.

Yours truly,


Invitation Letter for Visit Of My City

Meeting Regret Letter Sample


Regret meeting letter for not attending a meeting or visit to the requested organization. Regret the letter and email for canceling the meeting and visit because of commitments. Excuse for meeting canceled with someone in the business to send in email or letter.

Regret to Cancel the Meeting Due to Another Commitment

Dear Sir,

Thank you very much for your email regarding the meeting. I regret to inform you that I already committed to an appointment with a client and will not attend the meeting. However, you can schedule the meeting for any other day if my participation is essential.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name

Cancel the Meeting Due to Death

Dear Sir,

I am sorry that I will not be able to attend today’s meeting because a close relative has died suddenly and I have to go there for the funeral. So we will reschedule this meeting in the coming days.

Sincerely Yours,

Your name

Meeting Regret Letter Format

Dear Sami,

Due to commitments with the arrangement of the internship fair, it will not be possible for a personal visit to AHF Foundation at this point. However, after your participation at the fair, we will surely set up a meeting and visit your organization.


Your Name

Meeting Regret Letter Sample

Invitation Letter for Exhibition to Companies for Stall Booking


Invitation Letter for Exhibition to Companies, clients, franchises, employees, staff, workers, club members for Stall Booking in the event.

Invitation for Exhibition Stall

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hope you’re well. We would like you to put up a stall on our Annual Mental Health Day dated  22nd February, (Date). please confirm by Monday that is 19th February, (Date).

Thank you!

Best Regards


Beacon National University

Invitation to Company for Participation in Event

Dear Sir,

To write this letter is meant to drag your kind attention towards our forthcoming exhibition which has been scheduled to be held on the coming Saturday morning in central park of the city. Our administration intends to invite maximum leading companies of the country to book stalls in this event. Foregoing above we hereby invite your company to participate by booking a stall this exhibition. We ensure that you will be fully facilitated from our end. Your cooperation in this regard will be highly appreciated.

Your sincerely,

Event Manager

Invitation Letter for Stall Booking

Ms. Minahil
Director Marketing
X Pharmaceuticals
3S- Industrial Estate
Gulberg II, Lahore

Subject: Invitation Letter for Exhibition for Stall Booking

Dear Ms. Minahil,

We are holding Healthcare Expo from 14 to 15 Sept, (Date) at purpose built Lahore Expo Center, Johar Town. The Healthcare Expo (Date)-(Date) organized by us last year was a huge success, this year even more national, and international healthcare companies are likely to participate. This is a golden opportunity to promote your country image, and market your healthcare industry products, and services. Companies can launch products, gain access to the untapped local, and international market, increase brand visibility, seek new agents, and distributors, and benchmark their products, and services.

The Expos are the most powerful means of direct communication, and most effective methods of promotion, and sales. Companies can participate in this event by booking a stall, or by sponsoring the event. May we suggest you our following special offers:

  • Designated area in the Expo Hall for Made in your country products, and services.
  • Display area designed according to your culture, or as per your wish. Special advertisements for your country products, and services.
  • Exclusive meetings with buyers, and distributors. Exclusive one day visit to Hospitals in Pakistan. Any additional facilitation as per your requirement.
  • Keeping in view our brotherly relations between the two countries

I am sure you would consider participating in this expo. We assure you of our full support, and best possible services to your participating companies. We would welcome a visit by your representative to Lahore to visit the venue, or to discuss the details of expo. If required we can also visit you to give presentation, or email, for meeting, or for providing further information about the event.

Best Regards,

Shafqat Ali
Director Marketing & Sales

Invitation Letter for Exhibition to Companies for Stall Booking

Invitation Letter For Seminar Participants


Invitation Letter For Seminar Participants, Event Participants, Fun fair Participants, guests, honorable guests, clients, customers, and consumers. Sample letter to invite guests in festival for games festival, food festival, youth festival, cultural festival, film, and college festival etc.

Invitation Letter for Festival

Dear Sir / Madam,
We have been organising the Youth Performing Arts Festival (YPAF) for the past 12 years. This year’s YPAF aims at being beneficial for all strata of societies of Pakistan. For this purpose we aspire to form synergies with groups that are working for the betterment of the youth just like us.
In keeping with the above, the attached document is an invitation for your prestigious organisation.
Please feel free to contact me for further queries, or assistance. We at Rafi Peer are really hoping that this year’s YPAF will be unlike any other, and the youth of your organisation will contribute in making that possible.
Warm regards,


Muneera Batool
Festival Program & Coordination Executive

Invitation Letter For Participants

The Principal
AH Founcation


Subject: Invitation for seminar on “My Dreams about Pakistan”

Dear Sir/Madam,

Department of Special Needs Education is organizing a seminar on September 12, 2013. The topic of the seminar is, “My Dreams about Pakistan”. Mrs. Ambreen Raza, Secretary Special Education, and Justice Amir Raza, President Amin Maktab, will be the chief guests of the event. Selected young speakers will speak on the topic. The objectives of the seminar are to:

  • Arrange an inclusive social event
  • Organize competition of ideas, and expressions
  • Provide equal opportunities of expression to all

There will be five speakers including:

  1. Syed Naushad Shaukat, Coordinator in Organization for Visual Impairment, and Slow Learners, Karachi.
  2. Naureel Abbas, Founder of Inclusive Education Society, UCP.
  3. Ms. Zara Husain, Principal, Lahore Speech, and Language School.
  4. Mr. Tauseef Ahmad, Research Associate. UMT.
  5. Leaders’ forum, UMT.

You are cordially invited to attend the seminar. Your participation will be an honor for us, and an encouragement for the persons with special needs. Program of the seminar is the following:

  • Date: September 12, 2013 (Thursday)
  • Time: 10:30-1:30
  • Place: 4L-01 (New building)


I would be grateful if you kindly spare few hours to grace the event.

With profound regards,


Kashif Shahzad

Invitation Letter For Seminar Participants